The Best Food For Labrador Puppies On The Market!

In this article, we will be taking a look at the best food for labrador puppies. With Labradors being the most popular dog breed in western countries and demand for Labrador puppies increasing each year, we though a number of our readers may be Labrador owners.

Due to the growth requirements of a puppy, they require a different nutritional profile than an adult dog. We have researched the dietary requirements of Labrador puppies as well as the products available on the market to make this ultimate guide.

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The Best Food For Labrador Puppies

When looking for the best food for labrador puppies you will often come across a large amount of Labrador puppy food advice. This can be a good thing and help you make the correct choices in what foods to feed your growing lab puppy.

Unfortunately, this advice is usually sprawled over a number of different websites and forums. We have gathered information from as many sources as possible to put it all in one easy to read place for you.

The Best Puppy Food For Labradors

When it comes to the best labrador puppy food on the market, we always recommend a taste of the wild puppy mix. Coming from the taste of the wild brand, it comes with the exact same high-quality ingredients you would expect.

Unlike some of its competition, the main ingredient in this food mix is real high-quality salmon. This offers your growing puppy an excellent amino acid profile as well as plenty of protein to grow at optimal rates and develop strong lean muscles.

The kibble size has been slightly reduced when compared to their adult dog food mix to help your puppy consume the food easier. The dog food mix also includes a number of highly digestible superfoods, vitamins, and minerals. It is also totally free from grain, soy, fillers, artificial colors, preservatives and artificial flavors.

This helps the food stay as gut-friendly as possible for your puppy and reduces the chance of any digestive upset. Its carbohydrates are sources from high-quality nutrient-packed vegetables such as sweet potatoes. These offer a slow releasing energy source to help your labrador puppy keep going throughout the day.

A healthy lab puppy after being fed the best food for labrador puppies.

Essential For Puppy Development

If you have ever read a labrador puppy food guide you will know that these foods help to develop your dog’s body as well as its vision, brain, skin, and coat. All ingredients are sourced from ethical, trusted sources from all around the world to ensure your puppy gets the very best.

The below video shows a puppy being offered a choice of food between a taste of the wild puppy mic and another leading brand. As you can see, the puppy quickly turns away from the other leading brand in favor of the taste of the wild option.

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The Second Best Food For Labrador Puppies

When it comes to the second best food for labrador puppies we recommend Nature’s Recipe Grain-Free Puppy Food. Again it is a grain-free food mix to reduce the chances of a digestive upset in your Labrador puppy. Its carbohydrates are from high-quality alternative sources such as sweet potatoes and pumpkins. These off your puppy a sustained slow releasing energy for the day.

Depending on the flavor you choose, you can get real meat as the number one ingredient. For example, the chicken flavor shown above has chicken as it’s number one ingredient of the food mix. Many competitors will use filler products to pack out the food to save costs but not Natures Recipe.

This puppy food mix has a large number of vitamins and minerals within in it. This helps your puppy get its full nutritional profile quickly from a single source. Although there are various puppy supplement products on the market, none are required when using this food.

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An Allround Good Food For A Labrador Puppy

Our third and final offering is Wellness Complete Puppy Food. Again, another high-quality grain-free option that is packed with vitamins and minerals for your puppy. It is also free from wheat, soy, corn, artificial flavors, and preservatives.

Although not its number one ingredient, the food mix does contain both real chicken and real whitefish. This helps offer your lab puppy a high protein, high healthy-fat food source to help with its growth and development.

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How Much To Feed A Labrador Puppy

As these foods are designed to be more of a general puppy for rather than a food specifically for Labrador pups the easiest way to work out how much to feed your puppy is to use its service size tool on the packaging.

The below screenshot comes from the packaging of the taste of the wild product.

How Much To Feed A Labrador Puppy.

As you can see, they have an easy to follow system that is done by both puppy weight and puppy age. Although Labrador puppies will develop at a relatively similar rate, we always recommend that you go via their weight rather than their age.

This is due to how a difference in circumstance can affect their weight after being taken on by a family. For example, a lab puppy taken on by an elderly couple may not get as much exercise as a Labrador puppy taken on by a family of farm workers. The could be from the exact same litter and the same age but their calorie requirements and weight could be totally different.

When Can I move A Lab Puppy Over To Dry Or Wet Food

Although different sources suggest different time frames, the general consensus of a safe age seems to be between six to eight weeks. This is considered a safe age to move a puppy off its mother’s milk and onto a high-quality puppy food.

Your puppy can then happily stay on that food until it’s around 12-24 months of age. At this stage, we suggest moving your dog onto a high-quality food designed for an adult dog. We recently published this article on the best food for adult labs that can help you with this choice.

Additional Reading

Your Labrador puppy is going to grow into a fully grown dog quicker than you think. Our article on the best food for Labradors can help you stay ahead of the curve and be prepared. It covers everything you could ever want to know about the best food for Labradors and what to look for in high-quality Labrador foods.

The Best Food For Labradors On The Market!

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