8 Types Of Commercial And DIY Axolotl Hides!

In this article, we will be taking a look at a mixture of both DIY and commercially available axolotl hides currently available. Due to axolotls being sensitive creatures and preferring to spend their time in low light environments, suitable hides are an essential part of your axolotl’s tank.

You should always ensure that you provide an adequate number of hides for your pets with the current recommendation being two hides per fully grown axolotl in the tank.

Any hide you choose should be large enough for your pet axolotl to comfortable fit its whole body into and it should have smooth edges to avoid any potential scrapes or cuts to your axolotl’s sensitive skin. All of the commercial hides on this list are suitable for pet axolotl’s and provided you ensure you file any shape edges down on and DIY hides from this list, they are also perfect too.

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Amphibian Rock Hide Cave

First up on our list of axolotl hides, we have the Amphibian Rock Hide Cave. This hide is just over seven inches wide, almost seven inches deep, and just over four inches tall with very smooth edges making it the ideal hide for an axolotl. There are already axolotl owners using this hide for their pets and reporting positive experiences with the product.

The hide offers a nice and wide entrance allowing for quick and easy entry and exit for your pet axolotl as it pleases without any potentially difficult obstacles to navigate that can be common when axolotl owners choose to use some snake hides for their pets.

The eco-friendly, all natural material of the hide gives it a natural appearance helping the hide to fit perfectly in with the look of the vast majority of tanks designed to look as natural as possible. The size and shape of the hide offers a sense of safety and security for your axolotl helping to keep your pet calm and relaxed throughout the day.

The hide has also been designed to be as quick and easy as possible to clean requiring only soapy water and no special cleaning items. Although we would advise at least two hides per adult axolotl in your tank, even if it is two of the same hide, this hide can offer an all in one solution for you by providing a playground, a hide, a hangout, and a home all in one.

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Viper Amphibian Rock Hide Cave

Next up on our list of suitable hides for an axolotl tank setup is the Viper Amphibian Rock Hide Cave. Although of a similar design to the hide-covered above, this is actually a different product by a different manufacturer but sticks to the tried and tested cave hide design. It is just over eight inches long, almost six inches wide, and almost four inches tall with an entrance opening that is five inches wide by four inches tall.

Again, all the edges of this hide are very smooth removing any potential risk for your pet axolotl to accidentally hurt itself on the hide and there are already axolotl owners using the product as a hide for their pets and reporting good things.

The hide has been designed to look as realistic as possible to help it blend in with any natural looking tank while offering your axolotl a safe place to get away and relax. The hide has been designed to last as long as possible and is made from a non-toxic resin that is easy to clean while also being able to provide your axolotl with a hide that will last for years.

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Zilla Reptile Habitat Décor Shale Rock Den

Next up on our list is another rock based hide design, the Zilla Reptile Habitat Décor Shale Rock Den. Although it is similar to the cave based designs covered above, this hide offers multiple ways for your axolotl to enter and exit the hide as it pleases. This hide measured nine inches, by three and a half inches, by six and a half inches making it large enough for a fully grown axolotl.

The rock formation has been designed to look as realistic as possible allowing it to easily fit in place in your terrarium. It provides an ideal place for your axolotl to hide as well as an elevated platform for it to lay on when it likes. Whats more, there are already axolotl owners using this hide for their pets and reporting good things.

The hide is easy to clean requiring nothing more than soapy water followed by a quick rinse. It is made from a non-porous material that will resist bacterial growth helping to keep your tanks water cleaner for longer.

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Marina Driftwood Log Hide

The final commercially produced hide for axolotl’s that we will be featuring on our list is the Marina Driftwood Log Hide. Rather than being a cave style design like the two products covered previously, this is based around a log design with multiple entrances and exits. This log hide is ten inches wide, six and a half inches long, and four inches tall.

The hide has been designed to mimic natural driftwood as best as possible and will easily look in place in a natural tank design. The Marina Driftwood Log Hide offers a suitable second hide for your axolotl’s tank if you don’t want to have two that are based on cave desigins above and want to add a little variety to your tank.

The hide is made from resilient, non-toxic materials that will not alter the pH of your tanks water. Its design offers secure placement in your tank so you don’t have to worry about your axolotl accidentally knocking it over and the artificial plant life allows for an additional dimension of cover that your axolotl may enjoy hiding in when not inside the hide.

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Making Your Own DIY Axolotl Hides

Moving on, we will not be taking a look at some of the best DIY axolotl hides that you can add to your tank. The axolotl owning community has really come up with some excellent concepts to offer their pet axolotl’s a safe and secure area in their tank and we will try to showcase the best ones that we were able to find during our research for this article.

One of the advantages of using a DIY style hide is that you are able to design it exactly how you want. You can customize it to perfectly fit in with the available space in your tank to guarantee that it will fit without issue. You are also able to add artificial plants to the hide to better blend it in with your tank look.

A disadvantage of building a DIY hide for your axolotl is that it may end up costing more money than a commercially produced one while also taking up a bunch of your time as your source, design, and build the hide. You will have to weight up the pros and cons and decide if you really do want to make your own hide or purchase a commercial one.

Quick And Easy Terracotta Pot Hides

Without a doubt, we feel that one of the best, quickest, and easiest DIY hides for axolotl is to simply add some high-quality Terracotta Pots to your tank. Be sure to check the sizes of the pots before ordering to ensure that they are both large enough to be suitable for your pet axolotl as well as small enough to comfortably fit within your tank. Although the majority of Terracotta Pots are in the traditional colors, there are some available in multiple colors to offer you some variety in how your tank will look.

There are two main ways that you are able to use Terracotta Pots as a hide for your axolotl. The first is to simply lower them into your tank as regular pots and let your axolotl use them as it sees fit. The second is to cut the pots in half and then sink them into your tank and let your axolotl use them.

If you are wanting to go by our recommendation of using at least two hides per adult axolotl in your tank then cutting a single pot in half can save you money. Additionally, the lower roof of the halved Terracotta Pot may help your axolotl feel safer due to it having less open space and light. One thing to note is that if you do choose to cut a pot in half, be sure to file down the edges until they are smooth to prevent any risk of injoury to your axolotl’s delecate skin.

Coconut Shell Hides

Next up on our list is coconut shell hides. If you want to save time you are able to purchase commercially produced low-cost coconut hides but you are able to make them yourself with relative ease if you have the time to spare.

If you do choose to make your own coconut hides for your axolotl be sure to clean the coconut shell before putting it into your tank. Again, a single coconut shell can be used to provide you with two hides as all you have to do is cut them in half, cut an entrance, and add them to your tank. Just be sure to file around any edges that you cut on the shell to prevent the risk of injury to your axolotl.

DIY PVC Piping Hides

Next up, we have DIY PVC pipe hides that are steadily increasing in popularity due to their effectiveness, customizability, and how easy they can be to make. All you have to do is order some high-quality PVC that is large enough for your axolotl and fashion it into a design of your choosing. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination when it comes to these.

Once you have created your hide, you may have to weigh it down with rocks as some PVC hides tent to float when placed in the tank. Depending on how to make your PVC hide, there may be sharp edges so be sure to file these down before adding it to your tank.

DIY Stone Axolotl Hide

Next up we have a stone based axolotl hide. Again, the designs of these are only limited by your imagination and there are some excellent designs out there but many people tend to go for the standard rock arch design.

Simply pick up a bunch of high-quality rocks that are suitable for an aquarium tank and join them together with an aquarium safe glue. Depending on your design, there may be a bunch of small holes in the stone hide that can allow light through into the hide. You can take advantage of aquarium friendly plants and mosses to put them over the hide and prevent this light getting through the holes into your hide.

The video below shows a start to finish tutorial of how to make your own DIY stone hide for your pet axolotl.

Inspiration For Other DIY Axolotl Hides

On top of the various DIY axolotl hide designs above, there are also a large number of designs all over the internet that can offer you inspiration for your own custom axolotl hide. We would like to recommend you read either this post or this post or both as we feel they have some of the best ideas out there.

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