How To Get Your Dog Warm Quickly!

We have recently noticed a number of people asking for ways to quickly warm their dogs up. Although this does change slightly between breeds, we decided to publish this post on how to get your dog warm quickly in an attempt to help our readers.

The main difference between warming up the different dog breeds if their coats. Some dog breeds such as a Husky have a thick undercoat that you have to factor in. While this undercoat is excellent for keeping the dog warm, if they have just had a bath then you need to take care to make sure it has been dried correctly.

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How To Get Your Dog Warm

The following solutions can be used by anyone to not only get their dog warm but also keep it warm. We have listed a large number of solutions in an attempt to include an option for everyone. Depending on your situation, you may be able to use a single one of these options, if you are in a colder location, you may need to use two or more.

Get An Electric Heated Dog Bed

High-quality electric dog beds have come on leaps and bounds over the years. They are an excellent way to quickly warm your dog up when required at the press of a button. Although there are a number of different styles on the market, there is no need to get the expensive ones.

If you have an outdoor dog then you can also use the bed as a way to keep your dog warm in its kennel while outdoors.

Use A Warm And Cozy Bed

The easiest yet often overlooked way to warm your dog up is to have a high-quality warm dog bed. If your dog has been in the bath or our playing in water ensure you dry it before letting it get into bed. A wet bed will only defeat the purpose and make it colder for your dog.

Although there are a number of different dog bed styles now, we recommend a one that sites on the ground. The elevated style dog beds are designed to help keep your dog cool by increasing air flow. If you are wanting to quickly warm your dog up then elevated dog beds are a waste.

Get Your Dog A Cold Weather Coat

Prevention is usually better than cure. The best way to prevent your dog from getting cold on walks is to get a high-quality warm dog coat. Be sure to remove the coat when indoors though so your dog’s skin can breathe.

If you live in a cold location then you can look to have multiple dog coats. As you take your dog out on its walk put the spare coat on a radiator to warm up while out walking. As soon as you get back from your walk, swap the coat your dog has on to the warm one.

Get Your Dog Some Shoes

Similar to the prevention is better than cure strategy above, getting your dog some high-quality shoes can work a treat. They work by placing a barrier between your dog’s paw pads and the cold floor. In snowy and icy conditions they also prevent ice from building up on the paws.

As the bottom of the paws have no fur on them, your dog can lose a large amount of heat through them. Especially if it is wet outdoors. Using some dog shoes helps prevent this while keeping your dog warm.

How to get your dog warm.

How To Keep A Dog Warm At Night

Some other common questions we see asked it…”Does my dog need a blanket at night?” and “Is my dog warm enough at night?“. Unfortunately, as you are most likely sleeping during this time you cant visually check how your dog is doing. If you keep your dogs indoors overnight then it should be fine with the house heating system and a warm dog bed.

If you like you can also add warm dog blankets to your dog’s bed. The good thing about dog blankets is that your dog can get under them if it decides it wants to. If your dog gets too warm it can then quickly and easily get the blankets off itself to cool down. On the flip side, if you put a dog coat on your pet overnight, it has no way to get it off if it is too warm.

If you are keeping your dog outside overnight then you may want a dedicated heating solution. We published this article on the best dog kennel heater that may be able to help you.

How To Warm Up A Cold Wet Dog

The first rule in getting your dog warm is to ensure it is dry. Priority number one is to always dry your dog and taking extra care to ensure its thicker undercoat is also dry before trying to warm it.

Many dog owners will use a towel designed for humans to dry their dog. This is fine for most short-haired breeds but human towels are designed for human hair. Your dog’s fur is totally different and holds moisture much better than your hair. There are a number of specially designed dog towels on the market that are excellent for drying your dogs coat quickly.

You can also use a hair dryer on your dog if required, most human hair dryers will work fine for your dog. That said, if you don’t currently have a hair dryer then there are specific dog fur dryers available.

How To Warm Up A Dog After A Bath

As the same problem remains as the above section with a dog getting out of the bath we recommend the exact same advice. Simply scroll up and read the above paragraph or two. Getting your dog dry is the priority and there are multiple easy ways this can be achieved.

One this we have seen asked is “Can a dog go outside after a bath?“. In our opinion, the answer is yes but you should still dry your dog before letting it outdoors. Some people have the idea of letting their dog outside to play fresh from the bath with the idea it will dry in the sun. If your dog is wet, it will lose heat quickly and even the slightest breeze can feel freezing cold. Simply take a few minutes to dry your dog and then let it go and play.

How To Keep A Puppy Warm Outside

Next up, we will be taking a look at the best way to keep newborn puppies warm. Ideally, you would be keeping your puppies indoors and using things such as an electric dog blanket to help keep them warm.

If you do have to keep your puppies outdoors then we recommend that you read this article on how to keep dogs warm outdoors. As it is a dedicated article, it goes into much more detail on keeping dogs and puppies warm outdoors.

How To Keep Your Dog Warm In Winter

The below video covers a few specific tips you can impliment during winter time to keep your dog warm.

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