The Best Aquarium Water Testing Kit Available!

There are a large number of different aquarium water testing kits available on the market these days. Some specialize in saltwater, some in freshwater and some for reefs. It can all get a little confusing and we have seen a number of people asking for the best aquarium water testing kit available.

Although the best aquarium test kit can depend on your specific requirements. We have researched the market and selected the products below that we feel offer the most value. Most of the aquarium water testing kits on our list can be used in all types of aquarium. This should help our readers save money if they own a freshwater aquarium and a saltwater aquarium by testing both with the same product.

API Master Aquarium Test Kit – The Best Aquarium Water Testing Kit Available!

The first product in our search for the best aquarium water testing kit is from API. This product is available in three different versions and this is why we feel it is the best product. First up there is the best saltwater test kit version for saltwater tanks. Then there is the best freshwater aquarium test kit version for freshwater tanks. Finally, there is the best reef test kit.

All three versions of the product currently cost around the $20 mark and have earned over 2500 reviews on The average review score is four and a half stars with many positive reviews in the review section from users.

No matter if you choose saltwater, freshwater or the reef test kit, you will have enough solution for 800 tests. In addition to the strips, you will also get one color card, four glass tubes and seven bottles of solution. To test your aquarium’s water simply dip one of the glass tubes into your aquarium water. Drop some of the included solutions into the glass test turn containing the water. Apply the cap to the test tube before shaking the tube to mix the water and the solution together. Finally, compare the color of the aquarium’s water to the included color card for accurate readings.

The included solution has the ability to accurately test for five of the most vital water parameters. These include the water pH, its nitrite levels and the amount of nitrate in the water. The manufacturer recommends that you test the water of your aquarium weekly and adjust accordingly. Most people will usually change a quarter of the aquarium’s water every two weeks to prevent build-ups.

The Best Aquarium Water Testing Kit Available!


Question – How many tests can be run with a single one of these kits?

Answer – The kits come in different sizes but clearly tell you how many uses you will be able to get out of watch of the different sizes.

Question – Can this be used on both fresh and saltwater aquariums? 

Answer – A single kit can’t be used for both types of aquarium but there are two individual kits. One is for freshwater and the other is for saltwater aquariums.

Question – What is the pH testing range of these kits?

Answer – The low ph range is 6.0 to 7.6 and the high ph is 7.4 to 8.8.


  • This report comments on how they are new to aquariums but they were able to pick up how to use this kit quickly and easily. They then go on to comment on a number of the different features of the kit and how they used them to test their aquariums pH.
  • This report comments on how this is a great water testing kit sold at a reasonable price. They then go on to share their experiences with the salt and freshwater kits and link to their YouTube video explaining the main points.
  • This report comments on you are able to use this kit by just following the instructions on the side of the packaging. They go on to mention some of the testing techniques as well as other kits.
  • This report comments on how they enjoy using this water testing kit and how it makes the user feel like they are a scientist. They then go on to comment on how it only takes around five minutes to test everything making it a very quick kit.

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Tetra EasyStrips 6-in-1 Aquarium Test Strips – The Second Best Aquarium Water Testing Kit Available!

Next up on our search for the most accurate aquarium test kits is a product from Tetra. Unlike the API kit that requires taking samples and mixing. Tetra has made it one step easier and added the required solutions to their test sticks. There are no bulky items required for testing, just a single fish tank water testing strip. Simply dip a test stick into your aquarium, wait 30 seconds and then compare the colors to the chart.

Each stick tests for pH levels, alkalinity, nitrates, nitrites and water hardness to give you peace of mind. The fish tank water testing strips have 100% accuracy in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums and are easy to use.

The manufacturer recommends you check your water levels at least once a week. These testing strips are cheap enough for you to check daily to ensure the well being of your pet fish. This will give you an early warning of any potential problems and give you more time to correct the issue.

The strips retail at around the $20 mark and have over 550 positive reviews on scoring 4.5 stars. Multiple aquarium enthusiasts have left reviews commenting on how easy and accurate the sticks are. One thing of note is that the detector pads do have an expiration date so be warned results may drop in accuracy after this time period.

Cheap Aquarium Water Testing Kit.


Question – Can I use these in both fresh and saltwater tanks?

Answer – Yes, these Tetra testing strips will work perfectly in both salt and freshwater.

Question – How long will these test strips last if I just put them on my shelf?

Answer – They have been designed to provide accurate readings for up to three years.

Question – Can I use this testing kit for ponds?

Answer – Yes, the Tetra testing strips will provide accurate pH readings for ponds.


  • This report comments on how the user is pleased with these testing strips as they give a quick and easy ballpark figure of the pH of their water.
  • This report comments on how the test strips are easy to use as well as sharing the tip of how cutting the strips in half will get you double the uses.
  • This report comments on how there is a lot of misinformation out there about these test strips giving inaccurate information. They then go on to confirm that they have provided accurate readings for their tanks since use.
  • This report comments on how they are getting consistently accurate pH readings for their tanks water from these strips as well as how easy the strips are to use.

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Seachem Ammonia Alert – The Best Ammonia Test Kit For Aquarium Enthusiasts

Next up in our search for the best aquarium water testing kit we have the Seachem ammonia alert, what we feel is the best ammonia test kit for aquarium enthusiasts. Currently retailing at around $7 per unit with over 400 positive reviews on averaging 4.5 stars. The ammonia alert is designed to continuously detect and monitor ammonia levels in your aquarium using built-in detectors. It can detect less than 0.05 mg/L of ammonia and will indicate levels via Yellow or Blue alerts.

Each ammonia alert accurately reports the ammonia levels for over a year giving peace of mind your fish are safe. It works in freshwater and saltwater aquariums with a high level of accuracy showing a green alert when clear.

There is no bulky equipment or need to take samples of your water and run test procedures. Simply place it in your aquarium and leave it for six hours to acclimate itself to its new water levels. It will take around 15 minutes to 4 hours to change alerts meaning a quick glance each day is enough.

Customers report having manually tested water levels after an ammonia indication and the manual tests backing up the ammonia alert reading. Other customers report using this product in a garden pond to get accurate readings but this is not recommended. There are specialist products available for that with accurate readings.

Aquarium Water Testing Kits.

API Test Strips – One Of The Best Aquarium Water Testing Kit Available!

Next up in our search for the best aquarium water testing kit is another product from API, made to the same high-quality build standards as you would expect. The manufacturer has designed this to be as easy to use as possible similar to the Tetra strips previously covered. Simply dip a strip in your aquarium water, give it 30 seconds and then compare it against the color chart.

Currently retailing at the $12 mark with almost 500 positive reviews on We feel this is a sure choice. These will work in both fresh and saltwater aquariums and are cheap enough to use on a daily basis. The manufacturer advises you test at least once per week and replaces a quarter of your water each fortnight. These are one of the most accurate aquarium test kits on the market today. They detect pH levels, Carbonate, water hardness, nitrate and nitrite levels in as little as 30 seconds.

Some people have reported the detector pads can be hard to see the coloration of and difficult to read. Customers have reported this is usually when the test strips have passed their use by date and require replacing. Due to the strips being so cheap this shouldn’t be a problem to keep your aquarium safe.

Easy To Use Aquarium Water Testing Kit.


That concludes our article in search of the best aquarium water testing kit on the market. We hope that the four products covered in this article have helped our readers narrow down their potential product choices. Although we feel all of the products are within most peoples budgets, you can purchase smaller packages at reduced cost. Manufacturers of each of these products have put them through extensive testing before releasing them to market. If you do notice anything wrong with the products during use, it is advised you stop using them at once.

Although there are much more expensive specialist products on the market that may help monitor your water levels. These four should be enough for the vast majority of people using fresh and saltwater aquariums.

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