How To Get Your Cat To Sleep In Their Bed!

Although some cats can sleep upto 20 hours each day, the location they sleep in can be totally random. Personally, and like many other people, I don’t want my cat on my bed. In this article, we will be going over how to get your cat to sleep in their bed.

These tips and tricks have been proven time and time again by cat owners the world over. They have been able to get cats to sleep in their own beds in as little as two days when done correctly.

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How To Get Your Cat To Sleep In Their Bed

Making sure your cat’s bed is a warm, safe, and comfortable space for it to sleep in can help sleep in its own bed at night. Getting your cat a high-quality cheap warm bed is one of the easiest ways to make sure your cat has a warm place to sleep. If you already have a cat bed then you can simply add a cheap Fleece Luxury Blanket. This lets your cat reorganize it’s bed as it pleases while staying warm. You can also try placing your cat’s bed near a radiator in your house to add warmth that way.

Always try to make sure you place your cat’s bed in less trafficked parts of your house. Constant interruptions from people walking by can disrupt your cat and prevent it from sleeping. When you go to sleep and the house gets quieter your cat can come looking for a warm peaceful place. Usually ending up in your bed with you.

You can always encourage your cat to sleep on its own by with a high-quality liquid catnip. Simply spray it on your cat’s bed a few times throughout the day. This will encourage your cat to spend time with its bed and become more comfortable with it. As your cat plays in its bed due to the catnip it will tier itself out and begin taking naps. Over time this develops into a positive habit of your cat sleeping in its own bed.

The Best Cat Bed Recommendations

Although most cheap cat beds are a waste of time, there are some that are worth every penny. This cat bed by best friends is an excellent cheap cat bed. This cozy bed is warm and provides a sense of security while your cat sleeps. The cat bed is fully machine washable and dryer-safe to make it easy to clean, remove hair and odors. It has over 2000 positive reviews from cat owners who love the bed.

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The Best Cat Bed Recommendations

The Best Spray To Keep Your Cat Off Your Bed

When people ask us “how to keep my cat off my bed at night?” we always recommend they use a cheap, high-quality, ethical cat deterrent spray. It is a quick, cheap and easy way to deter your cat from trying to sleep on your bed. The spray has over 5000 positive reviews from cat owners raving about how effective it is.

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how to get your cat to sleep in their bed

Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Bed With Me

Your bed is usually one of the warmest, peaceful and comfortable locations in your house. With most cats sleeping for a minimum of 16 hours per day they are always looking for a good napping spot. The chances are that your cat doesn’t actually care if it is sleeping in your bed with or without you. It only cares about the bed being warm and comfortable.

That said, sleeping with cats can be bad for health. They often have bacteria on their feet from their kitty litter trays that can be passed to your bed. If you have an outdoor cat then they can also have parasites, mites, and fleas in their fur. It is estimated that upto 60% of cat owners let their cats sleep in their bed. It is highly recommended that you try to get your cat to sleep in its own bed.

Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Bed With Me

How To Stop My Cat Scratching My Door At Night

Another common problem while transitioning your cat to sleep in its own bed is door scratching. This is usually due to cat owners spoiling their pets and the animal being used to getting its own way. The quickest way to get your cat to stop this is to use a good cat deterrent spray. When you go to bed spray some of the spray at your bedroom door for a peaceful nights sleep.

You can also try to close a door between the room you keep your cats bed in and your bedroom. Although your cat may scratch that door, at least it won’t wake you up. You can use products like cat anti-scratching pads on the doors if you like. The smooth texture of the pads stop your cat from getting a grip on the door or from leaving scratch marks.

How To Get A Cat To Sleep In A New Bed

Another common reason that a cat won’t sleep at night is due to it having a new cat bed. That said, this is is a relatively easy problem to overcome. If your cat’s old bed used to have blankets, toys or cushions in it then put them into your cat’s new bed. This adds familiarity to your cat for the new product and can help it understand that it’s a new bed.

As we have already mentioned, a liquid catnip spray can be an excellent aid to get your cat to sleep in a new bed. As cats can be enticed within minutes by the smell of catnip. You can use it as a quick and easy way to get your cat interacting with its new bed.

Another trick that you can use to get your cat familiar with its new bed is to play games with your cat in or around the bed. This will get your cat comfortable with interacting with it while also reinforcing that it is safe.

One thing we do not recommend that you do is put food or treats into your cat’s new bed. Cats are very clean animals, they usually keep their locations for food, sleep and doing their business separate. Adding food to their bed can actually discourrage a cat from using their bed.

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