How To Get Your Dog To Wear Boots Easily!

Dog boots can be an excellent tool to protect your dog’s feet during extreme temperatures. They can be effective in extreme heat, extreme cold and to protect your dog’s paws while hiking. The main problem with dog boots is that dogs usually don’t like wearing them at first. Because of this, we decided to publish this article on how to get your dog to wear boots.

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Should My Dog Wear Boots

In all honesty, this comes down to your own personal circumstances. If you live in an area that is susceptible to either extreme heat or cold then it may be an idea to invest in a set of high-quality dog boots. If you live in an area with regular temperatures or you don’t plan to take your dog hiking then there’s probably no point in getting your dog a set of boots.

Do Dog Boots Really Work

In a word, yes. They place a protective layer between your dog’s paws and extreme temperatures. This prevents any burns or frostbite to your dog’s paws. If you are a keen hiker and usually take your dog hiking with you, dog boots can help prevent any painful cuts on your dog’s paws.

Are Dog Shoes Cruel

Dog boot manufacturers put their products through extensive testing to ensure they are comfortable for your dog to wear. Although some dogs do initially dislike the boots, they usually come around to them and the safety benefits usually massively out way any moral issues.

How to get your dog to wear boots.

How To Get Your Dog To Wear Boots

The following tips should help you get your dog wearing its boots without protests. Although it may take a little time for your dog to adjust, it will be walking and running as normal with its boots on quickly.

The most important thing is to start the whole process with a set of high-quality dog boots. This makes the whole process much easier and you can rest assured your dog is in no pain while wearing its boots.

How To Put On Dog Boots

Although designs do change from brand to brand slightly, the vast majority of dog boots are based on the same fitting system. Essentially, you place the boot over your dog’s paw and then adjust the fastening supports around their ankles.

That said, always go by the manufacturer’s guidelines included in the packaging when you purchase your boots. This will help avoid any mistakes due to slight changes in design between boot manufacturers.

Get your dog to wear boots.

How To Keep My Dogs Boots From Falling Off

The most common reason that dog boots fall off during use is that they are the wrong size. Product manufacturers make a number of different sized products to ensure that there are dog boots available for all breeds. There is usually a little crossover in sizes but this will usually only work one size up or down.

The sizing usually comes as follows.

  • Small Breeds (Chihuahua).
  • Medium Breeds (Spaniel).
  • Large Breeds (Labrador).
  • Extra Large Breeds (Great Dane).

For example, a dog boot designed for a large labrador-sized breed won’t fit a small breed like a chihuahua correctly and they will fall off when walking. Another example is that dog boots designed for an extra large breed like a great dane won’t fit a medium dog breed such as a spaniel.

If you are one hundred percent sure that you have got the correct size for your dog, look at the fastening supports. Different brands use different fastening supports. For example, your previous brand may have used a simple and easy press stud fastener. Your new brand may use a double back velcro strap, double check that the velcro strap is secure and attached correctly.

How To Train Your Dog To Walk In Boots

Usually, if a dog is wearing boots for the first time it can be a little unsure of itself due to the different sensation on their paws. At first, it may seem that your dog can’t walk in boots at all but this is usually just an adjustment period. After around five or so minutes, most dogs are used to the boots and will start walking.

If you have a rescue dog or a shy dog then this may take longer. You can try to speed up the process a little by throwing your dog’s favorite toy around the room. This can encourage your dog to try and chase it around and get it used to its boots quicker. If your dog’s favorite toy doesn’t work then try using its favorite treats.

The Best Dog Boots

When it comes to the best dog boots, we always recommend the My Busy Dog Water Resistant Dog Shoes. They are available in eight different sizes to ensure an excellent fit for dogs of all sizes making them one of the best dog boots that stay on your dog’s paws.

They are an extremely rugged and tough anti-slip dog shoe that offers excellent protection to your dog’s paws in all conditions making them one of the best dog boots for hiking. Their high-quality offers a comfortable fit for your dog during use helping them adjust to using the dog boots quicker.

Although no their main purpose, if you live in a rural area or walk your dog where there may be muddy fields, they are perfect for a quick and easy solution to stop muddy paw prints being paraded through your home.

When it comes to dog booties reviews, they have taken the market by storm. At the time of writing, they have over 1300 positive reviews from dog owners on

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The Best Alternative To Dog Boots

Although not as good as dog boots, there are a number of dog boot alternatives on the market. In our opinion, one of the best is Musher’s Paw Protection Wax. It is an excellent balm for dog paws in winter and summer as it protects from both heat and cold. It can help protect your dog’s paws from a hot pavement or ice and snow if required.

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