How To Get Your Dog To Quit Eating Poop!

Unfortunately, Coprophagia (the urge to eat poop) is a relatively common problem in dogs. Although it varies depending on the breed and sex of the dog, it is estimated that up to five percent of dogs will have the condition at some point. As we have seen a number of people asking how to get your dog to quit eating poop recently, we decided to publish this article.

These tips and tricks can be used by anyone and have a proven track record of being quick and effective.

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How To Get Your Dog To Quit Eating Poop

One common question we see asked is “What Can I Do To Stop My Dog From Eating Poop“? Especially if their dog is eating poop and throwing up all of the time.

The vast majority of dog owners are desperate to stop coprophagia in their dogs. Thankfully there are a number of commercial and home remedies on the market that you can take advantage of. These range from easy to use chewable tablets that you simply feed your dog to mixing Pineapple in with your dog’s food.

The Best Products To Stop My Dog Eating Poop

In our opinion, the quickest, easiest and best long-term solution is commercial coprophagia tablets. They have been specifically designed from the ground up to be the best dog coprophagia treatment on the market and help dog owners in your situation.

They can stop your dog eating poop naturally via the natural ingredients such as yucca, parsley, and chamomile. Its proprietary active ingredient enzyme blend has proven to be fast acting and extremely effective.

Please ensure you read the label! The recommended dosage changes depending on your dogs breed and weight. The helpful, easy to read instructions on the container will help you understand exactly what dosage your dog requires. In our opinion, they are the best coprophagia deterrent available.

How to get your dog to quit eating poop

Home Remedies To Stop Your Dog From Eating Poop

There are also a number of coprophagia home remedies that you may be able to take advantage of. Some people have reported having success by feeding their dog their own homemade formulas. The main ingredients usually contain:-

Although this can make an effective homemade dog eating poop remedy, we have never tried it ourselves. Due to this, we don’t want to give any specific advice on using this method. Getting the amounts of each ingredient correct is too difficult in our opinion and there are almost just as many people saying it had no effect on their dog as there are people saying it works.

Due to this, we would recommend using either of the two below home remedies to stop your dog eating poop.

What To Put In Dog Food To Stop Eating Poop

One of the easiest to use home remedies to stop your dog from eating poop is pineapple. You can feed your dog pineapple to stop it eating poop and it is surprisingly effective although its effects are sometimes only short lived.

When we point this out to people we are often asked follow up questions such as “How much pineapple to give a dog to stop it eating poop“? Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all answer for this as different dog breeds require different amounts. Owners of smaller dog breeds have reported having success with as little as only two chunks of pineapple.

Pineapple is an excellent dog stool eating remedy. The naturally occurring acids within the fruit undergo a chemical reaction with the acids in your dog’s stomach making their poop taste sour and unappealing to your dog. As pineapple is fine for dogs to eat this makes it the perfect natural coprophagia deterrent.

Using Meat Tenderizer For Coprophagia

Although we have never tried this method ourselves, we have seen multiple reports of meat tenderizer being effective against coprophagia. It works in the exact same way as the pineapple method above. Once consumed, a chemical reaction takes place in your dog’s stomach making their poop taste vile.

Due to different brands including different ingredients in their products, there is no way we can guarantee the product you get is safe for dogs. This is why we would always use a specialist product or pineapple to stop our dogs eating poop.

Taking Advantage Of Hot Sauce

Another thing we have seen dog owners use to get their dogs to stop eating poop is hot sauce. The tactics for this method change slightly and rely on you spiking the poop with hot sauce rather than your dog actually eating something to make the poop taste bad.

The idea behind it is that you pour hot sauce on the poop and when your dog puts it in its mouth it begins to burn. Your dog then spits out the poop and quickly associates eating poop with the burning sensation.

Although we have not tested this method ourselves we can see a few problems with it. Different hot sauces have different Scovil temperatures and we can’t find any advice on whats safe for dogs. Additionally, you have to follow your dog around trying to pour hot sauce on its poop before your dog is able to eat it. That said, some people have reported having success with it so we thought we would mention it.

How To Stop A Puppy From Eating Poop

Although coprophagia is quite common in puppies, it is usually short-lived once they turn around one year old. It is theorized that your puppy has additional cravings during its growing period and craves poop.

Provided your puppy is over 12 weeks old you can use the above methods as a coprophagia deterrent for puppies. Once your dog turns one year old you will likely see its behavior change and the urge to consume poop naturally fade.

Get your dog to quit eating poop.

My Pregnant Dog Is Eating Her Own Poop

There are two schools of thought on this, some people think that this is coprophagia, others feel it is just the “nesting instinct”. Personally, we tend to go with the nesting instinct theory and that it is just mom keeping the area clean ready for her pups.

We would advise against trying the above methods as she may still eat the poop to try and keep the area clean and making the poop taste bad is just making the process worse for your dog. Our best advice is to do your best to check the area and clean it yourself so your dog doesn’t have to.

Is A Dog Eating Poop Harmful

Although it is an undesired behavior, a dog eating its own poop is rarely harmful to it. That said if your dog is in a public place and eats the poop of a different dog or other animals problems can occur.

There are a number of parasites that can live in a dog’s poop for a number of days. If your dog consumes infested poop then it is highly likely that your dog will end up with an infestation in its stomach. Although most parasite infestations are relatively easy to treat with medication from the vets, it can be a pain.

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