The Best Dog Kennel Heater And Heating Solutions!

We all love our four-legged friends and want the best for them. We want them to be warm, comfortable, and safe, especially in their kennels. In this article, we take a look at the best dog kennel heater and alternative heating solutions on the market today.

We will take a look at traditional heating solutions as well as the more modern solar powered products while offering advice on what to look for to make sure you are getting a good deal and your pet is safe.

The Best Dog Kennel Heater

When looking for the best kennel heating solutions for your dog we have to recommend the Akoma Hound Heater. It is powered by a long-lasting 150-watt heating element that produces enough heat to warm a dog house of 32 cubic feet. Its heating range is 30-100 degrees Fahrenheit, just set the thermostat and leave it to heat.

It has a heat shield included as standard that serves two purposes. The first is to reflect heat down towards your dogs level to help keep it warm. The second is to help protect the roof of your dog kennel against heat damage. The lower heat shield is efficient at allowing your pet to lean against the heater without getting burned.

The installation of this heater box for your dog house is simple. Just drill a hole in the side of your kennel to feed the power cord to a power source. This also prevents your dog from having access to it and being able to chew the power cord. Next, firmly screw the heater to your kennel wall using the screw holes on the heater. Finally, plug the heater in and set the thermostat to your required temperature. Never fit this heater to the roof of your dog kennel. Its elements have been specifically designed to work when fitted to a vertical wall.

We feel that this is the best way to heat dog kennel as its relatively cheap, quick to fit and easy to use.

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Question – What are the dimensions of this kennel heater?

Answer – It is 9.5 inches wide, 10.75 tall with the curve reaching out 4.5 inches.

Question – Will this kennel heater burn any bedding I put in my dog’s kennel?

Answer – This depends on if you put the heater in a possition where the bedding can get inside the heating system. Provided you follow the instructions on the side of the box, you will be fine.

Question – Does this heating system have temperature control?

Answer – Yes, you can adjust the heating on this system to best fit your local outdoor temperature.


  • This report comments on how the Akoma Hound Heater is well made with a sturdy construction. They also comment on how they were able to easily install the unit and that the heater has been able to keep their dogs kennel warm in a number of different situations and temperature drops.
  • This report comments on how they use the Akoma Hound Heater in a custom build dog house that is four times larger than the advised size of a dog house for this heater. They confirm that even with the additional size, the heater was able to keep their dog house warm just as the owner wanted. They also share a number of pictures of their dog house and their setup.
  • This report comments on how the Akoma Hound Heater is very easy to install and took less than an hour to fully install the heater. They then suggest that it is keeping their kennel so warm that their dogs don’t want to come out of their dog house.
  • This report comments on how they have been using the Akoma Hound Heater for over a week now and that their dog kennel always feels warm. They also comment on how the heat is circulated around the kennel with ease.
  • This report comments on how they have used the Akoma Hound Heater for four winters as a way to keep their dogs warm and then go on to say how they have not had a single issue with the heating system.

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The Best Infrared Kennel Heaters

Infrared pet heaters have become increasingly popular over recent years. We feel that the Sweeter Heater Infrared Heater is one of the best-infrared kennel heaters on the market. It has proven extremely popular with chicken owners as a cheap and easy way to keep their coops warm and has recently become popular as a heat source for a number of different animals.

Early versions of this product have been on the market since 1995 and it has a loyal user base across the world. With a maximum heat of 180 degrees Fahrenheit, you can rest assured your animals will be warm and safe.

It is designed to be fit to your pets home with its overhead mount. One thing we feel that we have to point out is that most medium and above dog breeds will be able to reach up to get it. If they bit the infrared kennel heater there is a chance they could hurt themselves. This is the reason we always recommend the Akoma Hound Heater to people looking to warm their kennels. It has a hardened case designed to keep your dog safe if it decides to bit it while you aren’t there.

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Question – Where is the sweeter heater made?

Answer – It is made in the United States of America.




  • This report comments on how they use the sweeter heater to keep their pet chicks warm. They comment on how they live up in the mountains and that is can easily drop down to single digits up there but the sweeter heater keeps their enclosure warm and safe.
  • This report comments on how the sweeter heater uses infrared heat technology to keep your pets warm so there is no risk of your pets bedding warming up and setting on fire.

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The Best Heated Kennel Mat

When it comes to the best-heated kennel mats for dogs we have the K&H Outdoor Heated Bed. K&H have managed to build an excellent reputation over the years. Their outdoor heated bed is no different, it has the excellent build quality you will expect.

It only required 40 watts to run at max power and warm your pet helping reduce power bills. This is because the heating mat does not have to heat the full kennel. It focuses on providing a smaller warm area for your dog to sit or sleep on while staying warm.

It is one of the first orthopedic heated mats for pets on the market. Although there are mixed opinions on if this actually helps working dogs get a better nights sleep. It is cheap enough for you to purchase it to try anyway.

One downside of the product can be that your pet may chew the power cord. It is harder to position the mat to prevent this as your pet can move the mat freely. Some dog owners have reported nailing the matt to the floor so the dog cant chew the power cord but that is your own decision.


Question – How long is the power cord on the K&H Outdoor Heated Bed?

Answer – Its around six foot long.

Question – Does the K&H Outdoor Heated Bed work better than self-heating pads?

Answer – Yes, it has its own internal heating source so is able to provide a better

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What To Look For In Kennel Heating Systems

As we want you to ensure that your pet is both warm and safe here are our key points to look out for.

Chew Proof

Some kennel heating solutions can require a high amount of power to run. You want to try to make sure there is only a minimal risk of your dog being able to chew its power cord. Additionally, if the heater does not have a metal case check that your dog won’t be able to chew through it. Some low-end products have reports of pets chewing through the heater and exposing the heating elements.

Minimum Fire Risk

Thankfully, the industry has evolved over the past 20 years and fire security has increased massively. Gone are the days where you could wake up to find your pet heater has burst into flames. The number of government regulations that product manufacturers have to jump through make modern kennel heaters extremely safe.

The best dog kennel heater

Quiet When Running

All of the products recommended in this article are extremely quiet when running. As these dog heaters are for your dog’s kennel, you want an environment that your dog can sleep in. A loud heater can make this a problem causing your dog distress. Some of the cheaper heaters on the market do make noises when powered up that may cause this problem.

Energy Efficient

The government regulations for pet warming products force manufacturers to make energy efficient product. This helps you save money while warming your dog’s kennel to the same temperature. These regulations change country to country but any kennel heater made after 2008 in the USA should be energy efficient.

Fabric Safe

Some people like to give their dogs blankets in addition to a kennel heater. Most kennel heaters will work fine with this but be sure to check the instructions for the product. Some specifically advise against this due to the way they heat your dogs kennel and may set the fabric on fire. The vast majority of products on the market will not have this risk though.

How Can I Make A Dog House Warm In The Winter

Any of the recommended products above will be able to keep your dog warm and cozy during the winter. That said, depending on where you live, many dog breeds can be fine outdoors in winter provided they have a kennel for shelter from the elements.

Even as little as 20 years ago many dogs would be left in a kennel or barn overnight with nothing more than a few blankets. If you have multiple dogs they will often bunk up during the night to share body heat too. Just because we have the technology to heat a dogs kennel, don’t feel that it is essential, especially if you are on a budget.

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