How To Get Your Cat To Drink Water From A Fountain!

Is your cat scared of its water fountain? This is actually a pretty common problem, especially if your cat is used to drinking from a water bowl. In this article, we will be going over how to get your cat to drink water from a fountain.

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One of the main problems with some cat fountains is that they are designed to be decorative rather than practical. Your cat may not understand what it’s for and may even be a little scared a little. To overcome this, you have to create a learning environment for your pet. It has to feel comfortable before it will try something new and start to develop new habits.

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How To Get Your Cat To Drink Water From A Fountain

To do this, place the water fountain away from any distractions such as your cat’s favorite toy or food. Make sure that the water fountain is turned off, not making a noise and doesn’t have water flowing. This will help calm your cat. Make sure there is some water in the drinking sections of the fountain so your cat is able to drink.

Try to turn the initial introduction into a game between you and the cat. Get it used to having the new strange object around it. Try to leave the cat to discover the water in the fountain without any direction. This can help form a positive habit of your cat making it easier to get your cat to drink from it regularly.

If your cat doesn’t find the water or seems a little underconfident with the fountain we have a little trick. Start playing with your cat and then gently put one of its paws in the water in the fountain. The cat’s natural instinct will be to investigate what just happened and lick the water off its paw. As the cat now understands that the new object contains water, you have reached the first stage.

how to get your cat to drink water from a fountain

The Final Touches

Place the cat’s water fountain near its existing drinking bowl for a few days but keep it turned off. This will help reassure your cat that it is a safe object that won’t harm it while being in an existing place it can get water. After a few days, remove the cats existing water bowl completely leaving only the fountain. Make sure that it is still turned off so the sounds don’t scare your cat. Observe your cat over the next few days to make sure that it is now drinking from the fountain. Once you are confident that your cat is comfortable with the fountain you have one final step.

Play with your cat near where you have the fountain to relax it and then turn the fountain on to a low setting. Observe how your cat reacts to it, there is a high chance your cat will be curious and investigate. If your cat seems scared, turn it back off and keep playing with your cat and repeat the process. You can turn the power settings on the fountain up over time as your cat’s confidence grows.

Over time your cat will become comfortable with the fountain while it is turned on and drink as it requires. The timeframe for this process varies from cat to cat but it seems to take between one and seven days. After that, your cat should be fine with the pet water fountain and not require supervision.

Get your cat to drink water from a fountain.

Essential Maintenance Of Your Cat’s Water Fountain

It is extremely important that you ensure that there is always fresh water in the fountain for your cat. This will help it keep its new habit rather than going off looking for an alternative water source somewhere else. We also recommend you totally refresh the total water supply in the fountain every three days.

Although the moving water helps reduce any possible algae build up, you have to check at least once a week. Some people deep clean their fountains at least once a week but once a month is fine.

Our Recommended Cat Water Fountain

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Water Based Medication And Water Fountains

If your cat gets sick and is prescribed some water-based medication then we recommend you use a water bowl. Many modern water-based medicines may have glycerine or other sugars in them that can block the fountain. The large supply of circulating water may also end up dilution the dosage of medication that your cat consumes. While your cat is on its medication, make the switch back to a regular water bowl.

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