How To Get Your Dog Not To Bark At Visitors!

We all love our dogs and they can be very enthusiastic towards new people as they are always looking to make new friends. If the dogs in your life are anything like the dogs in ours, they think visitors to the house are there just too see them.

Unfortunately, some dogs can become territorial and bark uncontrollably at visitors to your house. We have decided to take a look at how to get your dog not to bark at visitors in an attempt to help any of our readers who have this problem. The tips and tricks should help get your dog to stop barking at visitors in no time.

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How To Get Your Dog Not To Bark At Visitors

Thankfully, there are a number of products and training techniques that can help you get this barking under control. If your dog barks at guests uncontrollably, then this is probably due to territorial aggression. Personally, I don’t agree with the use of the word aggression in the term as your dog will rarely actually be aggressive. Most commonly, your dog barks and growls at guests as an attempt to display dominance over what they perceive as their territory.

Although this barking usually comes from your dog’s ancient instincts, you can train your dog not to display the behavior. The main thing that you have to realize is that you are battling against thousands of years of instinct. The training process will not be an overnight fix and may take weeks or months with an average of around three weeks.

The below are the three main methods for correcting the behavior in dogs. Two of them are easier to implement but require additional products at a minimal cost. The final method has no cost but does require you to be consistent in training and usually takes slightly longer.

How to get your dog not to bark at visitors.

The Best Collars To Help Control Barking

The best training aid to get your dog to stop barking at your visitors is definitely a high-quality Dog Training Collar. That said, some dog owners feel that they are cruel as they are only familiar with the old style static shock training collars. We are happy to report that the Petrainer Dog Training Collar has alternative settings to assist with training. Although it does still offer a low static shock capability, it also has a high pitched beep and a vibrating mode.

Since its release, it has quickly established itself as the market leader when it comes to training collars. At the time of writing it has over 8000 positive reviews from dog owners on Amazon.

The collar has been specifically designed to be extremely easy to use so both expert and novice trainers can use it effectively. It has 100 different setting options to assist you with your training with varying shock and vibration levels to tweak to your needs.

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The Best Audible Bark Deterrent

The second best training aid to get your dog to stop barking at your visitors is usually a pet corrector. Although there are a number of different brands on the market, the company of animals one has proven effective. At the time of writing it has over 600 positive reviews from dog owners on Amazon.

They work by expelling a quick burst of air when pressed that mimics a predatory hiss of a snake or large cat. Over thousands of years of evolution, most dog breeds have evolved to dislike the sound and go on the defensive.

The easiest way to use them is to wait for a visitor to come to your house and then press the pet corrector if your dog starts to bark. The sound gets your dog on the defensive and looking for the source of the sound usually causing it to stop barking. Over the course of a few weeks, your dog begins to associate its barking with attracting the sound and tends to stop.

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Get your dog not to bark at visitors.

Using Dog Psychology To Stop Your Dog Barking

Over the years, there have been a large number of breakthroughs made in dog psychology. Thankfully, we can use this to our advantage when it comes to getting your dog to stop barking. We are going to leverage your dog’s pack mentality to our advantage and when it barks we will remove it from the pack and put it in a room alone. They key to success with this method is consistency so you have to do it every time your dog barks at visitors.

The room that is to serve as your dog’s sin bin can be any room in your house. The only requirement is that there are no people or other pets in the room. Although the circumstances are slightly different, the YouTube video below is a good display of this technique.

My Dog Barks Aggressively At Visitors, Will It Attack Them

If your dog barks and jumps on guests to your house then we highly recommend that you use the above method. Although it is probably still your dog just attempting to show dominance over its territory, it can be scary for visitors. Removing the dog from the room and putting it alone somewhere not only removes any possible threat but also helps to correct your dog’s behavior.

Some people have begun to put their dog’s in high-quality crates if they misbehave for a cooling off period. The crate works the same as putting the dog in a separate room as it seals it off from the group. Although this method is quickly gaining in popularity due to its high-efficiency rate it does present its own problems.

Some dogs will keep barking while in the crate but at least any possible threat to your visitors has been removed. If you decided to use the crate method then we advise you to also use a collar or a pet corrector. Some dogs also don’t take to crates, we recently published this article on crate training your dog that may help.

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My Dog Barks At Everyone That Walks By My House

If your dog has taken to barking at anyone who walks by your home then we recommend you use a dog training collar or a pet corrector. Although the isolation method can still be effective, if the path outside of your house is heavily trafficked, you will be up and down putting your dog in a different room or crate all the time.

At least with a pet corrector or training collar, you can keep getting on with your daily routine while training your dog. The dog training collar can be set up to automatically trigger when your dog barks or trigger from a remote control. This allows you to keep training your dog while being in a separate room.

Tips To Make Your Dog Obedient

If you want any further tips on how to make your dog very obedient then this article may help.

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