The Best Substrate for Corn Snakes!

If you’re interested in adopting an exotic pet for the first time, you may want to consider the humble corn snake. Easygoing, low-maintenance, and of course, loads of fun to raise and care for, corn snakes are the ideal pet for first time snake owners. Docile in nature, corn snakes are reluctant to bite, and are thus incredibly safe for humans to raise as pets.

There are a few things you’ll need if you want to start off as a corn snake pet owner, and this will obviously include housing. While a standard tank might be an easy choice, what you want to carefully consider is the substrate you’ll use. In this guide, we’re discussing the best substrate for corn snakes to help you make the right decision for your latest family addition.

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Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding

A primary choice for lots of corn snake owners is the Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding (Click here to check for product prices and availability). Often considered the best substrate for corn snakes, this bedding is made from renewable shredded aspen that’s guaranteed dust-free. Once you start caring for corn snakes, you’ll find how important it is to invest in bedding material that won’t develop excessive dust, since it can be particularly difficult to clean.

Fortunately, these aspen shavings produce virtually no dust, making it easy to clean with minimal effort. Another thing that makes it a top pick for most snake owners is the fact that it has a 191% absorbency rating. Able to effectively mop up any moisture and fluid in your pet’s housing, this substrate keeps the environment for your snake clean, dry, and odor-free – a primary concern in snake care.

In terms of authenticity, the shavings create a realistic environment for your pet, allowing the opportunity to burrow and create nests as your corn snake would in its natural habitat. The material is light, however sturdy, allowing an adult corn snake to build a suitable nest for any baby corn snakes that might result from your care.

Safety-wise, the Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding is one of the most reliable on the market. With no toxic oils such as those that come from cedar and other similar wood shavings, this product promises optimal health for your corn snake so you can enjoy hassle-free pet ownership.

Now – how much does it cost? The Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding is comparatively affordable when propped up against the other choices on the market. Considering the fact that it can help you create a high quality habitat for your pet minus the hassle of dust, poor moisture retention, and potential toxicity, it does prove to be a sound investment for your corn snake’s well-being.

Aside from your corn snake, these aspen shreddings from Zoo Med can also be used for a variety of other pets – from lizards, to birds, and even small mammals like hamsters and guinea pigs. So it really does make a practical choice if you’re a pet enthusiast with more than just corn snakes in your home.

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Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding

If you’re interested in developing a more humid environment for your corn snake, the Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding (Click here to check for product prices and availability) can make a suitable choice. Typically ranked the second best substrate for corn snakes, this mulch has more moisture, creating a forest-like habitat that’s darker, richer, and damper than aspen beddings.

Made from cypress mulch, this substrate provides that natural feel often found in humid environments. Some corn snakes tend to prefer this kind of habitat, especially in warmer seasons. But despite being comparatively damper, the Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding is still impressively easy to clean, clumping when moistened to make the process of replacing substrates hassle free.

Probably one of the reasons why this specific product has become so popular in snake care is because of the fact that it lasts much longer than most other beddings. The mulch takes longer to become completely soiled, allowing you more time between cleanings so you don’t have to replace the mulch too often.

Other than that, this mulch also makes it possible to replace only soiled beddings. The much clumps together when moistened either by urine or feces, making it easier to pick out the areas that are dirty from those that are still clean. This way, you have the option to perform spot changes, making it a really economical choice for snake owners who don’t want to keep purchasing new bags of substrate.

In terms of integrity for nest building, the material is exceptionally ideal. The mulch can be formed into really sturdy nests, making it a great habitat for an adult snake that might want to give you a few baby corn snakes later on. Being that the material is also made from all natural ingredients, it doesn’t pose any toxic dangers to your snake, creating a healthy, habitable environment for it to thrive and grow.

In the aspect of price, the Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding can be slightly more expensive than other choices. But because it allows the option of spot replacement, and because it lasts longer than most other substrates, it may actually save you a few bucks down the line.

Aside from your snake, this cypress mulch can also be used in habitats for turtles, lizards, and other reptiles and amphibious pets. Some hobbyists have also taken to using this specific mulch for terrariums and other plant displays.

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Final Thoughts

Raising a corn snake can be a piece of cake, but as with any other pet, you need to make sure you’re giving it the best home you can offer to guarantee a healthy and happy life for your exotic little pet. With these substrate choices from Zoo Med, you can be sure to achieve the ideal living conditions to replicate what your corn snake might find in the wild. The natural textures, safe materials, and absorbent beddings can keep his enclosure clean and comfortable to encourage growth and a long, healthy life. This way, you can enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your reptilian friend thrive and develop the way nature intended.

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