Can Cats Die From Fleas?

In this article, we will be answering the question “can cats die from fleas“? We have seen a number of people asking questions based on the general topic of fleas being able to kill cats if they are not treated. We have decided to publish this dedicated article in an attempt to help as many of our readers as possible.

One thing to remember with fleas is that, even if you do treat your cat, they may still be in your cat’s bed or other places it frequents. Always be sure to treat these places too in an attempt to minimize the chances of reinfestation.

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Can Cats Die From Fleas

In short, yes, cats can die of fleas if the infestation is not promptly treated by their owners. Not only are fleas a nuisance to your cat that can cause itching and scratching but they can also begin to infest other pets and even people in the household.

There are a number of different ways your pet cat may end up dying from a flea infestation of the problem is not treat. Here are the main threads:-


Anemia is the reduction of the total amount of blood and hemoglobin in the body that ends up having an effect on the bodies ability to provide essential oxygen where it is required. Although less of a thread to adult cats, anemia can be a real threat to kittens or cats recovering from other recent medical issues or surgeries.

As the fleas suck the blood of your kitten, it has an exponential effect on the amount of blood flowing through your pet. Unfortunately, some cats will not be able to recover from this condition even with professional assistance. Most commonly, treatment will involve some form of blood transfusion, supplementation of iron, and potentially stronger prescription medication from your veterinarian.


Although the days of widespread bubonic plague are in the past, there are still strains of the bacteria that caused it living in fleas. Thankfully, they are nowhere near as potent as they once were but they are still strong enough to kill a cat.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to treat and is often expensive if your cat does pick up this bacteria from a flea bite. Thankfully, it is very rare these days but can still pose a thread depending where you live.


Parasites are also another very common problem presented by fleas. Amongst other things, fleas can carry tapeworms and hemobartonella. Although the tapeworms aren’t usually leather to your cat, the hemobartonella can be. It is a blood parasite that will destroy your cat’s red blood cells and end up causing Anemia that we explained earlier in the article. It is estimated that between a quarter and a third of the cat who get hemobartonella unfortunately die.

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The Pyriproxyfen in the treatment is perfect for breaking the life cycle of any fleas infesting your cat. Not only can it deal with any live fleas but also their eggs and larvae to help prevent the infestation coming back within days.

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Question – Does this product also kill lice?

Answer – It depends on the type of lice, it will deal with some breeds.

Question – What country is this product made in?

Answer – Germany.

Question – How long will this supply last?

Answer – There are different sizes of the product available, the usual one lasts six months.

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