How To Get Your Dog Used To Grooming!

Although some dogs take to grooming very quickly and actually enjoy it. Most dogs seem to do everything they can to avoid it. They will squirm, snap and try to run away. In this article, we will be going over how to get your dog used to grooming.

Although there are a number of professional dog grooming businesses available in most large towns and cities. We will be focusing on grooming your dog in your own home yourself.

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How To Get Your Dog Used To Grooming

One of the most common complaints we see from people is them saying “my dog hates being brushed“. As we have already touched on, this is usually down to your dog’s personal preferences. Some dogs love it, some dogs hate it.

Contrary to popular belief we have seen a number of people reporting that their working or outdoor dogs prefer grooming more than their indoor or pet dogs. Although we couldn’t find an exact reason for this, the leading theory seems to be attending. Working dogs tend to be used to sleeping yourself and not getting attention. Indoor dogs tend to be used to getting attention when they want it. Due to this, an outdoor dog getting attention during grooming may be the reason they are easier to groom than indoor dogs.

The second main complaint we see people make about dog grooming is that their dog snaps when brushed. Again, this is down to your dog’s personal preference. The easiest way to prevent your dog from snapping is a temporary, high-quality, none intrusive muzzle. Although some dog owners think mussels are cruel, remember is it only temporary!

how to get your dog used to grooming

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition!

As with most things, the best way to something used to an activity is exposure. Repeating the grooming process on your dog will help your dog realize it is not a threat. We always recommend positive reinforcement when getting your dog used to grooming. This is quick and easy and the best part is, everyone can do it. Simply offer plenty of verbal and physical praise as well as delicious dog treats for good behavior.

Before resorting to full-on dog grooming involving hair trimming and blow drying we always advise brushing. Although this may sound basic it is a good introductory step. It allows your dog to get used to the restricted movement and the requirement to stay still while you interact with it. Simply get your dog on your lap and brush its fur with either a grooming mitt or a FURminator.

Do this process each evening for around a week be aware, your dog may require a longer adjustment period. Once your dog is comfortable with the initial brushing place it on a suitable table. Although specific dog grooming tables are available any hip high table should work. The goal of this stage is to get your dog used to being restricted to a table while you brush it.

Moving On To Full-On Grooming

Once your dog is used to being brushed on a suitable table you can introduce pet clippers to the process. Your dog may become skittish initially due to the sound and vibrating sensation. If this happens, offer positive verbal and physical encouragement. For example, stroke your dog and speak in a slow and calm voice. Feel free to bribe your dog with a treat too if required.

Some people report turning the clipping process into a kind of game making the process easier. For example, clip a section of your dog’s fur to the level and style required. Then take a short minute-long break and focus all of your attention on your dog and shower them with treats. After the break, repeat the process over and over again.

How To Keep A Dog Still While Grooming

All of the above taken into account, some dogs simply won’t stay still for you. If this is the case then you may want to look at picking up a cheap dog grooming table. They have restraints included to help you keep your dog in place during the grooming process.

Depending on your home, you may be able to take advantage of your dog’s leash. Attach it to your dog and use the other end to help secure your dog’s available movement space. There are also a number of different techniques you are able to take advantage of to help keep your dog still during grooming.

This Video Displays How To Use One Of The Most Popular Methods.

How To Get A Puppy Used To Brushing

Although the above tips should work for a puppy, there are a few other things you can try. Rather than go over the process here, we advise you read this excellent article. It goes over additional specific things you can try for your puppy to get it used to grooming.

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