The Best Sand Substrate for Bearded Dragons On The Market!

The bearded dragon is a fun exotic lizard species that’s perfect for exotic pet hobbyists. This interactive, sociable creature is best for owners who want an exotic pet that can respond and reciprocate affection and attention. But of course, while it might be a lot of fun to hold and play with your bearded dragon, you won’t be available to cradle it in your hands 24/7. That said, it’s vital that you try to replicate its natural habitat by creating a containment that meets your bearded dragon’s needs.

The right environment starts with the substrate. And the best loose substrate for bearded dragons has to be sand. Interested in learning more about sand as a substrate? Read on to find out our top choices and how you can use them to optimize your bearded dragon’s home.

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Reptile Sciences Terrarium Sand

Reptile Sciences is a premium brand in the exotic pet supplies market, offering high quality essentials that promise to keep your pet in tip top shape. Their selection of substrates are popular among buyers, often dubbed the best substrate choices especially for dry habitats. Their Terrarium Sand (Click here to check for product prices and availability) is a common favorite, putting your bearded dragon’s health front and center.

The material is made from 100% natural, digestible calcium carbonate. Why is that important? You need to consider the fact that most bearded dragons will ingest small amounts of their substrate during feeding. If your chosen bedding isn’t digestible, it can cause impaction of the digestive system and in the worst case, cause the death of your pet. That said, this digestible composition can be eaten, and poses no risk to your pet’s health.

Bearded dragons need a basking spot in order to feel fully satisfied in their space. So creating that kind of topography on this sand substrate by using rocks can help provide your pet the structure it needs. The sand is excellent at holding containment decor in place, letting you set up a replica of your bearded dragon’s natural environment perfectly in your space.

If you’ve read up on your pet’s care sheet, you probably already know that bearded dragons need their habitats cleaned out at least once or twice daily. If you’ve got a large, adult bearded dragon, then it might be necessary to clean it out more often. Fortunately, this loose substrate lets you perform sport treatment by creating clumps where waste matter was left behind. This lets you scoop out the soiled material to be replaced with new substrate as necessary.

Cleaning out just the affected areas can help extend the viability of your substrate. Of course, the material is also effective at clearing away smells and odors, so you won’t need to do anything other than replace the material once every several months.

Affordable, easy to clean, and practical, this loose substrate might just be the ideal bedding for your bearded dragon. It’s dry texture and aesthetic perfectly capture the creature’s natural environment, and also provides a wonderful backdrop to give you a clearer view of your pet at all times.

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Reptile Sciences Pro-Calcium Sand

Another top choice for bearded dragon care enthusiasts is the Reptile Sciences Pro-Calcium Sand (Click here to check for product prices and availability). This loose substrate is another premium choice from the Reptile Sciences brand and boasts the same, natural composition that puts your pet’s health and wellness as its main priority.

Made from calcium carbonite, this material doesn’t risk impaction when ingested. So you won’t have to keep taking your bearded dragon out of its habitat when it’s time to feed. Other than that, the substrate comes in a variety of colors. With options ranging from black, to red, and even purple, you’re sure to have a grand time mixing up the aesthetic in your pet’s habitat.

On the topic of maintenance, it’s satisfying to know that the Pro Calcium Sand traps waste material by clumping together when soiled. This doesn’t only make it easy to clean, it also prevent droppings from making a mess inside your bearded dragon’s space. The material can absorb odors exceptionally well, so you won’t have to deal with the pungent smell of your lizard’s waste whenever you open your environment.

If well maintained and cleaned daily by way of spot treatment, this loose substrate can last for up to 6 months. That means you’ll only ever have to buy substrate twice a year. Now, the number of lizards you have may have an impact on the number of times you’ll have to change your substrate in a year. But if you’ve only got a few of them in your care, then it’s easy to see why this choice from Reptile Sciences is such an economical choice.

Easy to maintain, effective at odor and waste control, authentic, and digestible, there’s no wonder why this material from Reptile Sciences has become such a major hit among bearded dragon owners. So if you were hoping to find an option that hits all of your and your pet’s needs, this substrate might just be able to exceed your expectations.

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Wrapping It Up

Bearded dragons can be loads of fun to care for, but just like any other pet, there are things they need in order to stay physically and mentally well. So aside from your care and interaction, be sure to provide your bearded dragon the right habitat to call home. Based on our research, these choices from Reptile Sciences come out on top as the best sand substrate for bearded dragons, and for every good reasons. Affordable, easy to maintain, and impressive similar to the dragon’s natural habitat, these substrates are sure to keep your pet happy, healthy, and feeling at home for many years to come.

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