The Best Snake Substrate for Humidity!

If you’re caring for an exotic pet like a snake, then you probably know that the balance in their habitat can be very delicate. As a pet owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure your snake is living in a well-prepared space to guarantee its health and development. So preparing that environment is for much more than just aesthetics.

For instance, humidity plays a big role in the health of your snake. Keeping their respiratory system and skin moist, humidity levels for snakes shouldn’t exceed 55-60%. Dipping anywhere below that could cause dehydration, anorexia, and infections. Similarly, falling too much above the limit could result to a variety of problems like mold, mildew, and the spread of bacteria.

Aside from buying a hygrometer at your local pet store, you may also want to consider purchasing the best snake substrate for humidity to maintain the moisture in your pet’s space.

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Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding

The Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding is often dubbed the #1 preferred snake bedding in the market. Made from premium aspen shavings, this ecologically-conscious material is sourced from fast-growing aspen that can grow from a root system even after the tree has been cut down. This makes it a renewable, zero-guilt option for buyers who want to be more responsible with their consumer behavior.

What’s impressive about the Aspen Snake Bedding from Zoo Med is the fact that it’s relatively dust-free. The comparatively finer shavings don’t produce dust that settles at the bottom of your terrarium so it’s far easier to clean. The substrate also clumps against waste material, making it easier for you to perform spot treatment. Simply remove areas of the substrate that have been soiled and keep the rest to extend the use of the bedding.

In terms of your snake’s safety and health, the bedding also proves to be a premium choice. Aspen is known to retain some moisture, allowing it to create the ideal environment for your snake especially when it comes to humidity. It’s also because of this absorptive property that aspen makes your terrarium cleaner. The material works to retain waste matter and prevent it from pooling in your terrarium. Soaked material will bunch together to keep your snake in a clean and relatively sanitary environment.

While other substrate materials tend to incorporate synthetic materials and oils to keep the terrarium smelling fresher for longer, these ingredients can harm your snake. Some chemical components in modified shavings can lead to toxicity over time, leading to a variety of health problems for your pet. The Aspen Snake Bedding from Zoo Med however promises a hypoallergenic formulation. Made from natural Aspen, this bedding is non-toxic and completely hypoallergenic. Without any harmful oils or fragrances, the material makes sure to keep your snake in optimal health during its terrarium stay.

Price wise, the product can be really easy on the pocket. With bundle promotions that give you a quart of the aspen shavings at less than $1, the Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding can be a really economical choice. Plus, because a pack can last up to 3 months before the need for replacement, you can easily buy a year-long supply for less than $80.

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Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding

Another premium choice to achieve the perfect humidity in your snake’s terrarium comes from Zoo Med in the form of their Forest Floor Bedding. Designed to give your snake’s habitat that authentic forest feel, this bedding is made from natural cypress which is loved by exotic pet owners for its ability to absorb moisture. Damper than aspen, this cypress substrate can max out the ideal humidity for your snake which may be ideal for certain species.

One of the benefits of using cypress for your snake terrarium is the fact that it can be much better at managing waste. The material absorbs waste and deodorizes your snake’s space, allowing it to move in a cleaner, more comfortable area for longer. For you, that means that you may not have to replace the substrate too often. Spot treatment can be more than enough to keep your terrarium clean for over 4 months. So it definitely works for owners who might not have a lot of time to keep cleaning out their snake’s habitat.

Made from 100% natural cypress mulch, this substrate is also exceptionally safe for your pet. The material doesn’t incorporate any toxic substances, chemicals, or oils that could harm your pet. So even with long-term exposure, there isn’t any risk towards your snake’s health.

Cypress tends to be heavier than other types of shavings, so it does make a good choice for snakes that burrow. The denser material hold its shape better, which may also make it easier for your snake to create a stable, sturdy nest. The large shavings are a great choice for smaller snakes since it reduces the risk of having them ingest small particles and shavings in their space.

In terms of the cost, the Forest Floor Bedding from Zoo Med isn’t too expensive. One pack can last 4-5 months depending on your maintenance preferences. On top of that, simply spraying the substrate with water now and again can help restore its humidity and keep your snake feeling cool and happy in its little containment system. That said, you really should be able to extend the use of the substrate if you’re particular about the way you care for your snake’s space.

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Wrapping It Up

Humidity is an important aspect of your snake’s environment, so be sure to keep that in mind when you prepare its space. Aside from buying a humidity meter, it pays to make sure you’re using the right components for your snake’s environment. These choices from zoo med prove to be great choices for you, your snake, and your budget. So be sure to check them out during your search for the best snake substrate for humidity. Giving your snake a clean, safe, and ideal space to survive and thrive, these substrates are sure to help you optimize your snake’s happiness and health for many years to come.

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