How Do I Get My Hedgehog To Eat Mealworms? – Fully Explained!

[the_ad id=”4030″]In this article, we will be looking at the question “how do I get my hedgehog to eat mealworms“? We see it asked a lot by hedgehog owners on various forums and blogs so decided to publish this article.

Although mealworms can be used as a treat for your hedgehog, they should not be used as its main food source. Additionally, try to only feed your hedgehog high-quality live mealworms. Although hedgehogs will usually eat frozen or dried mealworms, they can lead to impaction problems and you won’t know until its too late and a trip to the veterinarian is in order.

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How Do I Get My Hedgehog To Eat Mealworms

When it comes to your hedgehog eating mealworms we would expect the vast majority of hogs to devour them onsight. They are usually a delicious high-value treat for most hogs and are treat as such and eaten quickly.

Still Frozen

We have seen some reports from hedgehog owners saying that their hog refused to eat mealworms that were frozen. After they did a little testing and properly defrosted their mealworms they reported that their hog began to eat them without protest. Although we recommend you only feed your hog live mealworms, if you are using frozen, ensure they are correctly defrosted.

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Strange Flavours

Another problem we have seen reported from some hedgehog owners is that they accidentally purchased flavored mealworms. The owner received advice from other hog owners advising them to try high-quality unflavoured live mealworms and they reported back saying their hog ate them without issue.

How Do I Get My Hedgehog To Eat Mealworms?

Too Young

We have also seen a number of reports stating that hogs simply refused to consume mealworms until they were around one year old. We were unable to find any reasons to possibly back this up when doing our research.

Our theory is that the hog may just be prioritizing their food with what they know until they are fully grown and their nutritional requirement changes slightly.

Just Not A Fan

A small number of hedgehog owners have reported that their hedgehogs wouldn’t eat mealworms no matter what they tried. Some even report adding live mealworm into their hedgehog’s food bowl with other food and their hog tactically eating around them.

Most hog owners who decided that their hog simply wasn’t a fan of mealworms reported having success when offering their hogs live high-quality crickets. Crickets are another popular insect on various hedgehog feeding guides that are recommended to be used as treats similar to mealworms.

If you think that your hog may not be a fan of eating mealworms then maybe try your luck offering it some high-quality live crickets.

The Best Mealworms For Hedgehogs

When it comes to high-quality live mealworm, we always recommend you use Bassett’s Cricket Ranch Live Mealworm. You will be getting a healthy selection of three-quarter inch long live mealworms that are jam-packed with nutrients and energy.

They guarantee live shipment of your mealworm and offer a full automatic replacement or refund if you are not happy with your delivery. As some worms will naturally die in transit, an additional ten percent of the stated number will be shipped to cover deaths in transit. Founded in 1969, at the time of writing they have almost 50 years experience of growing and selling live insects.

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How Many Mealworms To Feed A Hedgehog

When it comes to hedgehog mealworms, we often see people asking how many mealworms they should feed their hog. This is usually due to a lack of online resources covering the subject.

Unfortunately, different breeds of hedgehogs have different daily calorie requirements so there’s no one size fits all answer. Recommendations usually range from two mealworms per day up to no more than ten mealworms per day with around five being the average.

Again, this will depend upon the other good you are supplying your hedgehog with as well as its breed. You can check out this thread, this thread, and this thread for more information if you like.

Get Your Hedgehog To Eat Mealworms.

Are Dried Mealworms Good For Hedgehogs

As we have already mentioned, high-quality live mealworms can be used as a treat for your hog. The average nutritional value for a live mealworm is as follows:-

  • Calories – 2
  • Protein – 20%
  • Fat – 13%
  • Fiber – 2%
  • Water – 62%

You can read this post for information regarding the vitamin and mineral content of mealworms if you would like more information.

Are Dried Mealworms Bad For Hedgehogs

We have mentioned earlier in the article, giving your hedgehog too many mealworms can be bad. Hedgehogs tend to be prone to easy weight gain that can then become a nightmare to burn off. If you are strict and only feed your hedgehog two to five live mealworms per day then this shouldn’t be a problem.

As we touched on earlier in the article, frozen or dried mealworms can lead to impaction problems. This means your hedgehog’s intestines will block up and it won’t be able to go to the toilet. Usually, a trip to the vets will be in order for something that can be avoided relatively easily.

Training A Hedgehog To Eat Mealworms.

My Hedgehog Won’t Eat Its Mealworms

If your hedgehog still won’t eat its mealworm then it may just not like them. You can check out this thread and this thread for additional information if you choose.

Other Foods For Your Hedgehog

If your hedgehog simply refuses to eat mealworm then there are plenty of other hedgehog food and treats you can try. We mentioned offering your hog Live Crickets earlier in the article, these have proven a tasty substitute for a number of hog owners who hedgehogs won’t eat mealworms.

Additionally, our article on the best cat food for hedgehogs may be able to help you choose other food types to experiment on with your hedgehog.

Other popular food types commonly used as treats for hedgehogs include:-

Our ultimate hedgehog food list guide also contains an extensive selection of foods that you can feed your hog.

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