How To Get Your Dog To Pee Outside!

Although training your dog to pee outside can be a challenge, it is well worth the time and effort. In this article, we will be taking a look at how to get your dog to pee outside.

These tips and tricks are easy enough for anyone to self-train their dog provided they have some patients. Remember that this is a process and you should always work at your dog’s pace. There are going to be accidents, accept it and keep moving forward with your dog.


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How To Get Your Dog To Pee Outside

Training your dog to pee outside can actually be much easier than most people think. Consistency in training, patience, and plenty of positive reinforcement is key during this training process.

The Signal

The first thing you have to do is decide on a signal that you will use for your dog to associate with going to pee. This could be something as simple as saying “time to pee” or using something like a dog clicker. The main thing about dog commands for going potty is that it is clear and that your dog will have an easy time learning what it means.

Choosing A Pee Spot

Choose a spot that you ideally will get your dog to pee at. This is usually something straightforward like a tree or bush in your yard. If you have other dogs that also pee in this spot, your dog’s natural instinct to mark and spray for territory can actually help with this process.

Ideally, the spot you choose will be reachable within fifteen to twenty seconds. As most people will have to go through some sort of the main door to their house to get to their spot, you will have to assess the best way to get the door open quickly. Some neighborhoods may not be suitable for you to leave your key in the door, especially if the door has a glass panel that can easily be broken from the outside.

How to get your dog to pee outside.

Letting Your Dog Signal You

Although relatively new to the market, many dog owners are starting to incorporate dog bells into their dogs potty training. These act as a way for your dog to signal you or other members of your family that it needs to go potty. They are surprisingly effective when introduced to your dogs potty training.

If you wish to use them as part of your training, purchase a high-quality set of dog bells. Hang them from the door handle on the door that leads to your pee spot so they are in reach of your dog. During training, each time you take your dog outside to potty, take its paw and gently knock the dog bells so they ring. This helps your dog associate the ringing off the bells with you opening the door and it going pee.

Some dog owners choose to fit a high-quality dog door that works similar to a cat flap. If you choose to use this route then we published this article on how to get your dog to use a doggie door may help you train your dog to use it.

Choose Your Timing

Unlike other forms of dog training such as teaching your dog to stay, you can only train your dog to pee when it needs to go. Although some people think this is hard to predict there are certain times of the day where your dog will naturally have a higher chance of needing to pee.

These are the first thing in the morning when your dog first wakes up. About 30 minutes after returning from a long walk or run and drinking its water bowl. When playing although this one is less common. Taking advantage of these occasions is key to quickly train your dog to pee outside.

Get your dog to pee outside.

Taking Advantage Of Opportunity

Usually, it’s best to take advantage of your opportunities first thing in the morning as that’s the highest chance of your dog needing to pee. Take your dog out to the spot you want them to pee at. It is important you don’t pay your dog any attention once at the pee spot. Attention may lead your dog to think it is play time or increase anxiety making it harder to pee.

Once your dog is finishing, say your signal word or use your dog clicker. Over time, this helps your dog associate your signal with peeing. Once complete, give your dog plenty of verbal and physical praise as well as a delicious dog treat.

Try to stay outside with your dog for at least five minutes after peeing in the correct spot. If possible, throw your dog’s favorite toy for it a few times to make sure it knows it has done well. Some dog owners will take their dog back inside as soon as it has finished peeing. Your dog may see this as a form of punishment as it has been locked indoors overnight, its just been let out only to be taken back in. This can set your training back so always try to stay out and play with your dog after it has went potty.

Sometimes your dog simply will not need to go potty. Many dogs will still go through the motions of squatting or cocking their leg in their pee spot but nothing will happen. This behavior is still consistent with training and should be rewarded as if your dog has gone potty.

Advancing The Training

After a week begin to use your signal just before your dog starts to pee. This helps to work towards getting your dog to pee on command when required. Many dog owners will use this technique just before bedtime to encourage their dog to go pee to help them get a full nights sleep. This is an excellent strategy to use if your dog is soiling in the house at night.

Training your dog to pee outside.

How To Potty Train An Older Dog

If you have a dog that was never potty trained there is still hope. Although the saying goes, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, when it comes to reality, you most definitely can. It may take a little longer due to bad habits that your dog has picked up but with enough patience, you can teach an older dog to pee outside.

We suggest you begin with the method we explained earlier in the article but add in scolding for when your dog pees indoors. The scolding does not have to be anything dramatic, simply pointing at your dog with a sharp loud ‘No!” can suffice.

Some people do choose to use a high-quality humane dog training collar for scolding. Gone are the days when all these collars could do is apply a static shock to your dog. The modern collars have multiple settings for more humane training.

These settings include a vibrate setting that annoys your dog when activated during negative behavior. The majority also come with an audible alarm that can be used to discourage any negative behavior. Although the alarm doesn’t really affect humans, the high pitch blast of sound helps teach your dog.

How To Get A Dog To Pee In A New Place

There are a number of different situations where you may need to teach your dog to pee outdoors in a new place. You may renovate your yard and the dog’s old pee spot gets changed to a seating area for example. You may move house completely and need to start over in a new yard or something totally different.

Our recommendation is to use the strategy we covered earlier in the article. If you are in the same house and your dog still has access to its old spot then you can try this trick to speed the process up.

When your dog initially goes potty in its old spot, throw down a rag and try to soak up as much pee as possible. Place this rag in the new area you want your dog to go pee in. The scent of their urine can sometimes help the process and get your dog to understand what you want.

The next time your dog goes out and gets ready to pee, either pick it up and place it at the new spot or if its too big try to lead it to the new spot. If you are still rewarding with your dogs favorite treat only treat your dog if it pees in the new location. You could try standing by the new pee spot with the treat visible to your dog to try and get it to use the new spot.

The use of scolding or a training collar for your dog going pee in the old spot should only be used as a last resort. Scolding your dog for peeing in a spot where it was previously rewarded can be confusing. It may lead to difficulty in training your dog to pee in its new spot.

Additional Reading

Although the methods explained in this article should be enough for you to get your dog to pee outside. The book how to housebreak your dog in seven days offers other advice that has proven successful. It has quickly grown an excellent reputation with dog owners earning over 500 independent positive reviews on Amazon at the time of writing.

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