How To Get Your Cat To Go On Walks!

Taking your cats for walks is becoming an increasingly popular activity. More and more people are doing it for a number of reasons. The main one is helping an indoor cat get some outdoor exercise while keeping it safe. The main problem is that most cats are not a fan of being on a leash or harness. In this article, we will be going over how to get your cat to go on walks with you.

Although most people resort to using a leash by default. Using a high-quality harness to walk your cat is much easier and safer. We have called on all of our experience and researched as many sources as possible for this article to help our readers.

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How To Get Your Cat To Go On Walks

The best way to get your cat to walk with you is to use a cheap yet high-quality H-Type Harness. Many people try a neck collar but they rarely work. You have to realize that this is a process. Although it’s effective, it can take up to a month before this process is complete when done right.

The first step is to start putting your harness on your cat indoors to get it used to having it on. Be sure not to tighten it yet, or fasten any of your buckles. It is important that the harness is loose so your cat can get out of it if it wants. The last thing you want is your cat feeling trapped and associating negativity with the harness.

You can take advantage of your cat’s playtime when it is relaxed and put the harness on them. We advise using something like a cat wand during play time to keep it occupied and happy. Be sure to use delicious cat treats to reward your cat for leaving the harness on. A large number of studies have shown that positive reinforcement for good behavior is effective.

Initially, you may only be able to put the harness on your cat for a ten-minute time frame. Consistency is key here! Be sure to put the harness on your cat every day, even if it is only for ten minutes. Each day tries to increase the time frame up to what you expect your walking duration to be. Eventually, your cat will end up ignoring the harness.

how to get your cat to go on walks

Tighten The Harness Up

Now that your cat is getting used to having its harness on while its loose, its time to tighten it. Be sure to do this as a gradual process too. Fasten it up buckle by buckle until your cat ignores having the harness on again.

Now that your cat is used to a fully fastened harness, its time to add the leash. It is important to drop the leash on the floor once attached. Leave your cat to drag it around with it as it walks around. This can help get the cat used to having the full walking rig attached to it without restraint.

Once your cat has become used to having the harness and leash on it, its time for some practice walks indoors. Be sure to let your cat lead you on these walks and try to keep plenty of slack on the leash.

Going Outdoors

Next up, its time to take your cat for its very first walk outdoors. Again, be sure to let your cat lead you can keep plenty of slack on the leash. Feed your cat treats every few minutes to reward its good behavior.

Your cat will probably want to investigate shrubs, bushes and other new interesting objects. Be sure to let your cat do this without pulling on its leash. If your cat tries to go somewhere you don’t want it to go, pick it up. While it’s in your hands feed it a treat to try and take its mind off whatever it wanted.

From then on slowly start to take control of the walks with your cat. Gently tug on the leash to correct the cats walking path if it tried to go somewhere you don’t want it to. If your cat adjusts to the new walking path be sure to give it a treat.

As we said, this can take around a month for this full process to be completed. The whole thing is about developing a positive habit for your cat so you can both enjoy its walk.

The Best Cat Walking Harness

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Although this is not a full cat harness review we do highly recommend the pupteck adjustable cat harness. It is an excellent cat harness that is perfect for the cat harness training process. It currently has over 200 positive reviews from cat owners on Amazon.

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how to get your cat to go on walks

Is It Weird To Walk A Cat

Although a few years back it was considered to be a little weird to walk a cat. That conception has now changed. It is becoming very common for cat owners to walk their indoor cat. It is not uncommon for an indoor cat to want to go outside and this is the perfect way to do it. Some cities have also started cat walking groups via social media.

Should You Walk Your Cat

Taking your cat for a walk is an excellent way to help keep it in shape. A common problem for indoor cat owners is that their cat can get overweight. Not only does taking your cat for a walk help it lose weight but it can also be a fun bonding activity.

Why Do Cats Play Dead On A Leash

The main reason cat’s play dead on a leash or a harness is that the owner has rushed the process. If your cat is not familiar or comfortable with the harness then it will tend to play dead. Most reports we get of a cat playing dead on a leash are from cat owners who have put the harness on their pet and tried to instantly take it for a walk.

As we explained in the process above, doing it correctly can take up to a month. Follow the tested process we explain above and your cat will be used to the harness and not feel the need to play dead.

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