How To Get Your Cat To Not Scratch Leather!

One of the most common complaints made by cat owners is that their cats destroy their furniture. One of the most common targets are leather products. Unfortunately, unlike some other materials, leather shows the damage left behind by the cat after the scratching session. In this article, we will be going over how to get your cat to not scratch leather.

We have a number of tips and tricks that you can use to deter your cat from destroying any leather furniture in your house. They are cheap, quick and easy to use and can save your expensive leather furniture.

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Why Do Cats Scratch Leather Couches

It may be helpful to understand why cats choose to scratch leather couches. Cats have a natural need to scratch things to help get rid of the dead brittle outer layer of their claws. Think of it as a human cutting their fingernails. Another reason is to mark their territory. As cats have scent glands on their paws they can scratch to leave both a visual and scent mark of their patch.

how to get your cat to not scratch leather

Do Cats Ruin Leather Furniture

Unfortunately, during the scratching process cats can accidentally ruin leather furniture. Although this is not their intention, it is an unfortunate by-product of their natural urge to scratch. We have a number of tricks in this article that you can take advantage of to help prevent this though.

Another question we see asked a lot is based around if declawed cats scratch leather furniture. Although the cat no longer has its claws it can still have the natural urge to do the scratching motion. Although rare, some declawed cats may begin to chew in an attempt to leave their mark.

How To Get Your Cat To Not Scratch Leather

When it comes to cat scratching, prevention is definitely better than cure. We recently published this article on how to get your cat to use a scratch pad. It goes in depth with how you are able to get your cat to fill its scratching urge with a scratching pad.

How To Get Your Cat To Use A Scratch Pad!

As your cat is using a scratch pad there is less chance that it will scratch elsewhere such as your leather furniture. It can be a very simple and cheap way to protect your expensive furniture. You can pick up a high-quality scratch pad for around the $10 mark and protect your furniture that costs thousands of dollars.

Cat-Scratch Tape

You can use a cat-scratch tape to help protect your leather couch for cheap. They are non-toxic, odor free and very quick and easy to apply and remove. Simply app[ly them directly to your leather surfaces where your cat enjoys scratching. The smooth tape makes it difficult for your cat to get a grip with its claws.

As your cat is unable to get a grip to scratch, they will go off to look for an alternative. This can be a good opportunity for you to transition your cat to a scratch pad. As the cat-scratch tape leaves no sticky residue, you can easily remove it from your furniture when required. Each round of tape is 32 feet in length offering a large amount of scratch protection for cheap.

What To Put On A Leather Couch To Stop A Cat Scratching

If you don’t want to use an anti-scratch cat-tape then a furniture defender can be useful. It works in a similar way of providing a smooth surface that your cat will not be able to scratch. They are totally clear so unless you are particularly looking for them they are difficult to see when on your furniture. They are available in a large number of different sizes to ensure there is something to fit all furniture.

How To Protect A Leather Couch From Cats

There are a number of herbs and spices that you can sprinkle on your couch. Be warned though, using this method will deter your cat from even sitting on the couch. There are a number of household products that you take advantage of such as:-

As their aromatic scents are not favored by cats they can be an excellent aid to protect your furniture. Only a small amount of space is required and its effects can last for up to three days. Over time this will break your cat’s habit of scratching your furniture.

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