How To Get Your Cat To Use A New Litter Box!

When changing litter box, it is not uncommon that your cat won’t use its new litter box. There is a number of reasons behind this but any cat can be taught to use a new litter box. In this article, we will be going over how to get your cat to use a new litter box.

We have narrowed down a number of tips that we feel you will be able to use on your cat. We have called on all of our experience and researched everything we could get our hands on for this article. All cat owners will be able to implement these tips to get their cat used to their new box.

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How To Get Your Cat To Use A New Litter Box

When carrying out a new litter box transition. The first thing we have to look at it how to introduce a new litter box to your cat. Cat’s can be skittish by nature and unsure of any new objects in their territory. This is nothing out of the ordinary and is normal for most animals.

Use The Same Location

Although not strictly creatures of habit, putting the new litter box in the same location as the last can help. Most animals feed nervous and defensive when doing their business. This is the reason many animals will back into a corner so they can see any predators or why dogs lock eyes with their owners when out for walks. They want reassurance that they are safe.

Putting the new litter box in the same location as the old one can help keep your cat feeling safe. Make sure you keep the cat’s old litter box throughout the transition period in case you need to use it. Some strong-willed cats simply won’t take to a new litter box without a fight. One way to overcome this is to use the new litter box for one day than the old for the next. Repeat this process while using the new litter box for two days and the old one for one. Over time reduce the access to the old one more and more until it has been phased out. If your cat doesn’t like its new litter box then this is a good strategy to use.

how to get your cat to use a new litter box

How To Transition A Cat To A New Litter

Another way to help get your cat used to a new litter box is to transfer some of the kitty litter from the old box to the new box. This works even better if you can include some of your cats waste. The smell can help the cat understand and get used to the purpose of the new litter box.

Be sure to gently place your cat into its new litter box in an attempt to understand the purpose of the new item in the room. Make sure that both you and the cat are calm and relaxed to reduce any potential stress. If your cat is stressed during the transition it will only make the process harder.

Try to always ensure your cat’s litter box is in a quiet, low trafficked area of your home. This can further reduce stress and help your cat go potty in its new box. Be sure not to put your cat’s litter box in your laundry room or anywhere else with excessive noise. The noises can be off-putting and stress your cat. Never put the litter box near your cat’s food or water bowl. Cats are extremely clean animals and in good health, they rarely do their business where they eat.

There are four different main types of kitty litter that can be either scented or unscented.

Always to keep the same type of kitty litter during a transition. The similarity can assist with the process as your cat is already used to that type of kitty litter.

Keep The Litter Box Clean

A dirty litter box can also be a reason a reason for your cats refusal to use it. As cats are a clean animal they attempt to avoid unhygienic places. It is advised you clean your cat’s litter box at least once per day, especially when transitioning to a new one. Be sure to deep clean the litter box with soap and water at least once every month.

What Kind Of Litter Box Should I Get

The best way to transition your cat to a new litter box is to stick to the same general type. If your cat is used to a hooded litter box, get a new hooded litter box. If it is used to an unhooded one then get a new unhooded one.

We highly recommend this Purina unhooded litterbox if your cat used to use an unhooded box. It has over 3500 positive reviews from cat owners over on and retails for around $25. For around the same price you can get this hooded litter box from catit with almost 6000 positive reviews.

How To Move A Cat Litter Box To Another Room

If the need arises to move your cat’s litter box to a new room, it shouldn’t be that much of a challenge. If you are keeping the old kitty litter box then it will be easier if you use this box initially. Your cat is already used to and comfortable with it so should understand its purpose, even in the new location.

Although your cat may initial investigate the changes before getting comfortable. There shouldn’t be any major problems. If something does come up then try to implement some of our suggestions above.

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