The Best Substrate For A Sulcata!

The sulcata is a spunky, smart, and interesting creature that’s perfect for exotic pet hobbyists. These animals grow up to 70 years old and can well well over 100 kilos. So watching them grow and develop can be a very rewarding experience. Despite the unique challenges they present, the sulcata tortoise can be a great starter pet for people who are looking to start out an exotic pet hobby. Of course, before you get started, it’s important that you’re aware of the specifics that your sulcata needs in order to grow happy and strong.

The first consideration you need to make is the habitat for your pet, and the foundation of any great habitat is the right substrate. Read on to learn more about our bets for the best substrate for sulcata tortoises and find out how to use them in your enclosure.

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Zoo Med Cypress Mulch Forest Floor Bedding

In the wild, sulcatas are used to the hot and dry weather of their natural habitat. They’re acclimated to the Sahelian environment, which means they do well even with limited water supply since standing water is rarely available in their natural ecosystem. However, according to most sulcata tortoise care sheet handouts, these pets burrow and build nests in smaller humid microclimates, allowing them to absorb moisture and stay healthy away from the sun. In these smaller areas, they need a humidity level of at least 40% to 55% in order to thrive.

That said, you might want to consider adding in a unique space in your containment that’s dedicated to that humid little nest. The Zoo Med Cypress Mulch Forest Floor Bedding (Click here to check for product prices and availability) can be a great choice. Offering impressive water retention, this material releases moisture into the air, creating the ideal humid climate to keep your sulcata cool in the heat of summer. This makes it an ideal substrate to place in a separate little nook in your sulcata’s area, providing them the ideal conditions to create a nest. Made from 100% natural cypress mulch, this substrate doesn’t risk any sort of toxicity or threat to your pet’s health, making it an ideal choice for the contained, restricted space of a burrow or nest.

Substrates are also important in that they dictate how easy it would be to maintain cleanliness in your sulcata’s containment. Choosing the right material should make it possible for you to avoid having to clean too often. That’s why this Zoo Med substrate has become so popular among most exotic pet owners. Designed to absorb odors and clump against waste material, the substrate makes it easier for owners to target specific areas of the containment that the sulcata tortoise might have soiled. Spot treatment doesn’t only shave down the time you spend cleaning, but also saves you money by allowing you to clean out smaller areas of the habitat instead of having to replace everything all together.

As a common choice for best substrate, this material is easy to use, easy to clean, and definitely easy on the wallet. So if you were looking for the best value for your money, you might want to consider giving this unique and effective substrate a try.

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Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding

Drier and finer, the Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding (Click here to check for product prices and availability) can be used in one of two ways – as a main substrate for the larger, hotter, dry area of your sulcata’s containment, or as a moist, damp, and humid substrate for its burrow or nest. Some users actually choose to moisten a small amount of the material and use that in a corner of the habitat, then use the rest straight from the packaging, keeping it nice and dry to mimic the sulcata’s natural habitat.

This two-in-one substrate makes it easier to achieve the ideal conditions for your pet’s environment, eliminating the need to purchase another bedding. So with just one unique produce, you can develop multiple climates in a single space, providing your sulcata everything he needs with a single product.

Of course, in typical Zoo Med fashion, this substrate is also exceptionally easy to clean. The material is specially developed to clump where waste material might have been left, preventing any droppings from spreading through the space and causing a mess. On top of that, aspen is known to be a wonderfully absorbent material, keeping foul odors from overtaking your pet’s space.

Much like the Cypress Mulch bedding, this substrate can also be maintained using the spot treatment method. Cleaning away soiled areas can help keep your containment clean for longer, preventing the need for a full replacement too soon. With the right maintenance and cleaning techniques, you may be able to stretch a single substrate to about 3 months of use before the need to clean everything out arises.

Finally, it’s worth knowing that aspen is a sustainable material. Aspen trees that have been cut down without damaging the root system can survive and grow new trees, making it a renewable source for beddings. So if you’re particular conscious about your consumer choices, this product is definitely eco-friendly. In the same way, the material is also 100% natural and organic – like all of the other Zoo Med products – making it an exceptionally safe choice for long term use. Without any added chemicals, you can be sure that your beloved sulcata will survive and thrive for many years without having to worry about toxicity.

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Final Thoughts

What’s the best substrate for sulcata tortoises? While preferences may change from owner to owner, these two choices from Zoo Med consistently come out on top as two of the better products on the market. So if you were hoping to find a budget friendly, eco friendly, and sulcata friendly substrate to maximize your pet’s health and happiness, these products are definitely worth a try. Don’t forget to check them out during your search and discover how these specific beddings can improve your sulcata care practice for a rewarding exotic pet ownership experience.

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