How To Get Your Dog On A Diet!

A growing problem with our beloved pet dogs is weight management. Although there are a number of reasons your dog may be overweight such as medical issues or overfeeding, getting your dog to lose weight can actually be a problem. In this article, we will be going over how to get your dog on a diet.

We have decided to publish this article in an attempt to help our readers get their dogs to lose weight quickly. We will be covering both homemade and commercial weight management dog dogs as well as workouts.

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How To Get Your Dog On A Diet

Understanding how to help your dog lose weight fast can be vital. Like humans, dogs develop their own tastes and habits meaning it can be problematic to get them on a diet. Some dogs are picky eaters and will protest to any change in their diets.

Most people agree that a transitional period of at least a week is the best way to get your dog on a diet food mix. Depending on your dog, this could take two to three weeks to fully transition your dog. It is important that you choose a high-quality low-calorie dog food to transition your dog to.

The Transition Process

  • Switch your dogs daily meals to 75% old food 25% new food. There shouldn’t be much of a difference in your dog’s eating habits during this period. Observe your dog to ensure that it is eating the meals and avoid any alternative food sources. When you are confident that your dog is consuming this new meal ratio, move onto the next stage.
  • Change the ratio of your dog’s meals to 50% old food and 50% new food. This is usually the stage where your dog may refuse to eat. Observe your dog and don’t provide any alternate food source for 24 hours. Most dogs may turn their nose up at their meals initially only to eat them a few hours later. Once you are confident that your dog is consuming this meal ratio move onto the next stage.
  • Change the ratio of your dog’s meals to 25% old food and 75% new food. By this time your dog will have built up a taste to the new food mix. It is rare that it will try any type of protest to this ratio and should take to it without a problem. As before, once you are confident that your dog is eating all or most of its meals move onto the next stage.
  • Finally, offer your dog nothing but the new low-calorie food for its meals. Observe your dog to ensure that it keeps eating its meals. Although some digestive upset may occur initially, it should not last more than five to seven days.

The Best Dog Food To Lose Weight

In our opinion, the best dog food for weight loss is Hill’s Science Diet Perfect Weight it is available in both a dry food mix and a wet food mix. Both are perfect for getting your dog on a weight loss diet, using the same food mix type that your dog is used to should make the transition process easier.

A number of highly reputable veterinarians recommend the Hill’s Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight dog food. It has been specifically designed for dogs that are prone to weight gain, neutered or less active. Over 70% of dogs placed on a balanced diet with Hill’s Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight as the main meal lost weight within 10 weeks. It is packed with vitamins and minerals and helps promote a healthy lifestyle and healthy weight in your dog.

It is an extremely popular product that has proven to be very effective. At the time of writing it has almost 500 positive reviews on Amazon from dog owners.

Dog Weight Loss Trick With Green Beans

Many people reference the green bean trick when wanting to get their dog to lose weight. We are often asked “can I feed my dog raw green beans” and the answer is yes. We published this post that covers a number of vegetables your dog can safely eat if you are interested.

The special thing about green beans is their high fiber content. This can help encourage weight loss while on a calorie deficit and speed the weight loss process up. Your dog has to have a balanced diet for this to work. Feeding your dog nothing but green beans will lead to nutritional deficiencies. They are best used as a highly nutritious high in fiber dog treat if you can get your dog to eat them.

How to get your dog on a diet

Homemade Weight Loss Dog Food Recipes

There are also a number of different homemade dog food diet and homemade dog treats for weight loss that you can use. The main problem with using this route is limited resources. Commercial dog foods designed for weight loss have access to the best ingredients possible. This helps ensure that your dog is getting all of the vitamins and minerals it requires.

This makes it extremely hard to make a homemade dog diet for weight loss possible. If you are dead set on trying to make your own homemade dog food then you can try these recipes.

The Perfect Overweight Dog Diet Plan

In our opinion, the perfect doggy diet plan for your overweight pooch is made up of the following.

Portion control is essential when trying to get your dog to lose weight. You must stop giving your dog table scraps and leftovers. It is very hard to accurately work out the calorie count of these making the weight loss process harder than it has to be.

Dog treats do not have to be cut out of your dog’s diet to lose weight. If you can get your dog to eat Green Beans then they can make an excellent alternative. If your dog won’t eat Green Beans then there are plenty of low-calorie dog treats available.

A Workout Plan For Your Overweight Dog

When it comes to working out, most dog breeds are nothing like humans. As dogs require a lot fewer calories per day than a human, they can lose weight with much less exercise. Simply walking your dog for an hour each day can be enough to see a difference in as little as a month.

Some dog breeds and younger dogs can also have additional games added to their walk to speed the process up. You can walk your dog into a field or another safe open space and use a chuckit dog toy. It will let you throw your dogs treat much farther than using your arm getting your dog to play fetch. This additional activity can speed up the weight loss process.

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