How To Get Your Cat To Use A Hooded Litter Box!

Hooded litter boxes can be daunting for a cat that is used to a regular one. That said, there are a number of tricks you can use to help transition your cat over to using a hooded litter box. In this article, we will be taking a look at how to get your cat to use a hooded litter box.

We have called on all of our experience and researched as many sources as we could find to be able to make this ultimate guide to getting your cat to use a hooded litter box.

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How To Get Your Cat To Use A Hooded Litter Box

If your cat is afraid of using a covered litter box there are a few potential causes. The most common one is that the litter box is an enclosed area with one way in and one way out. Your cat may feel like it is stuck in an enclosed area where they can’t escape from potential threats.

The easiest way to overcome this problem is to make sure you get a hooded litter box with a removable top half. This allows you to remove the top half of the litter box while your cat gets used to it. After a week or so you can then reattach it and hopefully, your cat will be comfortable enough to use it.

Changing Your Kitty Litter

Another common reason is that you are using a type of kitty litter your cat doesn’t like. There are four main types of different kitty litter on the market. Additionally, they can be either scented or unscented. The different types are:-

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Some cats can be a little snobbish when it comes to their kitty litter. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to work out what type your cat prefers other than to try them. Most cats tend to prefer the feeling of the softer variants of kitty litter on their feet. If this is the case, your cat may prefer a clay-based kitty litter as it is usually softer. This may help you get your cat using its hooded litter box.

how to get your cat to use a hooded litter box

Outdoor Cats

Although this one only applies to outdoor cats. A common problem can be that they are too used to being outdoors and having the whole world as their litter box. If this is the case then there is a high chance your cat would rather go to the bathroom in your garden.

Unfortunately, there’s no real easy fix for this one. We would advise that you limit your cats available outdoor time while training them with the litterbox. This restricts their ability to go to the bathroom outdoors. If they end up going to the bathroom somewhere in your house other than the litter box. Move the waste into the litter box to try and help your cat understand its purpose.

Using Catnip

Another tactic you can employ during training is to use a high-quality catnip spray. Spray a little of the catnip into their litter box. Within minutes your cat should be investigated due to the enticing smell. This helps your cat become familiar with the box and can increase the chances of it using it in future.

Transition A Cat To A Covered Litter Box

If your cat is used to an uncovered or unhooded litterbox, it can be a challenge to get it to use a hooded litter box. Although the above tips and tricks can help with how to transition a cat to a covered litter box. Some cats simply won’t take to them. They have developed their preference of using an open litter box and simply won’t transition to a covered one.

We recently published this article on how to get your cat to use a new litter box that may be able to help further.

How To Get Your Cat To Use A New Litter Box

Do Hooded Litter Boxes Work

Hooded litter boxes can definitely work. They offer the advantage of privacy over an open litter box that some cats may prefer to have. As your cat gets older its habits and preferences will become solidified in their brain. This can make it harder to transition your cat from an uncovered litter box to a covered one. It can also make it difficult to change your brand and type of kitty litter.

An added advantage of using a hooded litter box is that there will be less mess. Cats commonly scratch and dig in their kitty litter. This can lead to kitty litter and waste being thrown and kicked around the room. A hooded litter box will help stop this by providing a boundary and keeping everything within the litter box.

What Kind Of Litter Box Is Best For Cats

When looking for tips on how to get your cat to use a hooded litter box, people often ask what kind of litter box is best.

The Best Hooded Kitty Litter Box

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This Catit jumbo hooded cat litter box is one of the best-hooded litter boxes on the market. It provides your cat with privacy and also keeps all of their litter and waste inside of the box. The hood can be removed for easy cleaning when required or when training your cat.

It currently has over 5700 positive reviews over on Amazon. The below review of the product is from one of the top reviewers in the Amazon pets section.


The Best Un-hooded Kitty Litter Box

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This un-hooded kitty litter box from Purina is one of the best un-hooded litter boxes on the market. It is an easy to maintain all in one system that has proven a favorite of cats and cat owners alike. This litter box allows you to use absorbent litter pads for quick and easy clean up if required.

It currently has over 3500 positive reviews on Amazon. The below review of the product is from one of Amazons top 1000 reviewers.

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