How To Get Rid Of Ticks On Dogs!

In this article, we will be taking a look at how to get rid of ticks on dogs quickly, easily, and painlessly. Ticks can be a real pain for your dog and many dog owners can end up wasting a large amount of time getting ticks off their dog.

Thankfully, there are plenty of tips and tricks that we can share with our readers to speed the tick removal process up to a matter of seconds per tick rather than a matter of minutes.

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How To Get Rid Of Ticks On Dogs

The methods that we will be looking at in this article are a mixture of commercially available products as well as a number of home remedies that you may already have in your house. As we are firm believers in the “prevention is better than cure” ethos, we would also like to bring our article on the best dog collars for ticks to our reader’s attention. It covers the absolute best dog collars on the market that will protect your dog from tick infestations.

The Best Dog Tick Removal Tool On The Market

In our opinion, the best dog tick removal tool on the market is the Tick Key. They are cheap, quick and easy to use and small enough to be stored in your wallet. They also have a keyring hole so you can attach them to your keys or to your dog’s collar until you need to use it.

The tick key has managed to quickly establish itself as the market-leading product when it comes to tick removal. Like any excellent product, there are a large number of independent third-party reviews of the tick key that you can read by clicking here.

The video below shows just how quick and easy the tick key is to use. It offers totally painless tick removal in within a few seconds.

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Features And Benefits

As a pack contains three tick keys you are spending a few dollars on this high-quality tick removal tool as well as the peace of mind of knowing that your dog is protected from ticks. It has been designed to be as lightweight and portable as possible so you are able to take this on walks and hikes with you for instant tick removal if required.

As we already mentioned, you can easily attach this to your keys, your dog’s collar or your dog’s leash for storage. When you need the key, you simply remove it from its storage location, deal with the tick on your dog and then reattach it to its storage to wait for the next time you need it.

Its eyelet has been designed to remove the whole tick no matter how deep it was buried in your dog. As the full tick has been removed from your dog, the wound will heal cleanly and reduce the chance of any infection taking hold.


Question – Can the tick key be used to remove small ticks?

Answer – Yes, it has been tried with ticks of various sizes and proven itself to be successful at removing ticks.

Question – Does the tick key work with deer ticks?

Answer – Yes, a large number of dog owners have turned to the tick key to help quickly and easily remove deer ticks from their dogs.

Question – Does the tick key harm the ticks during the removal process?

Answer – Although not all cases are the same, the vast majority of the ticks are removed from your dog unharmed.


As with any product that we recommend to the readers of our blog, we always like to share a number of reported from other dog owners who either currently are or have recently used the tick key on their dogs.

These reports are from third-party and independent dog owners and have been summarised to make them easier to read. If you want to read the report in full then you can click on the related links below to read the original report.

  • This report comments on how the tick key works great. They go into how they use to tick key to remove any ticks from themselves as well as share a few tips on using the key that they have picked up during use.
  • This report comments on how the tick key works much better than tweezers for tick removal. They go on to comment on how they used the tick key to remove a tick from themselves, they go on to say how the tick was removed and it was totally painless for them. They also say how the tick was alive after removal too.
  • This report comments on how they used the tick key to remove a tiny deer tick from their dog. They mention how they thought the process would be hard but the process was quick and easy when using the tick key.
  • This report comments on how they have used the tick key to remove multiple tiny ticks from their dog already. They then go on to comment on how they wish they had a tick key back when their children used to play in the woods as it is much easier to remove ticks with this than with tweezers.
  • This report comments on how their dogs get ticks a lot, they go on to mention how the tick key is much easier to remove the ticks than anything else that have tried as it is quick and simple to use.

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An Independent Video Demonstration Of The Tick Key

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Using Anti-Tick Shampoos

Next up on our list of tools that you can use to get rid of ticks from your dog is a high-quality anti-tick shampoo. The active ingredient in these shampoos naturally aggravate ticks and cause them to leave your dog of their own accord.

They can take a day or two to become effective meaning your dog will have to tolerate the tick until the shampoo kicks in but they do have a good track record of working. Due to the relatively large amount of wait time between washing and the ticks being removed, we recommend that you just use a tick key instead.

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Taking Advantage Of Anti-Tick Sprays

Next up is a high-quality anti-tick spray. Although there are a number of anti-tick sprays currently on the market, we feel that ben’s anti-tick spray is the best available.

Simply spray the product onto your dog and it will naturally repel any ticks that are currently on your dog. Although it tends to change from product to product, ben’s anti-tick spray is able to get working very quickly. This can help your dog become tick free within a matter of hours with minimal effort after the initial wash.

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How To Get Rid Of Dog Ticks Home Remedies

Next up, we will be taking a look at a number of different home remedies that are commonly used to get rid of ticks on your dog. Although you may already have some of these items in your home, they tend to take more time and be less effective than the commercial products covered above. That said, the still tend to be efficient at tick removal so we thought that we should include them in the article.

How To Get Rid Of Ticks Naturally With Salt

One natural home remedy for removing ticks from your dog is to use salt. Essentially, you are looking to use the salt to remove the moisture from the area of your dog the tick as attached itself to. This makes the conditions harsh enough to encourage the tick to un-borrow itself from your dog’s flesh.

There are two main problems with using this method. The first is that the tick can just move to a new location on your dog and dig in again. The second is that the salt can extract the moisture from the dog and actually end up killing it while it is in your dog. If this does happen then there is a chance of infection on your dog.

Either way, using a tool such as a tick key will be needed to remove the tick if it does settle in a new location or remove it once dead.

How To Remove A Tick From A Dog With Alcohol

Alcohol is another home remedy that can be used to remove ticks from your dogs. Unfortunately, it has the same problems as using salt. The tick will either move to another area on your dog or die will dug in causing a risk of infection.

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