6 Possible Natural Remedies For Upper Respiratory Infection In Rats!

[the_ad id=”4030″]In this article, we will be taking a look at the best natural remedies for upper respiratory infection in rats that are available over the counter. Before getting into the article we just want to say that prescription antibiotics have the highest chance of treating an upper respiratory infection in your pet rat.

Additionally, although the items on this list do have natural antibiotic properties, there is no guarantee that they will help get your rat better and we are also unable to offer any guidance on how much of the products you should give to your pet rat.


You can use a high-quality granulated garlic to your advantage when trying to treat an infection in your pet rat. It is the king of rat respiratory infection home remedies and has been used by many members of the rat owning community.

Garlic has long been known to possess a number of preventive and curating properties as well as the ability to fight many forms of bacteria. Garlic is totally safe for rats to eat and garlic in granulated form can easily be added over the top of your rat’s regular meals although some people do prefer to just add small chunks of garlic cloves into their food.

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Manuka Honey

A high-quality manuka honey has also been used as an over the counter antibiotic for rats for many years. Honey has been used as a way to limit, prevent, and treat infections since ancient times.

There have been multiple studies recently that have looked into the antibiotic properties of Manuka Honey and came to the conclusion that it is so effective due to its hydrogen peroxide content.

Small amounts of honey is safe for rats with some rat owners choosing to use it as a treat. Other people have also used it as a way to get medication into their pet rats that they were otherwise struggling to get them to take.

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Another rat respiratory infection treatment that people have used is a high-quality ground ginger. Ginger is safe for rats to consume but fresh ginger can present difficulty in them eating it. This is why most people simply use ground ginger and add it to their rat’s current meals.

A number of studies have suggested that ginger does contain various anti-bacterial properties that could help your pet rat recover from a respiratory infection treatment. Additionally, ground ginger tends to be very cheap and easy to pick up making it an ideal treatment to try.

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Oil Of Oregano

Although research is still ongoing, it has been confirmed that a high-quality oil of oregano does boost the immune system and have anti-inflammatory properties. It is also thought that it has a number of natural antibiotics properties too.

Additionally, oil of oregano is also safe for your pet rats although it can be a little difficult to get them to consume it. Members of the rat owning community have came up with a number of ingenious methods to get their pets to consume the oil with the most successful one being to add it to Nutella balls.

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Another home remedy for upper respiratory infection in rats that you could try is to give them a high-quality ground thyme. It is easy to sprinkle over your rat’s regular meals to get your pet rat to consume it and it is also cheap and easy to get a hold of.

Research has shown that Thyme has strong antimicrobial properties as well as the ability to reduce bacterial resistance with studies still ongoing about the antibiotic properties of the natural herb.

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Although probably the hardest natural antibiotic on the list to get a rat to take, a high-quality Echinacea has been mentioned within the rat owning community as a possible rat uri home treatment.

Various studies suggest that Echinacea does have multiple antibiotic and antibacterial properties but it can be hard to source as well as be expensive. Finally, it usually comes in concentrated capsule form meaning you have to break the capsule open and then guess how much you should give your pet rat.

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