5 Over The Counter Border Collie Anxiety Medications!

In this article, we will be taking a look at a number of different border collie anxiety medications that have proven to be successful over the years. With anxiety being a common problem in many dog breeds, it is no surprise we are seeing an increase in the number of people reaching out for assistance on the topic.

There are a whole bunch of anxiety medications on the market for dogs right now but many of them seem like a total waste of time and money. We have researched them all and settled on a total of five that we feel will see you and your dog right.

Any of these products should help you and we would not advise you to try and mix and match or stack the treatments by giving your dog more than one at the same time.

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Zesty Paws Calming Treats

First up on our list of border collie anxiety medications is Zesty Paws Calming Treats. It is without a doubt the most popular over the counter anxiety medication available without prescription currently available on the market. Since the medications release onto the market it has only gone from strength to strength to cement itself at the top of its niche.

At the time of writing, you are able to pick these up in either peanut butter or turkey flavor with both having an excellent reputation. Additionally, there are also a number of Border Collie owners who are currently using these to treat anxiety in their dogs. The image below shows the product breakdown for Zesty Paws Calming Treats.

Zesty Paws Calming Treats are based on an all natural formula that has been tweaked and perfected over the years to be perfect for dealing with anxiety issues in your Border Collie. The unique combination of ingredients within the chewable tablets also has a proven track record of being able to help deal with nervousness and aggression in addition to any anxiousness.

The active ingredient in the supplement is Suntheanine that has multiple studies confirming its ability to stimulate positive brain waves in your dog that can relax and calm it quickly without your dog ending up drowsy.

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The video below offers a third-party review of Zesty Paws Calming Treats.

Pawlife Calming Treats

Next up on our list of anxious border collie medication, we have the Pawlife Calming Treats. In our opinion, it is the second most popular treatment on the market right now but it is quickly increasing in popularity with more and more dog owners starting to use it each month. On top of that, there are already a large number of dog owners using Pawlife Calming Treats for their dogs and seeing excellent results.

At the time of writing, Pawlife Calming Treats only come in duck flavor but we were unable to find any complaints from people currently using the treatment for their dog about its flavor. The image below shows the full breakdown for Pawlife Calming Treats direct from the side of the packaging.

Pawlife Calming Treats take advantage of multiple natural calming aids such as chamomile, l-tryptophan, valerian root, organic passionflower, and ginger root. Each of these ingredients and the amount of each ingredient in the product has been specifically selected to ensure everything works together to offer the quickest solution possible.

In addition to reducing anxiety in your dog, Pawlife Calming Treats can also help to deal with excessive barking, scratching, chewing, salivation, and licking.

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Dog Anxiety Relief Complete

Next up in our list of over the counter border collie anxiety products is Dog Anxiety Relief Complete. This treatment has been steadily growing its core customer base since its release onto the market and has managed to earn and keep an excellent reputation within the dog-owning community as a medication that can help with anxiety in your dog.

Although there are multiple ingredients in this treatment, the image below shows all of the active ingredients that directly have an effect on anxiety on dogs.

Dog Anxiety Relief Completes formula is again based around one hundred percent natural ingredients that all have research to back up their ability to calm and relax your dog making them ideal for your Border Collie. One of the main uses we found dog owners use these for is to deal with travel anxiety in their dog when traveling.

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Hemp Oil for Pets

Next up on our list is a high-quality Hemp Oil for Pets. You may have seen either hemp extract or hemp powers listed on the ingredient images for the other profiles above. This is due to the natural anti-anxiety properties of hemp so it is no surprise that a pure hemp oil would make out list.

As this is hemp oil, we decided to share the serving suggestion rather than the ingredient list for the product.

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AuMeow Calming Dog Treats

The final product on our list of anxiety medication for Border Collie is AuMeow Calming Dog Treats. The only reason that we placed it at the bottom of our list because it is very new to the market and does not have an established customer base or much feedback about the product online yet.

Early indications do suggest that the popularity of AuMeow Calming Dog Treats will continiue to climb though so we though that we would include it in our list.

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