The Best Substrate For A Horsefield Tortoise!

The horsefield tortoise presents unique challenges to exotic pet owners who want to raise them. These tortoises can live an average of 75 years, which means you need to make a long-term commitment to provide it everything it needs during that time. That includes its food, care, and of course, its habitat.

Unlike other tortoise species which can survive happily in small enclosures, the horsefield tortoise requires ample space to move around. So an aquarium won’t be a suitable home. Aside from size requirements, their space also needs specific features to be considered liveable. One of the biggest considerations is the substrate of choice.

Learn more about the best substrate for horsefield tortoise pets and find the ideal choice for the latest addition to your family with our in-depth review.

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Zoo Med Cypress Mulch Forest Floor Bedding

The horsefield tortoise is one of the most adaptable species available to exotic pet owners. These creatures thrive in very warm climates, but are also known to live quite well in cold temperatures. Of course, despite their adaptability, these animals require specific features in their habitat in order to stay healthy. That’s because by nature, horsefield tortoises build pallets.

These pallets are intended to help the tortoise maintain the right body temperature and fluid level. That’s why you need to provide the animal optimal substrate material and levels in order to avoid any health concerns. The Zoo Med Cypress Mulch Forest Floor Bedding (Click here to check for product prices and availability) can be a suitable addition to your horsefield tortoise’s enclosure.

Often considered the best substrate for this type of tortoise, cypress mulch provides a coarse material that closely resembles the environment your pet would encounter in the wild. Made from natural cypress shavings, this substrate encourages the natural behavior of building pallets, keeping your horsefield tortoise in good mental and physical condition.

The substrate is made from all natural materials, boasting an organic mix that guarantees to keep your tortoise happy and safe. Free from any toxic materials, chemical ingredients, and other harsh or potentially dangerous components, this substrate has actually become a staple for most exotic pet owners. That’s why aside from being used on horsefield tortoises, it’s also a suitable choice for the sulcata toirtoise.

If you’ve read up on a horsefield tortoise care sheet, you probably already know that these creatures also thrive best in habitats with substrates that are at least ten centimeters deep. Considering the fact that they also need quite a sizeable enclosure, you can expect to spend quite a lot on substrates because of the required depth and the expanse they need to cover.

Fortunately, the Zoo Med Cypress Mulch Forest Floor Substrate comes at a very reasonable cost, allowing you to achieve the ideal horsefield tortoise habitat without having to spend more than you’re comfortable shelling out. On top of that, the substrate also lets you perform spot treatment. Taking out soiled areas and replacing those with new mulch helps to keep your horsefield tortoise space clean and prevents you from having to spend more on substrate.

Horsefield tortoises tend to do best in dry environments, which is another reason why this substrate from Zoo Med makes such a good choice. Able to trap moisture, the material can lock waste material from your tortoise and accidentally spilled water from its bowl to prevent it from spreading throughout your space. In effect, the substrate helps to maintain the dryness in your enclosure, preventing everything from getting soggy and moist as time goes on.

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Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding

Although advertised as snake bedding, the Zoo Med Aspen substrate (Click here to check for product prices and availability) also makes a good choice for horsefield tortoises. Drier than cypress mulch, aspen takes on a lighter, finer texture that may also work to replicate the horsefield tortoise’s natural habitat. The material is sourced from 100% sustainable aspen, able to grow from the root system of trees that have been cut down. So the substrate is a great choice if you want to be more responsible with your consumer choices.

In the arena of safety, the material is definitely risk-free. Made from all natural aspen, this bedding doesn’t use any chemicals, harsh ingredients, or artificial additives. So even in the long run, you won’t be risking long-term toxicity exposure to your pet. That can be a major plus especially if you consider the fact that certain other substrates tend to incorporate a variety of synthetic ingredients in order to help maintain an odor-free environment.

Because of aspen’s natural absorptive properties, it can work great to help you maintain your pet’s space. The material absorbs waste matter and prevents it from turning everything else soggy and moist. This makes it exceptionally easy to perform spot treatment, allowing you to remove substrate material that’s been soiled and leave the rest. What’s more, the natural properties of aspen also help keep odors at bay. With the right maintenance techniques, this material can last up to 3 months before the need for a complete replacement.

Of course, because of its lightweight and loose texture, aspen makes a good choice for horsefield tortoise pallets. The material holds well, able to retain its shape, allowing your tortoise to create and build structurally sound pallets to help keep it in optimal mental and physical condition.

Concerned about the cost? As one of the most affordable choices on the market, the aspen substrate from Zoo Med will definitely be an easy purchase on your pocket. Allowing spot treatment and allowing you to wait up to 3 months before making a full replacement, this material can definitely be a sustainable choice for the long run.

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Wrapping It Up

It might not be the easiest to care for, but the horsefield tortoise can be a great choice if you’ve got the patience and dedication. Raising one of these creatures can be a rewarding experience, especially if you invest in the right stuff for its containment. To keep your horsefield tortoise happy and healthy, make sure you check out our recommendations for the best substrate for horsefield tortoise pets. With the ideal texture and natural components, these beddings can help you keep your pet in prime condition for many years to come.

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