How To Get Your Dog Genetically Tested!

Until relatively recently, if you wanted to know the heritage of your dog you would have to rely on records or expensive DNS testing labs. Over the past 5-10 years, this has changed due to products like the Wisdom Health, Wisdom Pannel 3. In this article, we will be taking a look at how to get your dog genetically tested.

These modern dog DNA testing kits are quick and easy to use right at home with your god. You simply use the included swabs on your dog’s inner cheek, ship it off to the lab and wait for your results.

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How To Get Your Dog Genetically Tested

If you are running a working dog business such as close protection security dogs that carry a high price tag then it may be worth getting a dedicated DNA test done for your dogs before selling them. Although there are still a number of labs that offer expensive DNA testing, they are overpriced for most people.

For the vast majority of people, a simple do it yourself dog DNA testing kit is enough. The various models usually run at $40-$100 depending on how in-depth you want your results. Although we advise you read the instructions on the kit and they vary kit to kit, this is the basics of how to use it.

  • Open the DNA testing kit and remove the mouth swabs. Some kits contain two mouth swabs and require both to process your results.
  • Call your dog and insert the mouth swab and wipe it on the inside of your dog’s cheek. If your kit has two swabs, it is usually recommended that you use one swap for each cheek.
  • Place the mouth swaps in the included test tubes to prevent contamination.
  • Send the test tubes to the lab address included with the dog DNA testing kit.
  • Wait for your results to be sent back to you through the mail.

Although the cheaper testing kits offer less information in your results. The majority will offer a large amount of information on the heritage of your dog.

The Best Dog Breed DNA Test

When it comes to the best dog breed DNA test we always recommend the wisdom panel. It is one of the most popular dog DNA tests on the market with a large number owners using it.

Wisdom Panel has one of the largest dog breed databases in the world and is able to pinpoint your dog’s heritage. It covers over 250 different dog breeds as well as supports mixed breeds, purebreds, and designer dogs.

Wisdom Health who product the Wisdom Panel is the only official licensed canine DNS test to support MDR1 sensitivity. The MDR1 sensitivity test will make you aware of any sensitivities your dog has. Think of it similar to a human havening an allergy to penicillin and being able to inform the doctor ahead of time. The test kit includes pre-paid shipping directly to the testing lab with results being returned within three weeks.

The results of the test give you your dog’s parental lineage and help with your dog’s health. Tailored nutrition and diet advice is supplied to help you with your dogs specific DNA markup. The behavioral insights of the results can help you understand some behavioral habits of your dog.

For example, working, hunting, and pulling dog breeds are usually harder to train then show breeds. If your dog is a mix of the two types and has behavioral issues then you factor this information into its training.

how to get your dog genetically tested

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