The Best Fish Food For Goldfish!

When selecting fish food for goldfish, many people will choose a generic brand that is available in the shop when they do their shopping. Although this is usually fine, there are almost always better and cheaper options. In this article, we will be covering the best fish food for goldfish.

Not only will we be looking at the nutritional content but also accessibility and price. Rather than pick your fish food up at the store, there are usually better products and deals available on Amazon.

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The Best Fish Food For Goldfish

When recommending fish foods for goldfish we always go with the TertaMin by Tetra. Terta are a massive international brand with an excellent reputation for their products. Their food is no exception, the TetraMin is perfect for both top and mid feeders alike. Its new formula comes with added prebiotics to help keep your fish fit and healthy.

The nutritional profile has been designed to offer the best nutritional profile possible with minimum cost. It is easy for your fish to digest meaning there is less waste produced in your tank meaning less cleaning. The antioxidants in the food help keep your fishes cells health to increase life expectancy and the protein content helps your fish grow and stay strong.

At the time of writing, TertaMin has over 820 positive five-star reviews on Amazon from fish owners. Its average score is five out of five meaning very few people have left any negative feedback for the product.


Question – Is this a fast or slow sinking fish food?

Answer – It is a slow sinking fish food to help maximize the feeding window for fish that are predominantly surface eating such as goldfish.

Question – What is the shelf life once opened?

Answer – Three years provided that you follow the storage instructions on the packaging. Keep it in a cold dry place and you will be fine.

Question – Where is this fish food produced?

Answer – It is produced in Germany.


As always, we like to share some third-party reports on any products that we recommend to our readers. These reports are from fish owners who either currently are or recently have used this fish food for their fish.

  • This report comments on how they purchased this fish food for their fish but it is a much better price when purchased via Amazon than their local pet store.
  • This report comments on they own a lot of fish and go through a lot of fish food that can quickly add up in cost. They go on to comment on how this is a great product that does not cloud their water and that a single container can last a decent amount of time.
  • This report comments on how this was the perfect solution for their situation as they needed the product quickly. They then go on to comment on how they were pleased with the size of the product when delivered.
  • This report comments on how they were surprised about how much food they actually received for the price they paid.
  • This report comments on how this is a food fish food and that their fish like it. They go on to comment on how the flakes are large and intact.

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Nutritional Profile

The image below shows the nutritional profile for this fish food.

The Best Goldfish Food Brand

In our opinion, Tetra are the best fish food company to go with. Not only do they already have an excellent reputation but they also want to protect their reputation. They ensure their food is safe, does not affect watercolor, and have products available for all breeds of fish.

What Do Goldfish Eat Besides Fish Food

Goldfish actually have a large range of edible food types that they can eat and stay healthy. The majority of these can be made out of food scraps and leftovers you probably have in your house. Provided you cut the food types thin and small enough, goldfish can eat the following:-

  • Carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Yams
  • Lettuce
  • Oranges
  • Apples
  • Shrimp
  • Crab
  • Salmon
  • Chick peas
  • Spinach
  • Zucchini
  • Mussels
  • Squid
  • Oats

If you are looking for what to feed your goldfish without fish food then any of the above can work.

Best fish food for goldfish

The Best Homemade Goldfish Food

If you want to make your own homemade goldfish food then we advise you use something like a Ninja Master. This ensures that any food you put in your food mix will be small enough for your fish to easily eat. This directly counters the main problem we see people make with homemade goldfish food leaving the chunks and flakes too big.

You have to take into consideration that all fish have their own unique tastes. When initially starting to make your own homemade goldfish foods, don’t be surprised if your fish initially turn their nose up at it.

Many people use oats as a baseline ingredient for their goldfish foods. It is an excellent source of energy and is easy for fish to consume in its regular form. The problem with oats is its lack of nutritional value. Feel free to add any of the foods from our list above to your oat mix to help increase its nutritional profile.

Adding your own probiotics to your homemade fish food is a challenge though. This means you are leaving your fish open to a higher risk of infection and why we usually advise people just purchase a high-quality fish food as it is cheap, easy to use and contains everything your fish require.

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