How To Clean Fish Tank Gravel Without A Vacuum Quickly!

In this article, we will be taking a look at how to clean fish tank gravel without a vacuum as quickly and easily as possible. Although aquarium vacuums can be found online very cheap these days, many aquarium enthusiasts choose to clean their aquarium gravel without using a vacuum.

We have noticed a steady number of other aquarium enthusiasts asking for advice on various methods they can use to clean their aquarium gravel without a vacuum so decided to publish this article. We have researched the various products and methods out there that are commonly used and settled on what we feel is the best one.

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The Best Way To Clean Fish Tank Gravel Without A Vacuum

In our opinion, the best way to clean fish tank gravel without removing water or without a vacuum is to use a simple, cheap, high-quality siphon like a Tera Pump! Although there are a few different versions of what is essentially the same product available, the Tera brand is established, well known, and trusted with the aquarium enthusiast community.

That said, the Tera Pump has developed its core customer base over the years to establish itself as the go-to aquarium siphon for cleaning your aquarium gravel. You can click here to read some third-party independent reviews of the product that have been left by other aquarium enthusiasts sharing their experiences with the product.

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Features And Benefits

The Tera Pump has been designed for quick and easy use with two different nozzles. The short nozzle has been designed to be used for drainage while the longer nozzle has been designed to allow you to clean any leftover food, fish waste or gravel. It is this longer nozzle that you will be taking advantage of when cleaning your aquarium gravel with this product.


Question – What happens if there is a lack of suction when using the Tera Pump?

Answer – This is usually down to the attachments not being fit to the siphon tube correctly. Simply apply pressure to ensure that the tube is correctly attached to the attachments to ensure the suction levels are optimal.

Question – How long is the Tera Pump?

Answer – It is around four to five feet long, it varies slightly.

Question – Is the Tera Pump BPA free?

Answer – Although it does not list it on the packaging, it is BPA free.


  • This report comments on how they like this pump for vacuuming the gravel in their aquarium. They comment on how it makes cleaning the aquarium tank easier and that they usually don’t need to use any of the attachments. The confirm that it does not pick up the gravel during cleaning, just the first and sludge and does a good job of it.
  • This report comments on how they feel that the Tera Pump is an amazing product. They mention that they have tried a number of competing products but none were as good as this. They mention how they like the fact that you can adjust the suction power of the tool for cleaning different types of gravel with ease and that you can also use it to help drain the tank when you do a deep clean.
  • This report comments on how their kids ended up getting an aquarium as a gift and that they turned to the Tera Pump as a way to quickly and easily clean the gunk out of the bottom of the tank. They mention how they had never used a product like this before but the directions of use on the packaging were simple to use and they were able to get it working without any problems.
  • This report comments on how the Tera Pump worked perfectly for their twenty-gallon aquarium and that don’t have to put their hand into the tank when cleaning their gravel due to the length of the product. They mention how the hand pump is good as they don’t have to disturb any of the fish living in the aquarium when cleaning their gravel.
  • This report comments on how they feel that Tera Pump is a great product. They mention that they use it to vacuum the gravel in their tanks during cleaning and that it works well. They mention how it can easily pick up any leftover food as well as anything else on their gravel.

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