3 Dog Stairs For Above Ground Pools!

In this article, we were going to be taking a look at a number of dog stairs for above ground pools but while researching the article we found that most dog stairs on the market have bad reputations so decided to take a look at dog ramps for above ground pools instead.

Although there are a large number of dog ramps currently available on the market right now, most of them either have a bad reputation or no reputation at all potentially making the situation a gamble for you.

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That said, we have found three doggy ramps that have an excellent reputation within the dog-owning community with people already using them as doggy ramps for above ground pools. We would just like to quickly point out that these are either generic dog ramps or dog ramps designed to help your dog get in an out of a car quickly. With a little thinking outside of the box and watching the video below for a little inspiration, we feel you will be able to build a dog water ramp for an above ground pool with either of these products with ease.

Petstep Original Folding Pet Ramp

The first dog ramp on our list that we feel will be suitable for an above ground pool is the Petstep Original Folding Pet Ramp. It is a popular doggy ramp that has an established user base who currently use this ramp for their pet dog. Some of dog owners who currently own the ramp have chosen to use it for their own above ground pools proving that it can be done. If you like, you can click here to read some reviews these people left about the ramp and how they use it for their pool.

The unique, non-slip surface of the ramp makes it the perfect option for your dog to use as a pool ramp as it doesn’t get too slippy when wet. The unique design does not act the same way as some of the competing dog ramps out there and act like a rough sandpaper on your dog’s paws but offers a nice and soft feeling.

When not needed for your pool, the ramp easily folds in half to allow you to quickly and easily store it in your home until you need it next time. The ergonomic handles on the ramp make it super easy for you to quickly open or close the ramp down in a matter of seconds too.

The ramp has been tested with weights of up to five hundred pounds without issue and this is plenty for a dog. The materials in the ramp also won’t rust or corrode over time with exposure to water and can quickly be cleaned with regular soapy water when needed.

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Solvit UltraLite Pet Ramp

Next up on our list of possible dog ramps for swimming pools is the Solvit UltraLite Pet Ramp. Now, this is actually designed to be primarily used as a dog ramp for cars, not pools and we were unable to find anyone who either currently is or recently has used it for use with a pool. It is, for this reason, we would recommend that you give the Petstep Original Folding Pet Ramp covered above a try instead.

We included the Solvit UltraLite Pet Ramp on our list as it has a solid reputation within the dog-owning community and we feel that with a little DIY, you would be able to convert it into a suitable doggy ramp for your above ground pool if needed. The ramp has a large number of positive reviews online that you can read by clicking here if you wish.

The Solvit UltraLite Pet Ramp is a very lightweight, durable dog ramp that weighs only ten pounds meaning it should easily be able to rest against the side of your above ground pool without issue. It has been tested to safely hold loads of one hundred and fifty pounds meaning it will be able to hold most dogs but it may struggle with larger dogs, especially with large coats when wet.

When no longer required, the ramp quickly folds in half to allow for easy storage until you need it next. The walking surface on the ramp has been designed to have a non-slip surface and should provide plenty of grip to your dog when wet to let it get in and out of the pool safely as it pleases.

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Pet Gear Tri-Fold Ramp

The last dog ramp that may work for an above ground pool on our list is the Pet Gear Tri-Fold Ramp. Again, this is a dog ramp that was initially designed for use with cars, not pools. That said, we did find this report from a dog owner who mentioned that they have used this ramp for their dog in their pool suggesting that it would work fine.

The Pet Gear Tri-Fold Ramp has a standard, non-slip surface for your dog to walk on that offers plenty of grip when needed. It is also easy to fold down when needed to store in smaller places between uses.

We still feel that the Petstep Original Folding Pet Ramp covered first in this article is your best option when looking for a doggy ramp for an above ground pool though and feel that you should give it a try rather than one of the other two ramps.

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