How To Get Your Cat To Wear A Collar!

Having a cat that cat won’t wear a collar is actually a pretty common occurrence. Cats are a lot more independent and self-sufficient than dogs making it harder to get them to do something they don’t want to. In this article, we will be taking a look at how to get your cat to wear a collar.

Common problems are your cat squirming, pawing her neck to try and remove the collar or refusing to eat. It wouldn’t surprise me if you kept finding the collar or parts of it at random locations in your house due to your cat’s efforts to get it off.

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How To Get Your Cat To Wear A Collar!

It is much easier to teach a kitten to wear a collar as everything is still new and habits are yet to be formed. No matter the age of your cat, this is how we advise you get your cat used to wearing a collar.

  • Initially only put the collar on for a maximum of an hour at a time.
  • While the cat has the collar on, be sure to play with it with an interactive cat toy to keep its mind off the collar.
  • If the collar comes with a detachable bell, removed it during the training phase. The sound of the bell can keep your cat focused on the collar and its removal.
  • If your cat begins to focus on the collar try to use tasty cat treats to change its focus.
  • Basic breakaway collar clasps will open with enough pressure. This can lead your cat to think the removal of the collar is a game you play with it. Once it has worked out it just has to get its paw under the collar and pull this can form a habit. To avoid this we advise you use a cheap collar with an advanced locking clasp.
  • Over time increase the time period your cat wears the collar. As it becomes used to it, your cat shouldn’t require you to distract it during its collared periods.
  • Throughout the collar training process always check the collar fits your cat, especially if it’s a kitten. Kittens can outgrow some collars quickly making the collar too tight and cause pain or becoming uncomfortable. The last thing you want is an embedded collar cutting into your cat.

How To Get Your Cat To Wear A Collar!

How To Adjust A Cat Collar

Cat collar injuries can easily be avoided if you remember to take the time to adjust your cat’s collar once a week. As your cat gets older and becomes fully grown the need for this goes away.

If you have chosen a recommended high-quality cat collar then it is easy to adjust the size as required. Simply move the adjustment clasp left or right depending if you need to increase or decrease collar size. It is quick, easy and can save your cat a lot of potential pain.

Once your cat is used to having a collar on, you can use a collar with a quick release system. This will allow your cat to quickly pull on the collar and have it drop off if it causes pain. This does have its drawback as your cat may remove the collar while out roaming and lose its identification. This is an excellent article on cat collar safety tips if you would like to learn more.

Will My Cat Get Used To Her Collar?

When working out how to get your cat to wear a collar the whole process can seem pointless. You put the collar on your cat, your cat takes the collar off and the process repeats. If you follow our tips above then your cat will begin to get used to having a collar on. Some cat owners have reported the whole process taking upto a month but even stubborn cats get there.

Getting Your Cat To Wear A Collar!

Should A Cat Wear A Collar?

If you have an indoor cat then there is no major reason for your cat to have to wear a collar. If you have an outdoor cat then wearing a collar becomes a little more important. A good cat collar will be comfortable for your cat, reflective, have a bell and some form of identification.

Making sure the collar is comfortable for your cat can make it easier to get your cat to wear it. Having a reflective capability can help vehicles see your cat quickly when its out roaming. An attached bell is used to give your cats position away to any potential birds about to become its prey. Identification information such as the cat’s name and home address can also be useful. We have lost count of the number of times people have moved house and the cat has managed to find its way back to the old home and be returned due to the information on its collar.

Should Cats Wear Collars With Bells?

We see this question asked a lot and it totally depends on what you want for your cat. You have to remember your cat has thousands of years of evolutional instinct to hunt bread into it. A bell on its collar alerts and small animals of your cats presence before it is able to attack them.

If you live in a city or the suburbs this can be useful to avoid your cat bringing you any unwanted “gifts”. If you have bought your cat to hunt mice or other pests then collar with a bell is pointless.

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