10 Essential Dog Commands That Every Dog Needs To Know!

In this article, we will be taking a look at ten different commands that every dog owner should take the time to teach their dog. These commands should give you a well-rounded dog that you are able to quickly and easily get control of when required.


First up, we have the sit command, one of the most commonly taught commands amongst dog owners. It can be used if you need your dog to calm down, stay still or stop jumping up at you or guests into your home.


Another very common command, the stay command can be useful if you need your dog to stay still while you get on with other tasks. You can use it while you prepare either your families or your dog’s meals. It can also be used to help keep your dog under control if it is prone to over excitement.


The heel command is another excellent and popular command taught to dogs all over the world. It is useful for taking your dog out on walks as it helps you stop your dog from pulling on its leash or trying to go off on its own little adventure. If you have a dog that is aggressive to other dogs while out walking then the heel command can be used to help keep your dog by your side and away from other dogs.


The come command is another commonly used command between dog owners. It has a number of uses but if your dog is out in the yard playing and it starts raining then it is a quick and easy way to get your dog inside out of the rain when taught correctly. Here are two articles that we have published that can help you teach your dog the come command:-

Drop It

The drop it command is useful to help you quickly get your dog to instantly drop whatever it has in its mouth. Items can range from clothing like shoes, potentially dangerous items such as chocolate to things such as small animals. Once training simply saying drop it will have your dog dropping whatever it has picked up and saving you time, effort and worry as most dogs love to explore things with their mouth.

Leave It

The leave it command is usually used as a preemptive version of the drop it command. Rather than waiting for your dog to pick something up in its mouth, you use the leave it command before it picks it up so you can reduce the risk of items being destroyed.

Another common way for the leave it command to be taught is to focus your dog’s attention on you. This can be helpful if your dog keeps barking at the doorbell or phone ringing. You give the leave it command to get your dog to focus its attention on you.


Although a less common command amongst dog owners than the others on this list. The bed command can be very useful to give your dog an indication that it is time for bed and or to go to its bed. It can be used as an easy way to settle your dog at the end of the night and help it go off to its bed and go to sleep.


Quiet is another popular command that is usually used to get your dog to stop barking. There are a large number of different triggers that can get your dog to bark for no real reason. The quit command is a quick and easy way to stop it from barking when taught correctly.


Although the no command is relatively common there are a number of different reasons it is trained. The most popular way is to get your dog to focus its attention on you instead of misbehaving. There are a large number of dogs out there who will usually give some sort of indication before misbehaving. They may look at something they want to eat when they shouldn’t giving you time to use the no command.


A large number of dogs are prone to over excitement and the calm command can be used as a way to help calm them down quickly. Usually, it is trained to get your dog to sit or lay down while looking at you helping to pull its attention away from whatever initially got it excited.

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