How To Get Your Cat To Eat After Illness!

It is very common for cats to be put off their food after illness. There are a number of reasons for this and the possibilities increase even further depending on the illness the cat had. Thankfully, there are a number of techniques you can take advantage of to get your cat eating again. In this article, we will be going over how to get your cat to eat after illness.

Before getting into the article, we want to say that this is general advice that should work for most cats. There are a large number of conditions that your cat could have that require specific treatments. It is always better to seek specific advice from a veterinarian as they can offer exact medication if required.

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How To Get Your Cat To Eat After Illness

One of the main reasons for a cat not eating after it has had an illness is the food you are offering. Depending on the illness your cat is recovering from, you may have to temporarily change its food. It is recommended that you seek out a high-quality liquid-based cat food.

These are not only potentially easier for your cat to consume but also easier to digest. The liquid sauce can be fed to your cat directly from your finger if required. This can help encourage your cat to eat due to the added comfort of human interaction.

The sauce of the liquid-based cat food is jam-packed with calories, vitamins and minerals. This means your cat can literally lick the liquid off your fingers while sitting on your knee as you watch TV and still work towards getting its calorie and vitamin requirements.

If you have multiple cats then try to temporarily prioritize giving your attention to your sick cat. Being able to relax and not feel as if it has to compete for your attention can help your cat to eat. It is also important that you never wake your cat up for feeding during its recovery period. Rest is also important during this time and leaving your cat to rest can help develop its appetite for when it awakens.

how to get your cat to eat after illness

What To Feed A Sick Cat That Won’t Eat

In our opinion, the best food for sick cat is something like the delectables stew. It is designed for a senior cat that may have eating, digestion or jaw problems. The full breakdown of the product is in the screenshot below but it has plenty of vitamins in it. It’s also relatively high in calories so can help your cat maintain or gain weight during its recovery phase.

how to get your cat to eat after illness

Products like delectables cat food stew are perfect if your cat won’t eat but will drink. It has almost 500 positive reviews on from dedicated cat owners raving about the product. As it has been designed for senior cats who become ill regularly, it is an excellent food source for recovery.

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Get your cat to eat after illness

Syringe Feeding A Cat

Oral feeding syringes for cats can be an excellent way to get liquid pet foods into your cat. Although some people don’t like the idea of assist feeding or force-feeding their cats. During periods of recovery, it can be essential. When done right, they can be a quick and easy to use way to feed your cat with little to no mess.

This is the easiest way to feed your cat via a syringe:-

  • Add a suitable cat food to your syringe.
  • Wrap a towel around the front of your cat as you would a bib on a baby.
  • Stoke your cat lengthways from neck to tail down its back to help relax it.
  • Slightly insert the syringe to the corner of your cat’s mouth and slowly suppress it for around half a second.
  • Observe your cat for a few seconds to make sure he eats the small amount of food in his mouth.
  • If your cat consumes the food then repeat the process as required. If the cat spits the food out, try again will a smaller amount until the cat swallows.
  • Although the initial feeding may take time, your cat will get used to it and the process will speed up.

The Below Video Will Help You Understand The Process

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