How To Get Your Dog Off Wet Food!

Wet dog food has a number of drawbacks that some dog owners end up wanting to avoid. The easiest way to avoid them to switch your dog over to dry dog food. The problem arises in actually making this switch. Due to this, we have decided to take a look at how to get your dog off wet food.

These tips and tricks will help you transition your dog off wet good as quickly as possible. You have to keep in mind that this is a process and can actually take a few weeks to work. The majority of dog owners who have used this process have reported positive results though.

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How To Get Your Dog Off Wet Food

There are a number of different ways that you can get your dog off wet food. In our opinion, the easiest is to do a simple transitioning period across to dry good. This process tends to take between one and four weeks depending on the dog and the food used. A simple transition period will look like this.

  • 0 – 100% wet dog food.
  • 1 – 75% wet dog food, 25% dry dog food.
  • 2 – 50% wet dog food, 50% dry dog food.
  • 3 – 25% wet dog food, 75% dry dog food.
  • 4 – 100% dry dog food.

During phase 1, it is important that you provide no other food source for your dog for the first 24 hours. This helps increase the chance of your dog consuming its mixed food and beginning to get used to dry food.

Some dog owners have reported that adding water to dry dog food can help speed the process up but it is not essential for most dogs. If you have a senior dog or a dog with jaw problems then soaking dog food in warm water helps. Wetting the dry dog food softens it to make it easier to consume and helps reduce confusion during the transition.

The Gravy Or Broth Trick

When asked, “how to make dry dog food soft“? by dog owners, we also point out that gravy and bone broth (our post on how to make bone broth for dogs) do the same thing. In some situations, the meaty taste of the gravy or broth can actually help your dog transition to dry food.

If you decide to use homemade gravy then you can choose to use meat substance left over from cooking. This is an excellent way to help you get extra vitamins and minerals into your dog as well as add a better taste to dry dog food.

The Microwave Trick

Although we have never tried this ourselves, we have seen multiple reports that microwaving dry food helps. As little as fifteen seconds in the microwave is enough to heat up the fat molecules in the dog food and bring them to the surface. Once on the surface, your dog can smell and taste them instantly helping to get it eating the dry dog food.How to get your dog off wet food.

The Treat Trick

This trick was suggested by a good friend of hours and it seems to work a treat (pun intended). What they did to get their dog off wet food was to add their dog’s favorite dry treats to its main meal.

As their dog was used to the taste and texture of the treats it ate its meals without protest. A few days later, they started to add in dry dog food as well as the treats. Apparently, their dog didn’t even flinch and kept eating its meals as usual. Over the course of a week they reduced the amount of wet food in each meal until there was nothing but dry food. Once the transition had been completed they slowly removed the treats from the meal leaving only the dry food.

The Best Dry Dog Food Mix

One of the best tasting dry dog foods on the market is the Taste of the Wild range. It has quickly established itself as one of the main go-to products on the market with over 13200 positive reviews from dog owners on Amazon. It is a tasty dog food for picky eaters and helps to quickly converts wet food eaters into dry food eaters.

Its small size is perfect for adding water to dog kibble to help with the transitioning process. Unlike many competitors, real meat is the number one ingredient in the food with zero artificial flavors. It has an optimal amino acid profile, is protein rich and is jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

My Dog Will Only Eat Wet Food

Initially, many dog owners seem to think that their dog will only eat wet food. This is usually due to their dog having lived off wet food for years and then the owner trying to switch without transitioning. In our experience, any dog can be switched over to dry food using the process above. Patients and consistency is key, imagine if you had only ever eaten soft corned beef and then someone tried to switch you over to jerky. It would take a period for you to get used to your new diet and break old habits.

Most dog breeds are creatures of habit, if they had their way, things would rarely change. Quick, sudden changes are not what they want to make slow gradual changes are your best option. If you have a notoriously stubborn breed like a husky then the transition will probably take longer.

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