How To Get Your Dog To Stop Jumping On You!

In this article, we will be taking a look at how to get your dog to stop jumping on you and guests to your home. Many dogs will jump on or up at people as a way to try and get attention or to show affection.

For most dog owners, this is usually an undesired behavior that can cause problems. Thankfully, it is a relatively easy habit to train out of your dog quickly and easily. One thing you have to remember is that this is a training process and it will require patience and consistency on your part to work.

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How To Get Your Dog To Stop Jumping On You

There are a number of different training exercises that you can do with your dog to stop it jumping on you. It is important that you do your best to train your dog how to act during a greeting with you or any guests to your home. With a little effort, you can train your dog to sit down if you choose as its greeting when people come to your house.

Although this article will focus on getting your dog to stop jumping on you and visitors to your house. If your dog also barks at visitors to your house then our article on teaching your dog not to bark at visitors will be able to help you.

Starting The Training – Signal And A Stance

Remember, consistency and patience are both key to this process! The easiest way to begin the process is to choose both a signal and a stance. The signal can be something as simple as a verbal command such as “down” but some people do choose to use a dog clicker. The stance can be anything you choose, standing up straight with your arms folded across your chest or by your side with your hands in your pocket are both common choices.

How to get your dog to stop jumping on you.

Initially, your dog won’t understand what either of these means but over time it will learn. When your dog begins to jump up at you, use your signal and assume your stance and pay your dog no attention. Look straight ahead and remain silent.

As soon as your dog stops jumping up at you, kneel down and offering it plenty of verbal and physical praise. If your dog begins to jump back up at you state your signal and go back to your stance. Keep repeating this process over and over.

Some dog owners choose to also give their dog one of its favorite treats along with the praise. This is a valid strategy but you have to do it in a controlled way. If you keep your dogs treats on you person then it can encourage your dog to jump up at you even more, especially if it can smell the treats. Keep some of your dogs treats close to the entrance of your home so you can quickly get one and offer it to your dog once it stops jumping up at you.


If you have already taught your dog some control commands such as teaching it to sit when told to you are ahead of the curve. Work the sit command into your signal for the above process when you assume your stance.

Your dog’s previous training should kick in and help it understand what you want it to do. Although it won’t always help, it can speed up the training process.

Get your dog to stop jumping on you.

The Retreat Method

Another popular and successful strategy is the retreat method. It is based on retreating out of a room immediately after entering it if your dog jumps on you as soon as you walk in. As soon as your dog jumps on you, you use your signal, assume your stance and give your dog a chance to stop jumping up at you.

If it doesn’t, you turn around and leave the room closing the door behind you and leaving your dog in the other room. This technique takes advantage of your dog’s pack mentality. Most dog’s see their owners as the alpha in their pack. This technique plays on the fact that you are walking away and closing it off from the pack.


Repeating the above processes over and over again will teach you dog how to greet you. Once it has learned how to greet you, you can use your signal to indicate how your dog should treat any visitors to your house too. Some people will recruit friends and family to come to their house to do additional training with their dog for visitors but it’s usually not needed.

If you do choose to use friends or family, be sure to teach them your signal and stance before entering the room. It helps the process if everyone uses the same signals and stances as your dog is already used to it.

Using A Dog Toy

Many dogs jump on people as they are excited and don’t know any other way to expel the excess energy when excited. Dog owners have reported having success by providing your dog with a high-quality toy to interact with when excited.

Dogs will usually shake and chew the toy when used to the process instead of jumping on people. Rather than using the signal and stance technique explained above, try this.

When walking into a room and your dog jumps up, ignore it and walk to its toy. Instantly shake the toy in front of your dog in an attempt to focus its attention on it and then throw the toy for your dog. The hope is that your dog will focus its excitement on its toy rather than jumping on people. Our article on getting your dog to play with its toys may help you during this process.

Dealing With Aggression

Some dogs can jump on people due to territorial reasons and show signs aggression. Although the above training methods can help with this, our article on how to make your dog less aggressive may be more effective.

How To Make Your Dog Less Aggressive Quickly!

Things To Avoid Doing

  • Try not to become excited when you get home and see your dog. We know its hard and every dog owner wants to play with their pet but if you instantly get excited then your dog will.
  • If your dog starts to jump up at you or visitors, don’t shout at her. Use a calm and collected voice at all times. Dogs can get excited by you shouting at them as they misinterpreted your intent and will often jump up more.
  • Never attempt to use pain as a training tool.

Bringing Out The Big Guns

Many dog owners have reported having extremely quick success rates in training their dogs not to jump on people with the assistance of a high-quality modern dog training collar. Gone are the days when these dog training collars could only be set to shock your dog. These new modern ones can be set to vibrate, sound high-pitch alarm dogs hate, and some high-end ones can even spray your dog with water for you.

They have proven very effective and their remote control allows you to activate the training collar from anywhere in your house. If you are sitting watching TV and a visitor comes into your house and your dog starts jumping up at them, you can press your remote and activate the training collar.

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