How To Get Your Cat To Wear A Cone!

Although some cats absolutely hate wearing a cone, it can be an essential part of your cat’s recovery after surgery. Cones are a tool to keep your cat from chewing its stitches and opening its wound. Your cat may do everything it can think of to get its cone off but these tips and tricks should help you keep it on. In this article, we will be going over how to get your cat to wear a cone.

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How To Get Your Cat To Wear A Cone

The main reason a cat won’t keep it’s cone on after spay or neutering is the cone being used. Although most veterinarians will provide the best cone possible and make sure it is right for your cat. A small minority may provide a cone that is unsuitable. This is also a common problem if you source the cone yourself. It can also be common for people to use a cone from a previous surgery of a different cat.

An easy way to counter this problem is to ensure you have a high-quality adjustable cone. These allow you to adjust the fit to perfectly fit your cat. You should be able to fit a single finger between the cone and your cat’s neck when fit. This helps keep your cat comfortable and can help it stop trying to get the cone off.

Sometimes you can get your cat used to its cone by putting it on for an hour and leaving it off for an hour. This does depend on the type of surgery your cat has had and will require constant supervision. If your cat begins to focus on the stitches when the cone is removed, put the cone back on. Not only will this stop your cat biting its stitches but it will also help with negative reinforcement. Your cat will quickly associate biting its stitches with having the cone put on.

how to get your cat to wear a cone

Switch To An E-collar

Our final suggestion is to get your cat a high-quality e-collar rather than a cone. E-collars have became increasingly popular over the past few years with cats and owners alike. They are much more comfortable than a standard cat cone. They also allow your cat to keep its peripheral vision while restricting its movement.

How To Put A Cone On A Cat

If you want to use a cat cone after neutering your cat then you will need to know how to put it on.

  • Put your cat on a table that is around the hight of your hips with its head facing away from you.
  • Place the cone to the side of your cats head to ensure it is long enough to stop any potential biting.
  • Although not essential, it is advised you put a high-quality cat collar through the loops of the cone. This can help keep it secure on your cat during use.
  • Hold your cat in place with your weak hand whole gently placing the cone over the cats head with your other hand. Be sure to pull your cat’s ears through so they are not uncomfortable.
  • If your cat tries to run away or fight you during the previous stage wrap it in a towel. Your goal is to have your cat wrapped up like a new baby with its paws inside the towel.
  • Once the cone has been put on your cat, fasted the cones attached cone. Remember, you should be able to fit fingers between your cat’s neck and the cone.

How Long To Keep Cone On Cat After Spaying

There is no one answer fits all for this. You should always take the advice of your veterinarian as different types of spaying create different cuts. The usual time frame is around the seven-day mark.

The time will increase if there is any sign of infection or additional surgeries. Many people think a veterinarian checkup is just an additional way for them to make money. That said, it is highly recommended you have one before removing your cat’s cone. The last thing you want is to remove your cat’s cone only to find out it bites its stitches and gets an infection.

How To Keep Cat From Chewing Stitches Without A Cone

If you don’t want to use a cone there are some cat cone alternatives to stop your cat from biting. Most of them are a total waste of time in all honesty. There are only two that may work. The first option is a high-quality pet based surgical tape. They are soft, lightweight and porous while providing protection for your cat’s stitches. It is self-adhering so you just roll it around your cats wound and it sticks to itself. Some cats are able to remove the surgical tape via biting and scratching though. This is the main reason most veterinarians will always recommend a cat cone as it stops biting.

The second option is a cat shirt. Although not their primary purpose, they do have the ability to stop your cat from chewing its stitches. They are only effective if your cat’s surgery was in a location covered by the shirt. Some cats are also able to bite through the shirts to still cause damage to their wound. Again, most veterinarians will always recommend a cat cone over a cat shirt.

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