How To Choose The Best Substrate For Leopard Geckos!

In this article, we will be taking a look at the best substrate for leopard geckos currently available on the market. With leopard geckos becoming more and more popular to keep as pets each year we have seen a steady increase in the number of people reaching out for advice on how best to keep them.

It is no secret that everyone has their own opinions when it comes to substrates but many of the negative things said about them are based on theory rather than experience or fact. Some people choose to use a product like a high-quality reptile carpet or even damp paper towels rather than an actual substrate but that’s for another article altogether and they prevent your leopard gecko from being able to dig when it wants.

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The Best Substrate For Leopard Geckos On The Market

Although eco earth substrate initially got a bad rep for leopard geckos when it was released on to the market, many of the negatives have now been disproven as covered in our article on if you should use eco earth for leopard geckos or not.

The video below is an excellent source of information on this topic and covers a number of independent tests carried out by a third-party leopard gecko owner. We highly recommend that you watch it as it is only short and she disproves the vast majority of the negative things commonly said about using eco earth and answers the question “Is coconut fiber safe for leopard geckos?” the answer is yes on the off chance you don’t want to watch the video.

In our opinion, eco earth is a high-quality leopard gecko natural substrate that many gecko owners are already using with their pets without any problems. You can click here to read some reviews from independent gecko owners who either currently are or recently have used eco earth as a substrate for their leopard geckos. You can click here to read reviews from third-party reptile owners currently using this as a substrate for their pet reptile (not leopard geckos) too if you like.

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Features And Benefits

Zoo Med’s Eco Earth Substrate is an all natural, organic substrate that is created from coconut fiber. It leverages the natural properties of coconuts to help absorb your leopard geckos waste and prevent any lingering foul odors. It can be ideal for any terrarium containing leopard geckos but we would recommend that you add at least one natural habitat rock to offer a firm footing an a location for basking.

Additionally, Eco Earth offers an excellent digging substrate to help meet your leopard geckos natural urge to dig, especially for females when they are ready to lay. You can also leverage it to your advantage when making a moist or humid hide for your pet gecko too.


Question – What is Eco Earth Substrate made from?

Answer – It is made from the husks of coconuts.

Question – Where is Eco Earth Substrate produced?

Answer – It is made in Sri Lanka to the highest possible standards.


  • This report comments on they use Eco Earth for their pet leopard gecko. They mention that they have a ten-gallon tank and that they only use around a quarter of a bag with each fill. They mention how they just add the Eco Earth to the tank and then mist it with water and that they feel that it works well. They mention that their gecko loves digging in Eco Earth Substrate and that their leopard gecko does not get implantation when using this.
  • This report comments on how they feel that Eco Earth Substrate is an excellent product when used properly. They mention that they use it for their leopard gecko as well as their tortoise and scorpion. They finish by mentioning that they feel that the price lets you get a good deal too.
  • This report comments on how they love Eco Earth Substrate and so does their leopard gecko.

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