How Does A Flea Collar Work?

In this article, we will be taking a look at the question “how does a flea collar work“? With more and more pet owners taking to using a flea collar on their pet during flea infestations we have noticed more and more people asking questions about how they work.

We have decided to publish this article answering this very question in an attempt to help any of our readers who have this very question. Beleive it or not, they are based on a very simple concept.

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How Does A Flea Collar Work

There are two main ways that modern flea collars on the market work. The first type of flea collar works by slowly releasing a toxic substance, usually a gas that will either kill, repel or do both to fleas. The second, more effective and usually slightly more expensive type of flea collars work by emitting a dissolvable substance that then makes its way through the animals skin and coat. This works in a similar way to the gas that will instantly kill any fleas on your pet when they come into contact with this substance.

The second type of collar is always preferred over the first. Some of the airborne toxic substances used in the cheaper collars can also be toxic to your pet. Although they are not lethal to your pet, they can sometimes cause vomiting and weakness.

Can All Flea Collars Be Worn By All Animals

No, different animals require different strengths as well as different chemicals for effective flea treatment while not harming the animal itself. Never use a flea collar on an animal that it was not designed for an always read the product label as different manufacturers use different chemicals requiring different usage.

There are also problems if there are multiple pet types in the house with the first type of collar explained above that work by releasing a toxic gas. If you have a dog, for example, its flea collar will have a stronger concentration of chemicals in it. As they are airborne, they will be released into your house as your dog moves around. If you also have a cat in your house, then this can cause problems with your cat.

How Does A Flea Collar Work?

Why Do People Use Flea Collars

The bottom line is because they work, the second type explained above work better than the first but they are the cheapest flea treatment readily available on the market. Although there are a number of high-quality flea prevention solutions available on the market, they are more of a proactive treatment rather than reactive.

If you have a working dog, particularly a hunting dog or retrieving dog that will come into contact with wild animals a lot then flea collars can be essential. They will help keep your dog free from infestation and keep it in working order when (not if) fleas from the wild animals jump onto your dog’s coat.

Are The Toxic Gas Emitting Collars Dangerous

We already touched on how some cheaper collar can potentially be dangerous to other pets in your household. In rare cases, there have also been reports of there being problems such as slight rashes forming on small children who come into contact with the cheaper collars.

Ensure that you always wash your hands thoroughly after petting your animal that is using any form of flea collar. This helps reduce the chance of any negative effects passing to you from your dog although the chances of anything like this happening are extremely small anyway.

Should I leave A Flea Collar On My Pet When Bathing It Or Letting It Swim

This depends on the brand you choose. Always read the label of the collar that you choose to use as many of the modern style collars are water resistant and safe to use on your pet in the bath or while swimming. Chances are if you do leave the collar on your pet while it is in water, the efficiency and working duration of the collar will decrease.

How Long Can You Use Flea Collars

Again, this totally depends on the brand of flea collar that you choose to use. Read the label and it will tell you the expected lifetime of the product. Some collars will be a single collar with a longer working duration whereas some brands will provide multiple collars that are designed to be swapped out over a shorter duration.

The Best Flea Collar On The MarketIn our opinion,

In our opinion, the best flea collar for pets on the market is the Seresto flea collar. This collar has proven effective and very efficient resulting in a large number of pet owners using it as their go-to flea treatment if their pet ends up with an infestation.

It is available for the following animals:-

Features And Benefits

The Seresto flea collars are veterinarian recommended for the treatment of fleas or ticks in your dogs and cats. They have been specifically designed for maximum ease of uses and protection with one single collar providing eight months of continuous flea and tick protection for your pet dog or cat. This totally removes the requirement for annoying and time-consuming monthly treatments that some other anti-flea methods require.

The collars are totally odorless with no grease or mess being spread onto your pet’s coat as is done with some of the budget flea collars. The active ingredients in the collar will kill fleas, ticks, larvae, and eggs on contact with no other treatments required.


Question – Is this product made in the USA?

Answer – No, they are made in Germany but meet all legal requirements for use with pets in the USA.

Question – Is this a continuous release collar?

Answer – Yes, the treatment is released continuously for 24/7 protection on your pet.

Question – Does this collar need to be removed when putting your dogs walking collar on?

Answer – No, it can be used at the same tie as your dogs walking collar without issue.

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