How To Get Your Cat To Get Out Of Heat!

It is completeley natural for your pet cat to enter heat a few times each year. Cats who live in the Northern Hemespher usually come into heat between January and early Autumn. If you live in the tropics then your cat can be in heat all year round. This can present a number of problems for many cat owners such as unwanted attention fro male cats and pregnancy. In this article, we take a look at how to get your cat to get out of heat.

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How To Prevent Your Cat From Going Into Heat

As with most things, prevention is better than cure. Rather than getting your cat out of head, it is usually easier to prevent your cat from entering heat. Over the past few years a number of cat calming pheromone products have entered the market. These work by releasing a synthetic cat pheramone throughout your home to discourage your cat entering heat.

The comfort zone feliway defuser is one of the best products abailable. It has over 2000 possitive reviews on Amazon and is clinically proven to be 90% effective at calming your cat. A calm and relaxed cat may not enter her heat cycle and prevent the need to try and get her out of heat.

How To Get Your Cat To Get Out Of Heat

All of these following tips and tricks have been tested but cat owners all over the world. They have all received possitive feedback from cat owners reporting that they worked. One thing that you understand is a cat in heat can cycle every three to four weeks. This means it may seem like you have managed to get her out of head when she is just in her off cycle.

how to get your cat to get out of heat

Home Remedies For Cats In Heat

Although some people will seek veteranary assistance in getting their cat out of heat, there are a number of home remedies you can take advantage of. These are usually much cheaper and easier than the need for a trip to the vets. That said, if these tricks fail then as a last resport, taking your cat to the vets can be a good idea.

Heat Pads

A good high-quality heat pad can be one of the best calming aids for cats. Although heat pads are usually designed for humans, they can be very effective with cats too. Although this method only has a small chance of working, it is cheap and easy to try. Multiple cat owners have reported that giving their cat a heat pad or warm towel can help keep her calm and get her out of heat.

Microwavable head pads are usually the most popular for testing as they are cheaper. Electic heating pads usually have a higher success rate due to them having a steadier temperature.

Using Catnip

A good high-quality catnip spray can also be one of the best cat calming products. Catnip is cheap and easy to use but it does have a few draw backs. Around one quater of cats are totally immune to its effects. Around one quater will have a hyperactive responce to it, a quater have a calming responce and the final quater have a mixture of hyperactive and calming over the period of around 30 minutes. Less than one percent of cats may have an aggressive reaction to catnip too.

If you have previously tested catnip on your cat and she was calmed by it then it can be used to help get her out of heat. Simply spray some of the catnip in your cats favorite resting spot to help calm her.

Herbal Remedies

Designed for both cats and dogs, herbsmiths calming shen can help control your cats mood. Designed to calm your pets and have them show a balanced mood it may help keep your cat out of heat.

Avoid Male Cats

The pheromones released by male cats can get your female cat into heat quicker and for longer. Depending on how many cats you own this could be either the easiest or hardest thing to do. If you own male cats, this is almost impossible as your female will be able to smell the males pheromones that encourage her to stay in heat longer. If your female cat is usually an outdoor cat then this may also be difficult. Trying to keep your cat indoors when it is used to being able to roam outdoors freely can be a real challange.

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