How To Get Your Dog To Use A Dog Bed!

In this post, we will be taking a look at how to get your dog to use a dog bed. We have seen a number of people mentioning that their dogs rather sleep in their bed, sleep on the couch or even sleep on the floor.

These tips and tricks will help you get your dog sleeping in its own bed in no time. Keep in mind that this is a process and it will require you to stay consistent.

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How To Get Your Dog To Use A Dog Bed

One of the main reasons that your dog won’t sleep in its dog bed is that it was not introduced to it correctly. You may have spent house researching the best dog bed on the market, waited up to a week for the item to be shipped out to you only to unbox the dog bed, put it on the floor and wonder why your dog shows no interest in it.

Let’s be honest, there’s little nothing particularly interesting about a dog bed to get a dog to investigate it. They aren’t edible, they don’t smell of food, and they don’t squeak.

Spending a few minutes introducing your dog to your dog bed can help you get your dog to use its own bed to sleep in. There are a number of ways to do this but most people will use a high-quality dog treat to aid the process. This process can also work if you have had your dog bed for some time but your dog has chosen to sleep elsewhere.

How to get your dog to use a dog bed.

Location And Prepping

The initial location of your dog’s bed is more important than most people realize. Dogs are pack animals and don’t want to feel as if they are a fringe member of the pack. Initially, choose a high trafficked area of your house to place your dog’s bed. This helps increase the chances that your dog will start to go to the bed of its own free will. Ideally, you will not choose to place your dog’s bed in your own bedroom.

Prep the bed for the introduction by sprinkling some dog treats on it. If your bed of choice has folds or cushions, try to hide some of the treats to increase your dog’s interaction with them. Some people will also put familiar items to their dog in the bed too such as their dogs favorite blanket or its favorite dog toy.

The Introduction

Now that the bed is prepped, get your dogs attention, use the dog treats in necessary and lead it to the dog bed. Your dog may initially be distracted by the treats in your hand so throw some of them onto the dog bed to shift its attention. With any luck, your dog will get onto its dog bed to start hunting for the treats.

Although not essential, some dog owners have also reported that them getting involved and playing with the bed seems to help with the process. If you want to take this route then start to play with your dog on its bed using its toys.

Get your dog to use a dog bed.

This process not only introduces your dog to its bed but it also gets it used to the idea of it being comfortable and safe. Each time you go to bed, make sure you re-prep the dog bed with treats and toys for your dog. There’s no need to lead your dog to its bed now, leave it to find the treats itself while you get off to bed. It may take a few nights for your dog to actually sleep on its bed but stay consistent.

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How To Get A Dog To Use A New Bed

Some dogs can be creatures of habit, this means that attempting to change their bed, toys or food can be met with protest. If your dog won’t sleep in a new bed initially try to go through the process explained earlier in the article. Introducing your dog to its new bed and displaying that it is comfortable and safe may help with the transition.

When looking at how to get a dog to like a new bed you can also try to put the cushion covers from the old bed onto your dog’s new bed. The familiar texture and scent may also assist with the transition process.

How To Stop Your Dog Sleeping In Bed With You

How to stop your dog sleeping in your bed with you.

This is one of the most common questions we see asked. Although it can be difficult, with patience and the correct plan for training a dog to sleep alone it can be done.

Step one is to keep your dog out of your bedroom. Keep your bedroom door closed as much as possible to prevent your dog from being able to get into your room or on your bed. If possible, try to put up a second barrier by closing another door in your housekeeping your dog even further away from your room. Ensure that there is still a way for your dog to get to its bed via open doors though.

Go through the introduction process between your dog and its bed as explained earlier in the article. Although this can help, it usually is not enough as your dog may have separation anxiety due to you removing it from your bed. One tip we have seen reported as successful when moving the dog out of the bedroom is to put some of your clothes in your dog’s bed. Make sure that these clothes have been worn recently and carry your scent. Although not an exact science, the theory is that clothing with your scent in its bed helps with the process and lessens any separation anxiety your dog may have.

My Dog Sleeps On The Floor Instead Of Her Bed

Dog sleeping on the floor instead of its bed.

Having a dog sleeping on the hard floor or a dog laying on the cold floor for bedtime can also be common. This tends to be a way for your dog to regulate its temperature during the night. Are you sleeping with your heating system turned on? Maybe your house is too warm during the night for your dog to sleep comfortably in its bed.

Remember dog breeds such as huskies have multiple coats that are designed to keep them warm. If your house heating is turned on during the night this can become a problem for them. Sleeping on the cold floor is a quick and easy way for them to be able to cool down and regulate their temperature.

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