The Best Dog Anti Chew Spray On The Market!

Unfortunately, chewing can be a natural instinct for your dog. If left unchecked chewing habits can quickly form and your dog may begin to chew random things in your house. Thankfully, a number of products have been introduced to the market to help deter your dog from chewing things they shouldn’t. In this article, we will be going over the best dog anti chew spray on the market.

Although the commercial products are usually more efficient, there are also a number of home remedies that can prove effective that we will also cover in this article. Either method should help reduce any unwanted chewing from your dog quickly with minimal effort.

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The Best Dog Anti Chew Spray

When recommending an anti-chew dog spray to our readers we always go with Grannick’s Bitter Apple. The spray is one of the few products on the market that has managed to stand the test of time. It has established itself as a market leader with a legion of dog owners using it.

It is extremely easy to use. Simply spray any areas of your home your dog tends to chew and leave it to do its thing. The sharp bitter scent and taste of the spray help deter your dog from wanting to chew anything you spray. The spray has the power to also break any developed chewing habits your dog may already have.

It is totally safe and non-toxic for your pet meaning you can also use it on your dog’s fur and feet if it tends to chew them. It works in the exact same way but deters the gnawing, chewing and licking of any wounds on your dog.

The best dog anti chew spray

How To Use Bitter Apple Spray

The majority of sprays all work in the exact same way. You spray them on whatever your dog chews and its taste helps to deter your dog from chewing it again. The bitter apple taste and the smell of the spray overpower your dog’s senses and get it’s chewing habits under control.

All of the sprays we have encountered are non-toxic and safe to use directly on your dog if required. They won’t cause any digestive upset in your dog if it ends up injecting any of the spray either. Although the smell can be overpowering to your dog’s nose, they tend to be quiet pleasing to humans.

One thing we should point out is that some of the cheaper sprays may stain furniture. Always be sure to read the labels of the products you purchase and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The higher-quality sprays rarely cause any staining when used on furniture of carpers though.

If you are looking for a spray to stop dogs chewing wood then bitter apple sprays are perfect. One thing we would make you aware of is that some cleaning products may have a reaction to bitter apple sprays. There are some reports of cheaper sprays staining wood laminates.

Does Bitter Apple Spray Work

Although bitter apple sprays have proven effective at stopping chewing in most dogs, it tends to be ineffective in around five percent of all dogs. It tends to be less effective in short-nosed,flat-faced dogs such as Pugs.

If your dog is suffering from Anosmia the bitter apple sprays tend to be ineffective too. The inability to smell prevents the bitter scent from having any effect and anosmia can sometimes have an effect on a dogs ability to taste.

Best dog anti chew spray

Homemade Anti Chew Spray

There are a number of different homemade dog repellent for furniture that you are able to make from common household items. Although a homemade dog repellent spray is rarely as effective as a commercially available product they can still help stop chewing.

What Essential Oils Repel Dogs

The most common household item that can act as a dog repellent is essential oils. Although there are a number of essential oils to stop dogs chewing, these are the ones we feel are best:-

To make the spray simply add five to six drops of the essential oil to water and mix it. Add it to the location you want to prevent your dog from chewing and observe.

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