How To Get Your Cat To Stop Pooping On The Carpet!

[the_ad id=”4030″]There are a number of different reasons your cat may start to poop on the carpet. It can seemingly be out of the blue for no apparent reason. In this article, we will be going over how to get your cat to stop pooping on the carpet.

These tips and tricks have been proven by cat owners the world over. They can stop your cat pooping on the carpet in as little as a week. That said, sometimes cats will poop on the carpet due to old age or a medical issue. If this is the case then we advise you take your cat to your local veterinarian.

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How To Get Your Cat To Stop Pooping On The Carpet

Cats are extremely clean animals, they prefer to keep the locations they eat, sleep and poop separate. When looking for tips on how to stop a cat from pooping on the floor it is usually best to start with the basics. We published this article on how to get your cat to use a litter box recently. Some of the tips and tricks in that may help you too.


Is your cat’s litter box near its feeding or sleeping spaces? This can be a quick and easy fix as your cat is less likely to use a litter box that is close to where it eats or sleeps. Simply move the litter box to another area of your house.

Try to make sure that it is a less trafficked area of the house though. Cats like privacy while they do their business, if people are walking around this can also stop them using a litter box.

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Hooded Or Un-hooded

Different cats prefer a different kind of litter box. Some prefer a regular high-quality un-hooded litter box, others prefer the hooded type. If your cat does not feel comfortable using its litter box then it will be forced to go potty elsewhere. If you currently have a hooded litter box that your cat refuses to use. You can unclip the hood turning it into a regular un-hooded litter box you can test. If you currently have an unhooded litterbox then you can try to make a makeshift hood for it to see if it can encourage your cat to use it.

Types Of Kitty Litter

There are multiple types of kitty litter on the market, cats have different preferences. Putting the wrong kitty litter in the litter box can be a quick and easy fix. There are four main different types of kitty litter on the market. They are also usually available in both scented and unscented versions.

Try experimenting with the type of kitty litter you use in your litter box.

Outdoor Or Indoor Cats

Outdoor cats are used to being able to go potty anywhere they like when they are outdoors roaming. They are notoriously more difficult to potty train than an indoor cat. That said, it is still possible to train them. Some of the tips and tricks in this article on getting your cat to use a new litter box may help.

Clean The Litter Box

A cat is less likely to use a dirty litter box. It is advised that you scoop your pet cats litter box at least once per day. You should also be deep cleaning it at least once a week with hot water and soap. The removal of waste and bad smells can encourage your cat to use its litter box as it should.

how to get your cat to stop pooping on the carpet

Home Remedies To Stop Cats From Pooping On The Carpet

One of our readers recently asked mentioned that “my cat keeps pooping on the carpet in the same spot, what can I do?”. There are a number home remedies that you can use to discourage this behavior. The most popular and successful ones are usually to sprinkle a cat deterrent on your carpet. There are some common everyday cat deterrents that you probably have in your house right now.

All of the above common cooking ingredients are cat deterrents. Lightly sprinkling some of them on your carpet can deter your cat from pooping on it.

Another quick and easy way to deter your cat from pooping on your carpet is to use Rosemary plants. The aromatic aura of rosemary has the ability to help keep cats out of specific rooms. You can take advantage of this by putting it in rooms that are carpeted.

Why Is My Cat Pooping On The Floor All Of A Sudden

If your cat is pooping on the carpet all of sudden when it has previously used a litter box without issue there may be something medically wrong with your pet. Sometimes it can be down to as something as simple as changing the food you feed your cat. If you have recently changed your cat’s food try going back to the old brand. Some of the factors explained above can also have an effect such as suddenly changing your cat’s kitty litter type.

If none of these are relevant for your cat then it is highly advised you seek advice from your local veterinarian. Most people always think the worst when they have to take their cat to a vet. Many medical conditions that cause your cat to poop on the floor are relatively easy to treat.

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