How To Freshen Dog Breath Quickly And Easily!

In this article, we will be taking a look at how to freshen dog breath at home quickly and easily. We will be looking at a number of different quick and easy methods that you are able to take advantage of. Not only will this help freshen up your dog’s breath but they will also help improve your dog’s overall dental health and oral hygiene.

Although some of these methods may be common sense, it is unbelievable how many dog owners overlook them or don’t carry them out. Although you can use more than one of each of these methods from this list, you don’t have two. Keeping it simple and only using one or two of these tricks will be enough to help freshen your dog’s breath up.

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How To Freshen Dog Breath Step One – Clean Your Dogs Teeth

As we mentioned earlier, some of these tips and tricks will be straightforward but we have lost count of the number of people who have asked for tips on how to freshen their dog’s breath up only to say that they don’t clean their dog’s teeth.

Tartar, plaque and other bacteria and organisms living in your dog’s mouth are one of the main causes of bad breath in your dog. Cleaning your dog’s teeth regularly is a quick and easy way to remove this as well as help to increase your dog’s overall oral hygiene.

Once your dog is used to having its teeth cleaned, the whole process will take you less than give minutes per week and the only equipment that you require is a high-quality doggy toothpaste and a high-quality doggy toothbrush. If you want to read more on doggy toothpaste then our article on the best toothpaste for dogs on the market will be able to help and explain what toothpaste to choose and why.

Use A High-Quality Dog Food

Another quick and easy way to improve your dog’s breath is to switch over to a high-quality dog food that is ideally free from grain, wheat, and soy. Many low-quality dog foods will pack their products out with grains and other cheap fillers to cut costs, this can cause digestive upset in your dog, excessive gas, and smelly bacteria development in their mouth.

So many people are surprised by what is marketed as a high-quality dog food on television and the fact that many of those products are low-quality. Our post on the ultimate list of foods for dogs can help you give more information on what you should be looking for in an ideal dog food.

Give Your Dog Dental Hygiene Based Treats

Next up is switching your dog treat of choice from a low-quality, grain-based treat to a high-quality dog treat that will support dental hygiene in your dog.

These treats will help keep plaque and tartar off your dog’s teeth and gums and subsequently help keep your dog’s breath smelling fresh. The best part about using these treats is that it is a set and forget method. You just give your dog the treat and leave it to eat it at its own pace without any additional time or effort from you.

Our post on the best dog treats for dogs can help you understand the types of treats you should be choosing and why you should choose them.

Add Parsley To Your Dogs Meals

Parsley has been used by humans to help keep their breath fresh for hundreds of years. There is even a common trick in the dating scene that some people will order a meal with parsley garnish and eat it last to help refreshen their breath after their meal.

Small amounts of parsley are perfectly safe for your dog, adding it to your dog’s meal can help to improve the smell of their breath. It is a quick and easy herb that you can get for cheap in the majority of stores and it takes a few seconds to add it to your dog’s meals.

Supplement Your Dogs Diet With Coconut Oil

Adding a high-quality coconut oil to your dog’s meals can also help to improve its breath as well as help to improve digestion as well as provide a number of other health benefits.

Be sure to only add one teaspoon per ten pounds of your dog’s body weight to avoid any excess weight gain. The best part is that most dogs enjoy coconut oil, it is relatively cheap, and can be added to your dog’s meals in a matter of seconds.

Take Advantage Of Probiotics

Although giving your dog a high-quality probiotic will not directly have any effect on the bacteria in its mouth, it will directly help its digestive system.

They do this by helping good bacteria to develop in your dogs gut and helps to quickly and efficiently digest its food. This can help to reduce any foul-smelling gas from its stomach that can end up being exhaled and making your dog’s breath smell bad.


Give Your Dog Rawhide

Although many dog owners do not like to give their dogs rawhide, it can be a good chewing treat to help minimize plaque and tartar buildup. This results in fresher smelling breath in your dog and again, just like the dental treats above, they are a set and forget method. Just give them to your dog and leave it to chew away at its own pace.

Our post on the best rawhide treats for dogs can offer more guidance on what types of rawhide treats are worth your hard earned money.

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