The Best Camera Lenses To Capture Great Photographs Of Your Pets!

It is no secret that there has been an absolute explosion in the pet photography niche over the last few years, especially on sites like Instagram. Not only has this new trend enabled pet owners to share their love for their pets as well as the crazy stuff their pets get up to with the world but it is also a potential income stream.

At the time of writing, Instagram accounts like itsdougthepug (3.8 million followers at the time of writing) have managed to turn into a primary income source for the pet owner with them being able to quit their jobs. The majority of accounts like these earn money via paid sponsorships with the larget accounts like itsdougthepug actually being approached by pet brands to launch their own lines.

Since news started to break about these regular people being able to quit their job and essentially earn a living by capturing cute photographs of their pets a few years back, interest in being able to do this has spiked. Although most people tend to get started by taking photographs of their pets with their smartphone, popular accounts quickly advance to actual mirrorless or DSLR cameras with fancy lenses in the battle for the best possible image quality.


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Now, the style of these pet accounts range from the funny type of photographs as shown in the photograph above to the more candid and natural as shown in the image below. Although the vast majority of kit lenses that are included with most entry-level cameras are ideal for capturing the close up photographs like the one above, the natural style photographs can be a pain and need some specialist input.


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Now, we know that the articles below are based around wildlife photography but the lenses that they recommend are also an excellent option for anyone looking to capture some natural style photographs of their pet dog out running about enjoying itself.

The articles also offer some specific advice for what type of lenses you should be looking to pick up for specific cameras too. This can help to massively improve your image quality while also helping to give you a potential edge over any competitors when growing your pets Instagram account.