How To Get Your Cat To Use The Cat Tree!

Getting your cat a good cat tree can be an excellent way to keep it occupied and active when alone. This can be perfect for an indoor cat. A common problem cat owners have is that their cats simply won’t be interested at first. In this article, we go over how to get your cat to use the cat tree and have fun.

We have rounded up as many tips as possible from as many sources as we could find to provide the ultimate guide! We will be covering common ways to get your cat to use a cat tree as well as reasons they may be scared of a cat tree. Where possible we will be sharing as many tips and tricks as we can to give you an easier time.

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How To Get Your Cat To Use The Cat Tree

All of the below tips and tricks have been successfully implemented by a number of cat owners. We have tried to ensure they are all practical for all cat owners no matter their situation. We would like to stress that building a habit can take a number of weeks so don’t expect overnight results.

What Kind Of Cat Tree Should I Get

Always ensure you have a high-quality, safe but cost-efficient cat tree. The last thing you want to do is use something that may result in an injury to your cat. This offering from Go Pet Club has almost 4000 positive reviews from cat owners and has grown a dedicated user base.

It has three different vertical levels with a number of ladders and toys at each stage. You can place treats at the highest level of the tree to encourage your cat to start playing with it if required. Some cat owners have reported hiding cat treats at various locations of the cat tree to keep their cat interested.

Deploy The Catnip

If your cat ignores it’s cat tree then the easiest way to change this is to make the cat tree interesting. Although there are a number of ways to do this, the quickest, cheapest and easiest is to use catnip. A high-quality cheap catnip spray can work wonders for you in this situation. A few sprays of the product on your cat tree can get your cat interested in minutes.

The powerful herb entices your cat and fills it with curiosity. As your cat plays with the cat tree looking for the source of the smell it will start to get comfortable. The more times you do this, the stronger the habit becomes. Within a month you can find your cat playing in its cat tree of its own accord.

Resorting To Bribery

A number of studies in both animals and humans have shown that positive reinforcement works. Rewarding your cat with a delicious cat treat when it plays with its cat tree can help build this habit.

When employing this strategy, consistency is key! If you see your cat playing with its cat tree, be sure to offer it a treat. It can take around 30 days for a habit to solidify in your cat so plan your strategy accordingly.

As we have already mentioned, a common strategy is to hide cat treats at various locations on the tree. You cat will then spend more time hunting them out and having fun helping to build the habit.

Take Advantage Of Cat Toys

A good way to get your cat interested in its new cat tree is to play with your cat on or around the cat tree. You can use a cheap but popular toy such as a cat wand to get your cat to play with you.

An easy game to play is to use the cat want to quickly change the location of the toy feather. Your cat’s natural instinct will be to catch the feather so use this to your advantage.

Dance the feather at the top of the cat tree to get your cat interested. Once your cat has climbed the cat tree to get the feather dance it at another level of the tree.

Where To Put A Cat Tree

The location of your cat tree can also be a factor of if your cat will use it or not. There is no point in putting the cat tree in the basement where your cat rarely goes. We recommend you put the cat tree in the living room. Although they may not show it, some cats are actually very social. Additionally, they can be curious creatures. If your cat tree is in the living room then there’s less fear of your cat missing out on anything.

how to get your cat to use the cat tree

My Cat Is Afraid Of Its Cat Tree

Cats can often be afraid of new objects in their territory. Like most animals, over time they tend to get used to it and will begin to accept it. You can use the methods above to reduce this timeframe as well as encourage your cat to play with the cat tree.

A number of cat owners have reported a quick bonding session of playing with their cat near the cat tree is able to fix the problem within an hour or so. Use treats and toys to make your cat feel comfortable and it will start to interact with the cat tree of its own accord.

Are Cat Trees Worth It

This totally depends on your own situation. If you have an outdoor cat who spends the majority of its time roaming outside then it’s probably not. An outdoor cat has a large number of interesting and exciting things outside for it to play with. There is a high chance that it only returns home to be fed, watered or to sleep.

If you have an indoor cat then cat trees can be worth every cent. They provide something to keep your cat occupied. While playing it is also exercising to help with weight management. Additionally, a good cat tree serves other purposes. It adds a vertical element to your home that the cat can use to fulfill its urge to climb. Most also have scratching poles attached so your cat will scratch the tree rather than furniture. If you are having problems with your cat scratching your furniture then check out this article.


We hope this article has helped you understand how to get your cat to use the cat tree. Each of the tips have been used in real life situations by cat owners with their cats.

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