The Best Cat Food To Gain Weight On The Market!

If your pet cat is sickly or a picky eater it can be a real challenge to get calories into them. We have seen a few people ask questions such as “how do you fatten up a cat“? So in an attempt to help any of our readers facing similar issues we have decided to publish this article. In this article, we are going to be covering the best cat food to gain weight quickly. We have researched the various products on the market and shortlisted the products below to save you time.

We have chosen two main types of products to focus on. The first is a calorie dense liquid gel to be added to your pet cats existing food to add calories. The second is a set of high-calorie feeds including the most fattening cat food we could find. Each has their advantages, there is no need to transition your cat onto a new food with the gel but the cat food has a higher overall calorie density.

Tomlyn Nutri-Cal For Cats – The Best Cat Food To Gain Weight

First up we have the Tomlyn Nutri-Cal For Cats, it is essentially an excellent cat weight gain supplement. It contains all the essential vitamins and minerals required as well as 28 calories per serving. Simply add the gel to your cats existing food mix or a treat to ensure the gel is consumed. It is advised you feed your cat one and a half tablespoons of the gel per 10 pounds of body weight. If your cat is not eating much of its meal then you can increase this to three tablespoons as required.

The gel is available in either malt or fish flavor but there seems to be little difference in preference. The main advantage switching over to a new food is that your cat is used to its taste and smell. This can help keep your cat eating what it was previously while sneaking in extra calories and nutrients.

If you have a senior cat over ten years old then a high-calorie nutritional supplement for cats can really help. Jaw problems and missing teeth are common amongst senior cats so you can mix the gel with water. This helps make it easier to consume, warm water turns it into a paste that can be licked for consumption. When looking for a way to put weight on a cat with hyperthyroidism gels are excellent increase calories. Small amounts of the gel are calorie dense and easy to consume.

This gel currently retails at around the ten dollar mark and has over 750 positive reviews on Vets often report recommending this when asked “How to make a skinny cat gain weight?” by a cat owner. Tomlyn have ensured this gel has all of the nutrients your cat requires with the full nutritional profile below.

The Best Cat Food To Gain Weight On The Market!


Question – My cat is old and doesn’t have many teeth left, is there any way I can use this still?

Answer – Yes, mix it with a little warm water and then put it on the top of your cat’s regular meals and it shouldn’t be a problem.

Question – Is Tomlyn Nutri-Cal For Cats organic?

Answer – No, it is not an organic product.

Question – What is the nutritional and ingredient information for Tomlyn Nutri-Cal For Cats?

Answer – We have an image later in the article that covers both the nutritional and ingredient information for the product.


  • This report comments on how their cat is sixteen years old and became sick. After their local veterinarian has completed their treatments, the owner turned to Tomlyn Nutri-Cal For Cats help her keep her calorie intake up. They then go on to comment how their cat got its energy up and started walking around on its own again.
  • This report comments on how their cat is getting on and the owner had to start thinking outside of the box to try and work out ways to get calories into their pet. They also comment how their cat usually has a sensitive stomach but their cat has not experienced any issues since being put on this supplement.
  • This report comments on how their cat was will with kidney issues and lost some weight. They turned to Tomlyn Nutri-Cal For Cats to help their cat gain weight and go on to comment on how the product is working.
  • This report comments on how the owner’s cat is fourteen years old and has become picky about what it eats in its senior years. It got so bad that their cat began to lose a fair amount of weight. The owner goes on to comment how they turned to Tomlyn Nutri-Cal For Cats to help get their cats calorie intake up and help it put on weight.

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Miracle Vet High-Calorie Weight Gainer – The Second Best Cat Food To Gain Weight

Next up on our search for the best cat food to gain weight is another high-calorie gel. Similar to the previous product in this article, it is designed to be added directly to your cats existing food. Miracle Vet gel is an excellent way to help a cat gain weight while providing vitamins and minerals to it.

Containing twenty-nine different vitamins and minerals as well as 150 calories per ounce your cat can gain weight fast. The gel is also packed with protein with a biological value rating of 159 to repair your cat’s muscles. The gel has been blended into a liquid consistency meaning it is also perfect for senior cats with jaw problems. You can feed this to your cat via a syringe if required to easily get calories and nutrients into them.

If your cat is underweight due to a thyroid condition you need to quickly get calories into your pet. This gel is perfect for that, with its fishy flavor you can even feed your cat directly from a spoon. When people ask “What can I feed my underweight cat?” miracle vet gel is an excellent answer. It is more expensive than the Tomlyn product meaning it is not the best if you are on a budget.

It currently retails at around $45 depending on the vendor but you can pick bargains up during Black Friday. Although relatively new to the market, it has proven popular with cat owners and cats alike.

Cheap Cat Food To Gain Weight.


Question – Where is Miracle Vet High-Calorie Weight Gainer produced?

Answer – It is produced in the United States of America.

Question – Do I have to keep this in a refrigerator?

Answer – No, it can be stored at room temperature without issue.

Question – What flavor is Miracle Vet High-Calorie Weight Gainer?

Answer – Although it’s meant to be unflavoured, it does have a slight fish scent and taste due to its fish oil content.


  • This report comments on how their cat has a thyroid condition that resulted in un-needed weightloss. They go on to comment on how they decided to turn to Miracle Vet High-Calorie Weight Gainer and after around a month of use, their cat is starting to show signs of weight gain.
  • This report comments on how their dog is a very picky eater but she will eat Miracle Vet High-Calorie Weight Gainer without issue. They also go on to say how their cat started to gain weight after use.
  • This report comments on how their dog has liver disease and started to lose weight. They go on to comment on how their dog ate it without issue.

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Clinicare Feline Liquid Food – The Best Cat Food For Weight Gain

Next up in our search for the best cat food to gain weight is a high-calorie cat food from Clinicare. This liquid cat food is an excellent way to get calories into your cat if they have jaw problems. Each can contains 237 calories and can easily be mixed with either of the gels above.

Currently retailing at around $5 with over 130 positive reviews on and reports of weight gain you can rest assured this food will help put weight on your cat. Mixed with one of the gels from above this is the best cat food to gain weight on the market today. If mixed with a calorie dense gel you will be able to see weight gain in your cat within days. If feed without the gel then it may take around a week before you notice any real difference.

The food mixture has been specifically designed to have reduced protein with increased fat to pack in calories. That said, this food is still 22% protein ensuring your cat gets enough protein for standard recovery. Packed with all the vitamins and minerals your cat requires this can be used as a full food substitute. As it is a liquid food, add it to your cat’s regular food in an attempt to increase calories that way.

The food has a similar appearance to milk but has the faint smell of cat food. Once opened, you can keep the remainder refrigerated to keep the food fresh for later consumption.

Cat Food To Gain Weight.


Question – Does this product contain any grains?

Answer – Yes.

Question – Where is this product made?

Answer – There are various factories that all contribute to the production of this product around North and South America.

Question – What is the nutritional breakdown of this product?

Answer – The image below shows the nutritional breakdown for this product.

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Purina Pro Plan – The Finally Suggestion For The Best Cat Food To Gain Weight

Our last product suggestion is the Purina Pro Plan cat food. Each can is 98 calories and full of vitamins and minerals. You can also add either of the gels from earlier in the list to further increase the calorie content.

The Purina food comes in a number of flavors such as Turkey, Chicken, Beef, Wildfish and Liver. You are currently able to get twenty-four cans of cat food for around twenty dollars from The product has also managed to earn almost 300 reviews with an average score of four stars.

Again, this cat food is lower in protein to help add extra and fat content for additional calories. There have been multiple reports of senior cats enjoying this Purina product and gaining weight quickly. It is also grain free so has a minimal chance of giving your cat wind issues.


We hope that our article on the best cat food to gain weight has helped provide some product suggestions. We have tried to choose a range of products covering all budgets to ensure that there is something for everyone. Additionally, there should be something in here suitable for all cats with a range of conditions.

Once you have begun to feed your cat one of the calorie dense foods it may take up to a week before you see changes. This is normal, especially in cat breeds with large dense coats. If your cat is in a severe condition then we highly recommend you mix one of the staple foods with one of the gels to drastically increase the calorie potential of each meal.

If your cat’s condition begins to deteriorate when switching to a new food, instantly go back to the old one. It is also advisable to seek the assistance of a trained veterinarian as soon as possible.

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