How To Get Your Cat To Stop Killing Birds!

Cat owners love their pets dearly. There isn’t much a devoted cat owner wouldn’t do for their pet and cat’s their own way to show affection. Unfortunately, one of these ways is to bring dead birds back home as a gift for you. This is unwanted by most cat owners. In this article, we will be covering how to get your cat to stop killing birds.

There are a few cheap, quick and easy steps you can implement to stop your cat killing birds. We are confident that there is something in this article to help all cat owners.

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How To Get Your Cat To Stop Killing Birds

The easiest and cheapest way to get your cat to stop killing birds is to remove the possibility altogether. To do this, change your cats routine from being an outdoor cat to an indoor cat. Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done and some cat owners feel it is cruel to their cat.

Here are our tips to try and convert your cat from an outdoor cat to an indoor cat.

  • Start the process during winter. The bad weather outside should work to your favor.
  • Invest in a cat tower to help add a vertical dimension to your home for your cat.
  • Play with your cat each day to add some socializing to its new indoor lifestyle. A cat wand seems to help get your cat interested in playing.
  • Don’t mistake looking out of the window for wanting to be out. Many cats look out of a window out of curiosity rather than they want to be outside.

Get Your Cat A Collar With A Bell

We have explained how to get your cat to stop killing birds to a number of people before writing this. Our initial advice is always the same, to get good collar with a bell attached for your cat to wear. This is a quick, cheap and easy fix as the bell rings when your cat moves alerting birds to its presence.

We always recommend the Bremix Pet collar. It currently retails at around $10 and has almost 1000 positive reviews on Amazon at the time of writing. The collar has been specifically designed to be easy to adjust for the perfect fit around your cat’s neck. It has a quick release system so your cat is able to quickly remove the collar without assistance if required. The pack contains three collars working out at around $3 per collar. If your cat is not used to wearing a collar then our article on how to get your cat to wear a collar may help.

Use A Collar That Glows In The Dark

You can take this one step further by using a good glow in the dark collar with a bell. The advantage of the bell alerting birds to its presence is still there but it also glows in the dark. Birds are at their most vulnerable in low light conditions. This can help a bird identify your cat’s location at night, dawn and dusk helping it escape.

We always recommend the Pawtitas glow in the dark collar. Due to the glow in the dark strips, the collar is a little more expensive. It currently retails at around $11 but there is only one in the pack. The attached bell is loud and clear in relation to its size and the night vision shows up over around ten meters.

Get Your Cat A Birdsbesafe Collar

Next up we have the Birdsbesafe cat collars. Although your cat may look a little silly in the collar, they have proven extremely effective. The large flamboyant collar helps alert birds to your cat’s presence from a distance. It is also oversized making it harder for your cat to crawl through undergrowth undetected. The collar has a reflective trim that increases the visibility of your cat at night or in low light conditions. It is advised you use a good collar with a bell at the same time as the birdsbesafe.

The birdsbesafe currently retail at around the $10 mark they are well worth the money. Although they are new to the market they have gained over 80 positive reviews at the time of writing. Their feedback is full of cat owners raving about the performance of the product.

Get An In-Ground Electric Fence

Using a good in-ground electric fence can be a good middle ground. Your cat remains an outdoor cat but has its outdoor movements heavily restricted. The electric fence allows you to create keep out or keep in areas in your garden. The collar has four levels of static to help keep your cat within the boundaries. The basic kit can cover around a third of an acre but the ability to expand it to five acres.

The collar has a built-in low battery indicator. A single RFA 67 battery can power the collar for upto two months. The kit has a surge protector included helping protect it from surges and spikes. Although some cat owners may think this system is cruel, the static level is very low and the system works.

The price changes depending on the distance you want to cover but starts at around the $100 mark. Although there are various types, we recommend the PetSafe system. It has almost 500 positive reviews from cat and dog owners.

Although posted by a dog owner, the below review (click it to read on Amazon) is from an top 500 reviewer.

how to get your cat to stop killing birds
Restrict Your Cats Movement When Birds Are Vulnerable

A simple trick on how to get your cat to stop killing birds is to restrict its movement. Birds are most vulnerable at dusk and dawn, especially between late February and late July. This is because birds will be focused on nesting or taking care of their young. Try to keep your cat indoors for at least an hour before and after both sunrise and sunset.

Keep Your Cat Well Fed

Although this may sound simple, keeping your cat well fed can help suppress its instinct to hunt. A good healthy cat food can help keep your cat’s stomach full. You can take advantage of our last point by feeding your cat around dusk before letting it outdoors.

Not only will the bird’s eyes have adjusted to the new lighting conditions but your cat’s stomach will be full. It will be more likely to want to find somewhere to nap rather than go for a hunt. With a glow in the dark collar with a bell attached, you are stacking the odds in the bird’s favor.

How To Stop Cats Killing Birds In My Garden

Even if you don’t own a cat, they may come to your garden hunting for birds. If you do own a cat then your own garden maybe it’s regular hunting grounds. This next set of tips should help with how to get your cat to stop killing birds in your garden.

Carefully Choose The Location Of Your Bird Feeders And Nest Boxes

First up, place any bird feeders in your garden high off the ground and away from fences. Cats are able to jump long distances to get birds. Having bird feeders close to trees or fences only increases the risk of a cat getting a bird. The same thing goes for any nest boxes you have in your garden.

Take Advantage Of Spiny Defensive Plants

You can use Rose seeds to plant roses around the base of your birdfeeders or nest boxes. This is a double-edged sword as it can give your cat a place to hide. It would be better to go with a specifically thorny type of Rose to deter your cat from going near it. If Roses aren’t your thing then this is an excellent article with a list of defensive plants.

Take Advantage Of Vaseline

If you keep your bird feeders or nest boxes on poles, you can take advantage of Vaseline. Wax up the pole of the bird feeder to make it much harder for your cat to try and climb it. This will also help stop Squirrels from stealing your bird feed.

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