How To Get Your Cat Fatter Safely!

In this article, we will be taking a look at how to get your cat fatter. There are a number of reasons that your cat may need to put weight on. These include recovering from illness, being a malnourished rescue cat, and recovering from surgery.

The tips and tricks we will be covering in this article are perfect for any cat owner wanting to get their cat to gain weight quickly.

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How To Get Your Cat Fatter

These methods have been specifically chosen to be quick and easy to implement. This increase the chances that our readers will be able to implement them and help their cat gain weight.

Increase The Number Of Meals You Give Your Cat

Although it sounds easy, increasing your cat’s number of daily meals is often overlooked by cat owners. The easiest way to think of your cat gaining weight is calories in vs calories out. The more calories you get into your cat, the higher the chance of it putting weight on.

We recommend that you offer your cat a minimum of three meals a day with the option of a fourth if possible. During the weight gaining stage, we recommend a high-quality wet cat food be used. This is due to the complete proteins available while also having a lower level of phosphorus when compared to dry foods. Over time, phosphorus can take its toll on your cat’s kidneys and lead to medical issues of its own.

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How To Get Your Cat Fatter Safely!

Leave Out An All You Can Eat Snack

Another popular trick to get your cat to gain weight is to leave out a serving of a high-quality dry cat food throughout the day. Although not essential, this can be an easy way to get additional calories into your cat at its own pace.

Another trick for helping encourage your cat to snack on this dry food is to cover it in either gravy or the juice from a can of tuna. Although this is not effective on all cats, it will increase the chances of most cats snacking. Additionally, the gravy will add additional calories to your cats daily meals.

Plenty Of Clean Water

Without a doubt, the most common avoidable reason we see for cats not eating their meals is a lack of clean water. Water is essential for your cat’s body to efficiently process its food. A lack of water slows this process down and can have a knock-on effect on how much food your cat will eat.

We recommend that you have a high-quality water fountain for cats in your home. Ensure that it is always topped up so your cat is free to drink as much as it can. The moving water helps prevent the water from becoming stale and fountains with filters help remove debris and impurity that may put your cat off from drinking.

One problem some cat owners have with water fountains is that their cats simply won’t drink. Our article on how to get your cat to drink water from a fountain will be able to help you in this situation.

Get Your Cat Fatter Safely!

What Can I Feed My Underweight Cat?

If you are looking at what food will make a cat fat, we always recommend either a high-quality grain-free wet or dry cat food. Although they both have their advantages and disadvantages, we feel that wet cat food takes the lead when it comes to weight gain as we already touched on earlier in the article.

Your cat food of choice does not have to be a specific high-calorie cat food for weight gain. We have found that slightly reducing the amount of food you offer your cat in each meal but increasing the number of meals offered works perfectly well. Overall, your cats daily calorie intake will increase and thus, so will its weight.

Indoor V Outdoor Cats

As you may expect, an outdoor cat can get much more exercise per day then an indoor cat. Due to this, we recommend that you attempt to keep any outdoor cats indoors during their weight gaining phase. This will help reduce your cats daily calory expenditure and help it put weight on faster.

Getting your cat to gain weight.

How Many Calories Per Day Does My Cat Need To Gain Weight

The easiest way to work out how many calories your cat requires each day is to use a feline calorie calculator. These will help you get an accurate calorie requirement for your cat each day. Keep in mind that this is your cat’s calorie requirement to maintain its current weight. To get your cat to gain weight we recommend you add 20 percent of the recommended calories to its diet each day.

Additional Reading

There are a number of tips and tricks in this forum thread that you may find useful and be able to impliment to help your cat gain weight.

How To Make A Cat Fat Fast

Instead of hunting down the most fattening cat food on the market. Try feeding your cat a regular high-quality, high-fat cat food that it will enjoy. You then supplement this with a high-calorie cat weight gaining supplement.

These supplements have proven very effective at helping both cat and dog owners put weight on their pets very quickly. They contain around 150 calories per ounce with around 130 of these calories coming from high-quality, healthy fats.

Adding these to your cat’s meal offers a quick and easy way to increase the number of calories available to your cat each day. Click here to read independent reviews from independent cat owners on their experiences with feline weight gaining supplements.


The Best Human Food To Fatten Up A Cat

Another simple and easy way to get your cat to gain weight is to take advantage of feeding it table scraps. There are a number of different human foods to make cat gain weight that you can take advantage of.

Rather than list them all here, we recommend you read this article that lists all human foods that are safe for cats to eat.

What To Feed An Old Cat To Gain Weight

There are a number of high-calorie cat foods for senior cats on the market that can help your old cat gain weight. Our article on the best cat food for older cats will be able to offer more advice on products available.

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