How To Get Your Dog To Take Pills Without Fussing!

Although many dogs don’t like it, it is essential that you work out a way to get them to take their prescribed medication. We have seen a number of people asking for tips in how to do this so we decided to publish this article on how to get your dog to take pills.

These tips and tricks should be enough to get even the most stubborn of dogs to take their medication without protest. We even have some out of the ordinary last-ditch attempt tips for those die-hard dogs who hate their medication. We hope this article helps get your dog to take its medication and get on the way to recovery as soon as possible.

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How To Get Your Dog To Take Pills

If your dog won’t take pills then most people will instantly resort to hiding the medication in their dog’s food. The dog owner usually thinks they have outsmarted their dog only to later find that the food has been consumed with surgical precision leaving the pill behind.

Although there are a few other methods available that we will cover in this article. One simple trick to try and get your dog to eat its pills that you add to its food is to add gravy or bone broth (our post on how to make bone broth for dogs)to the meal. This quick and easy trick changes the flavor and texture of the whole meal helping to hide the medication and increase the chance of your dog eating it.

The Best Foods To Hide Dog Pills In

If you have tried the above trick and added gravy to your dog’s meal with hidden medication in it and it failed then this is your next step. Greenies Pill Pockets are an excellent tool to help you get pill medication into your dog.

They are essentially a delicious dog treat that has been manufactured to have a hole through the middle. You take a hand full of these treats and place your dog’s medication into one of them. Initially, feed your dog two or three of the empty pill pockets to get it in the snacking mood and then give it the one containing medication.

Most people are surprised at how easy this process is as the texture of the treat has been designed to break down the same way a pill would. This helps mask the pills existence to your dog and encourage consumption. In our opinion, this makes these treats one of the best foods to hide dog pills in.

If for whatever reason this does not work on your dog, try to dip the treats in warm (not hot) gravy. This combined with the design of the treats will usually do the trick for your and get your dog taking its medication.

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How to get your dog to take pills.

How To Get A Dog To Take A Pill When He Won’t Eat

If you are looking at how to give a dog a pill without food then there are a few things that you can do. Although masking the pill in with your dog’s food is usually the easiest method, why not give these a try.

How To Use A Pill Gun On A Dog

A dog pill gun is essentially a type of syringe. It has an opening at one end to hold the medication and a release lever on the other. The idea is that you put the medication for your dog into the device, place it in your dog’s mouth and release the medication at the back of your dog’s tongue.

You then sharply blow on your dog’s face to trigger its natural instinct to swallow and thus it swallows its pill. Some dog owners will also massage their dogs throat to assist with the pill swallowing.

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